[FFXII: TZA] Technicks List

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA] Technicks List. It includes the Technick Name, Effect, and Location for each, as well as a Class exclusive Technicks summary.



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Name Effect Location
Steal Steal from one foe. Vaan (Default)
Libra Reveal more detailed target information. Shop: Rabanastre
Poach Capture HP Critical foes to obtain loot. Shop: Dalmasca Westersand
First Aid Restore HP to one HP Critical Ally. Shop: Giza Plains
Balthier (Default)
Telekinesis Deal ranged damage with melee weapons. Treasure: Cerobi Steppe (Old Elanise Road)
Numerology Deal damage that increases with successive hits. Treasure: Lhusu Mines (Transitway 1)
Souleater Consume HP to deal damage to one foe. Shop: Mt Bur-Omisace
Sight Unseeing Unleash an attack only available when blind. Treasure: Zertinan Caverns (Canopy of Clay)
Charm Cause one foe to confuse friend with foe. Treasures: The Salikawood (Quietened Trace)
Achilles Render one foe vulnerable to an additional element. Treasure: Garamsythe Waterway (No. 4 Cloaca Spur – drained)
Charge Restore user’s MP. If the Technick fails, MP is reduced to 0. Shop: Bhujerba
Infuse Fully consume user’s MP, changing one ally’s HP to 10 times that amount. Treasure:
Dreadnought Levaithan (Sub-control Room)Room Treasure: Ogir-Yensa Sandsea (Platform 1 – East Tanks)
Gil Toss Throw gil, damaging all foes in range. Treasure: Draklor Laboratory (70F – Room 7002 East)/ Pharos – Second Ascent (Station of Ascension)
Thousand Needles Deal 1,000 damage to one foe. Treasure: Sochen Cave Palace (Falls of Time)
Revive Fully consume user’s HP, reviving and fully restoring HP of one KO’d ally. Treasure: Paramina Rift (Spine of the Icewyrm)
Stamp Inflict one foe with any status effects on the user. Treasure: Mosphoran Highwaste (Rays of Ashen Light)
Shades of Black Cast a random black magick on one foe. Treasure: Tomb of Raithwall (Cloister of Flame)
Traveler Deal damage based on total steps taken to all foes in range. Shop: Rabanastre (after defeating Belias)
Horology Deal damage based on a factor of time to all foes in range. Shop: Bhujerba (after Leviathan)
Bonecrusher Consume HP To reduce the HP of one foe to 0. Treasure: Henne Mines (Phase 1 Dig)
Wither Lower one foe’s strength. Treasure: Pharos – Subterra (Abyssal – North)
Addle Lower one foe’s magick power. Treasure: Henne Mines (Special Charter Shaft)
Expose Lower one foe’s defense. Treasure: Lhusu Mines (Site 9), requires key
Shear Lower one foe’s magick resist. Treasure: Barheim Passage (The Zeviah Span)

Class exclusive Technicks


M: Monk, TB: Time Battlemage, B: Foebreaker, Bo: Archer, BM: Black Mage

Bu: Bushi, S: Shikari, WM: White Mage, U: Uhlan, Ma: Machinist, RM: Red Battlemage, K: Knight

※ = Requires Mastery of the Esper license.

Technick M TB B Bo BM Bu S WM U Ma RM K
First Aid
Sight Unseeing
Gil Toss
Thousand Needles
Shades of Black
Shear  ◯

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