Arena of Valor (AoV) - Ancestral Glory (Nintendo Switch)

Information for Ancestral Glory, a usable item in Arena of Valor (AoV). Included are its effects, unique passives, price, and item tree.

(Only exists on the Nintendo Switch version. Removed in the mobile version.)

Ancestral Glory Details

Arena of Valor Ancestral Glory
Type Arena of Valor Defense Items Defense
Price Arena of Valor Gold Coin 2240
Tier 3
Max HP +1000
Gold Efficiency 44.64% (1240 cost of revival)
Unique Passive(s) Resurrect: Revives wearer 3 seconds after death with 40% HP, 3-minute cooldown.

Ancestral Glory is often picked up for its Resurrect passive. Heroes that can perform well with a low HP pool like Zephys or Butterfly can increase their presence in team fights with this item. Additionally, carry heroes can take this item if they are being focused by the opposing team in skirmishes or team fights. The Max HP boost is also a great addition to a hero’s survivability.

Recommended Heroes and/or Situation:

Carry heroes like Violet, Airi, and Murad benefit quite a bit from taking this item since they are often enemies’ priority target during team fights. Heroes with high life regeneration or heroes that do well at low life like Taara, Zephys, Lu Bu, and Butterfly also utilize Ancestral Glory well.

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Item Tree

Arena of Valor ring of vitality
Ring of Vitality

Arena of Valor greaves of protection
Greaves of Protection
Arena of Valor ancestral glory
Ancestral Glory
Arena of Valor ring of vitality
Ring of Vitality

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