Arena of Valor (AoV) - Beginner’s Guide

A beginner's guide to Arena of Valor (AoV), including how to play for first-timers and explanations of all the functions and features of the game.

For players in regions where AoV is not available, learn how to install the game for iPhone or Android.


Arena of Valor (AoV) is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA. Birthed from Starcraft and Warcraft 3 mods, the MOBA has become one of the world’s most popular game genres with titans like League of Legends and Dota 2 hosting multi-million dollar tournaments every year…read more

Menu Screen Navigation

Main Menu Screen Shop Heroes
Arcana Talents Armory
Guilds Other Buttons Other Buttons 2
Switch Menu Screens on the Nintendo Switch

Game Modes

  1. Game Modes
  2. Training Camp
  3. Casual Match
    1. In-depth Game Mode Overview (Abyssal Clash, Hook Wars, etc.)
  4. Ranked Match

How To Play (Recommended Settings, Game Flow, etc.)

  1. Pre-Game To Do List
  2. Match Flow
  3. Understanding the In-Game Screen
  4. Using the Minimap
  5. Recommended Settings

Things You Should Know

  1. Seven Mistakes Beginners Make
  2. Dangerous Heroes for Beginners
  3. Trading Damage
  4. Epic Monsters’ Attack Patterns
  5. Mana Usage
  6. List of Enemy Bounties
  7. Heroes With Weird Damage Types
  8. Everything You Need To Know About Towers
  9. Which Characters’ Abilities Damage Towers?
  10. How Abilities Scale
  11. Items Basics (includes calculating percentages and stat caps)
  12. Unconventional Wisdom
  13. Why You Should Never Surrender

Choosing Heroes, Items, and Arcana

  1. Items Guide
  2. Choosing the Best Arcana
  3. Buying Level 3 Arcana
  4. Easy Heroes
  5. Difficult Heroes
  6. Difficult Heroes Part 2
  7. Creating a Balanced Team Composition

Laning and Jungling

  1. Lane and Jungle Guide
  2. Lane Guide for Beginners
  3. Jungling Basics

Other Helpful Guides

  1. Glossary
  2. The Difference Between Arena of Valor and League of Legends
  3. Your Credibility Score
  4. How to Use Gems
  5. AoV Prime and Xeniel’s Codex
Heroes List
Arena of Valor WARRIORWarrior Arena of Valor TANKTank Arena of Valor ASSASSINAssassin
Arena of Valor MAGEMage Arena of Valor MARKSMANMarksman Arena of Valor SUPPORTSupport

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  1. Can you tell me the difference (in gold values) of the golden gain value between the hero who gives the last Hit and the hero who is just on the side? Is it really necessary / favorable that the ADC of the last hit and the support does not (when playing with both on the same line)?