Arena of Valor (AoV) - Purifying Bracers

Information for Purifying Bracers, a usable item in Arena of Valor (AoV). Included are its effects, unique passives and/or actives, price, and item tree. We also measure effect ranges, explain any ambiguous effects, and give our recommendations on how to use the item.

*Not available on the Nintendo Switch version

Purifying Bracers Details

Arena of Valor Purifying Bracers
Type Arena of Valor Support Items Support
Price Arena of Valor Gold Coin 1850
Tier 3
+500 HP
+15% Cooldown Speed
Gold Efficiency 73.7% (not including Devotion and Purification but including the level 1 Tidal Force effect on self only)
Unique Passive(s) Devotion: Gain a stack of Devotion Buff every 30 seconds. Stacks up to 2 times. If a unit dies within 800 units, consume a stack of Devotion and grant the nearest ally 15 extra gold and 40 experience.
Tidal Force: You and nearby friendly heroes (within 600 units) receive 20 (+1 per level) HP and 10 (+1 per 2 levels) mana per second.
Unique Active(s) Purification: Immediately remove any control effects from a nearby allied hero, and restore 160 + (level x 30) HP and increase their movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds. The affected hero is immune to slows for the next 2 seconds. 60 second cooldown.
SG Note
Only one support item is allowed per team
 Players cannot have more than one unique active available
Range: 500 units

Choosing Purifying Bracers over fellow “water” support item Tidecaller’s Mark means giving up a lot of defensive stats in exchange for a hefty amount of cooldown reduction and an extremely powerful “panic button” in Purification that can single-handedly save an otherwise doomed ally. The massive 90-second cooldown is a significant drawback, however.

Recommended Heroes and/or Situation:

Water items are to be taken over wind items when your priority is protecting your damage dealer(s) at all costs. Devotion mitigates some of the gold lost by your ally when they have to share bounties with you, and Tidal Force will keep nearby allies topped off, reducing the need to teleport back to base.

Purifying Bracers in particular is great for supporting a fragile damage dealer, as the CDR will keep your CC abilities off cooldown and Purification will save them from even the most sticky of situations. That said, you’ll be giving up a lot of defense by foregoing Tidecaller’s Mark, so we recommend Purifying Bracers for very skilled support players who can make the most out of Purification. Also, support players who need lots of CDR can approach the cap with just Purifying Bracers and The Aegis, focusing the rest of their build on utility or hefty defense.

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Item Tree

Arena of Valor Water Gem
Water Gem

Arena of Valor Spring Water Bracers
Stream Bracers

Arena of Valor Purifying BracersPurifying Bracers
Arena of Valor Magic Ring
Magic Ring
Ring of Vitality
Ring of Vitality

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  1. With Valiance arcana and Aegis, you can easily hit max CDR with this. Add a defensive boots and you’ll have an a tanky utility support with 3 more remaining item slots. With CDR runes and CDR boots, you can also hit max CDR with this while leaving 4 slots for customization. This will open up a lot of possibilities for utility supports to branch out. Holy of Holies on Alice comes to mind.