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Information for Flashy Boots, a usable item in Arena of Valor (AoV). Included are its effects, unique passives, price, and item tree.

These are Flashy Boots’ attributes on the mobile version of Arena of Valor. Click here for its attributes on the Nintendo Switch version.

Flashy Boots Details

Arena of Valor Flashy Boots
Type Arena of Valor Movement Movement
Price Arena of Valor Gold Coin 710
Tier 2
Cooldown Speed +15%
Gold Efficiency 157.97%
Unique Passive(s) Movement Speed: Movement Speed +60.

Flashy Boots increases its wearer’s utility, raising their cooldown speed and thereby allowing them to cast their abilities in a more consistent manner. Typically, support and some mage heroes get this item so that they can quickly spam their abilities.

Recommended Heroes and/or Situation:

Get Flashy Boots if you’re playing a support or mage who needs to regularly spam abilities. This boots upgrade will enable you to cast your offensive or supportive abilities more frequently, which can be crucial during team fights. Keep in mind, however, that many magic items already have CDR, for which there is a cap at 40%.

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Item Tree

Arena of Valor boots of speed
Boots of Speed
Arena of Valor flashy boots
Flashy Boots

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