Arena of Valor (AoV) - Krixi Hero Guide

A guide to Arena of Valor's Krixi, the Nymphora. Krixi uses her damaging spells and high movement speed to pester the enemy with constant harassment

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Arena of Valor Krixi


Krixi is a mage class hero with a focus on large amounts of long-range damage. Using her Mischief and Nature’s Wrath abilities, she can punish enemies who wander into her range as well as destroy minion waves very quickly. Furthermore, her ultimate, Moonfall, turns her into a speedy force of nature.


  • High Damage – After gaining a few items, Krixi is able to dish out very high amounts of damage to enemy heroes. With both respectable base damages and scalings, Krixi’s abilities allow her to act as a highly lethal force throughout the match.
  • Area of Effect Abilities – All of Krixi’s abilities are able to effect multiple enemies with each cast. The combination of Nature’s Wrath and Mischief make her a very capable pusher in lane and competent damage dealer in team fights. Furthermore, her ultimate can very quickly blast away an enemies’ health when used efficiently.
  • Mobile – Krixi’s passive, Flutter, makes her exceptionally quick in fights. This can make her great at chasing or escaping, as well as able to dodge around skill shots without much difficulty. Her ultimate additionally grants her movement speed, allowing for quick ganks or escapes when needed.


  • Squishy – Like most mages, Krixi does not have the best defensive stats. In addition, her ultimate requires her to get next to a fight to do proper damage. This puts her in a rather vulnerable position when wanting to use her abilities to their fullest potential.
  • Skill Shot Hero – Both of Krixi’s basic skills are skill shots, each having the possibility of completely missing their target. What’s more, missing your skills will keep Flutter from triggering and lower the pixie’s survivability as a result.

Hero Basic Strategy

Laning Strategy

  • As a mage, Krixi is best suited to mid lane. Her high damage AoE abilities will allow her to clear the lanes quickly before moving to the side lanes to gank. Not having to split experience will additionally allow her to hit a power spike early and start ripping the enemy team apart.

Leveling Progression

  • Mischief is the obvious ability to max first. The damage, cooldown, and mana cost are all superior to Nature’s Wrath. Nature’s Wrath offers a nice knock up which can be used to start a fight or help in escaping, however, the damage and scaling aren’t the most impressive. Take levels in your ultimate whenever able.

Battle Strategy

  • Solo Fights: Your first priority is to keep distance from your target. Move closer only when they try to retreat, slowing their escape with Nature’s Wrath. After knocking their health down a bit, activate Moonfall to quickly finish the target off. Be careful though, Krixi is more vulnerable the closer she gets to opponents. This is especially true when she doesn’t have the help of any teammates.
  • Team Fights: Help control your enemies with Nature’s Wrath while assaulting them with Mischief whenever you are able. Keep moving so that you are hard to hit with skill shot based abilities, temporarily retreating if you draw too much focus to yourself. If all of your opponents seem occupied, get in close and unlease your Moonfall. The high damage ultimate will cause enemies to either scatter or suffer an immense amount of damage. Stick to a single target to better control Moonfall’s random targeting.
  • Escaping the Battle: Hit your opponents with Nature’s Wrath to get a head start and flee with Flutter’s extra speed. Shoot back Mischief if they pursue in order to maintain the speed boost. Moonfall grants additional speed on top of Flutter, and thereby can be activated to get away very quickly.


Flutter – Passive – When Krixi hits an enemy with her abilities, she gains 25% movement speed for 2 seconds.
  • This ability is often overlooked but can play a huge part in both Krixi’s survivability and damage potential. Use it to chase after enemies trying to escape, use it to maintain distance from your opponent in lane, use it when trying to escape; you should very rarely be moving at an unaccellerated pace if you can help it.
  • Flutter’s movement speed boost continues after the animation finishes.
  • Flutter continues until two seconds after the last time an enemy was struck.
  • Minions, monsters, and enemy heroes are all considered enemies for the sake of Flutter.
Mischief – Krixi summons a clone to fly about and deal 450/530/610/690/770/850  (+0.85 AP)ˀ magic damage to any enemy it touches. Damage decreases by 20% after each hit (down to 40% of original damage.)
  • Priority targets need to be hit first; the ability’s damage falls with each enemy hit.
  • When returning, Mischief was follow a path to reunite with Krixi. Moving to manipulate the path can direct the projectile into foes who you have either missed or are trying to dodge.
  • Both times a single unit is hit trigger Flutter.
Arena of Valor Nature's Wrath Nature’s Wrath– Krixi summons the power of nature, knocking enemies into the air and dealing 260/292/324/356/388/420 (+0.62 AP) magic damage.
  • Nature’s Wrath’s effect occurs after a 1 second delay.
  • Krixi can not move while Nature’s Wrath is being cast.
Arena of Valor Moonfall Moonfall – Krixi summons a meteor shower that that increases her speed by 15% and pummels nearby enemies, dealing 275/350/425 (+0.6 AP) magic damage with each hit. Each enemy can be hit up to 4 times and the meteor shower lasts for 5 seconds.
  • Moonfall strikes an enemy every 0.5 seconds for a maximum of 10 strikes. Try to limit using the ultimate to when around two or three enemy heroes. This helps ensure that the ability does its full damage to the desired targets.
  • While Moonfall can be used on minions, the strikes prioritize heroes.
  • Moonfall strikes randomly. A target is able to be hit by consecutive strikes so long as it hasn’t yet been hit four times.

How to Counter Krixi

  • When facing Krixi during the laning phase, watch out for Nature’s Wrath, as it can easily set up an ally’s gank.
  • During team fights, watch closely for Krixi hiding in the back and use a dash ability or Flicker talent to escape should Moonfall start pouring on your side. If you can spot a lone Krixi, ganking her is an effective way to negate any forms of damage from her since her ultimate only procs when she catches you in range first.

Hero Item Build

SG Recommended Build
Arena of Valor Orb of the Magi
Orb of the Magi
Arena of Valor Enchanted Kicks
Enchanted Kicks
Arena of Valor Boomstick
Arena of Valor Hecate's Diadem
Hecate’s Diadem
Arena of Valor Staff of Nuul
Staff of Nuul
Arena of Valor Holy of Holies
Holy of Holies
SG Recommended Build
Arena of Valor Orb of the Magi
Orb of the Magi
Arena of Valor Enchanted Kicks
Enchanted Kicks
Arena of Valor Boomstick
Arena of Valor Hecate's Diadem
Hecate’s Diadem
Arena of Valor Staff of Nuul
Staff of Nuul
Arena of Valor Holy of Holies
Holy of Holies

More Krixi Item Builds

Hero Arcana

  • Krixi benefits most from magic damage and thereby should take arcana focused towards such. Violate, Devour, and Hex are all excellent choices for her.

Hero Counters

Arena of Valor Tanks Tank

A tank’s ability to survive Krixi directly relates to how much magic resistance they have. The most common tank items are more focused toward armor than magic resistance, so a tank not paying attention to hero composition could have trouble dealing with the fairy. Krixi’s range and speed will keep her safely away from tanks and their control abilities most of the time. Furthermore, her ability to deal a steady stream of magic damage can whittle down their health much more reliably than burst mages could.

Arena of Valor Warrior Warrior

While warriors pose a bigger threat than tanks, Krixi can generally deal with them well when staying at a safe distance. Use Nature’s Wrath to keep them at arm’s length while you harass them with Mischief.

Arena of Valor Assassin Assassin

Assassins are a big threat to Krixi, especially when her ultimate is down. When engaged by one, try and immediately hit them with Nature’s Wrath to give yourself some time to escape. If your ultimate is available, activate it right away. Even if the damage isn’t enough to kill them, enemies will generally be wary of jumping into its effect. Use this to your advantage and make your escape.

Arena of Valor Mage Mage

Krixi’s speed will make her harder to hit with skill shots than most. That said, she lacks the control abilities that her fellow mages often sport. Should an enemy mage hit Krixi with control, she makes for a much easier target. Approach from the bushes or with your team to ensure your safety.


Marksmen are very squishy and vulnerable to being burst down. What’s more, they are high priority targets and should therefore be focused quickly. Try to burst them away quickly before they can return with their own high amounts of damage.


Krixi’s reliance on mobility makes her vulnerable to control abilities. Supports generally have crowd control in spades, so Krixi should be very wary when around them to avoid being locked down.

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