Arena of Valor (AoV) - Premiere Valor League – PVL Day 5 Highlights

Information on matches and some quick highlights from PVL Day 5.

PvL Day 5 (Week 3) matches

Premiere Valor League – PVL Day 5 Highlights

PVL Day 5 is in the books, and with it, some excellent games to start Week 3. Let’s take a look at highlights of the first day of Week 3:

BMGaming vs. VeniVidiVici


BMGaming VeniVidiVici
BMGxHoon – Tulen vVvLalo – Sephera
BMGxNeo – Riktor vVvWrecker – Slimz
BMGxTriumph – TeeMee vVv_Alfa – Annette
BMGxWaseem – Ryoma vVvCaB – Skud
BMGxBasic – Moren vVvWilfred – Xeniel

The first match was between BM Gaming and VeniVidiVici. BM Gaming went with a predominantly mobile lineup that focused on single-target burst damage. VeniVidiVici opted to go with a defensive, protect-the-carry team composition.

BM Gaming got first blood at 1:19 thanks to a three-man rotation from Triumph, Basic, and Hoon on vVvCaB at the Dragon Lane. This allowed BM Gaming to come close to destroying VVV’s first tier tower early. This also led to BM Gaming securing the first Dragon of the game. VVV was quick to react and rotated to CaB’s lane at 2:20. A team fight ensued, which saw BM Gaming come out on top, killing VVV’s Wrecker and Wilfred and pinning Lalo and Alfa in the Dragon Lane with little HP. BM Gaming proceeded to tower dive the two VVV players, which resulted in a 6-0 lead and a destroyed tower in just over 3 minutes of gameplay.

VVV were on the defensive as they went to help vVvWilfred take out the Slayer Lane. Meanwhile, BM Gaming was rotating to the Dragon Lane to continue with their roaming pressure. They were quick to change course respond to the Slayer Lane, though, thanks to their team composition’s high mobility. BM Gaming thwarted VVV’s momentum with just Riktor, Tulen, TeeMee, and Ryoma.

By 6:27, BM Gaming controlled the pace of the match. Their aforementioned four-man rotation strategy was smothering VVV, not allowing any option but to defend whichever lane the four-man squad was pushing. This allowed BMGxBasic freedom to push the Dragon Lane without concerned about the underfed-Skud.

BM Gaming’s strategy proved to be effective, as they steamrolled VVV to a 16-0 win in just under 10 minutes.

Winner: BM Gaming
MVP: BMGxHoon (Tulen, 2-0-11)


BMGaming VeniVidiVici
BMGxHoon – The Flash vVvLalo – Elsu
BMGxNeo – Lindis vVvWrecker – Nakroth
BMGxTriumph – Baldum vVv_Alfa – Sephera
BMGxTH – Superman vVvCaB – Ryoma
BMGxBasic – Florentino vVvWilfred – Cresht

With momentum on their side, Game 2 saw BM Gaming sub in BMGxTH to replace BMGxWaseem and run a offense heavy lineup with a lot of crowd control. Meanwhile, VeniVidiVici went with a balanced lineup that specialized in poking.

VVV’s poking strategy gave them the early advantage and first blood at 2:03 thanks to Wrecker taking down BMGxHoon. A small skirmish happened near the Dark Slayer pit afterward. Once the dust settled, BM Gaming had evened up the score 2-2.

BM Gaming tried to coax VVV into team fights, but VVV showed restraint and kept to their poking strategy. However, at 6:43, BM Gaming pressed the middle lane and gave VVV no choice but to defend. BM Gaming got some needed momentum by killing Alfa, Wrecker, and CaB to get them a 12-5 kill lead.

A couple of minutes later saw BM Gaming push VVV’s middle lane all the way to the high ground tower. BMGxTH’s Superman managed some quick kills. By 10:38, BM Gaming was sitting on a 21-10 lead and were pressing to end the game. However, VVV were still fighting and would not give the game easily. However, by the late game, BMGxNeo’s Lindis had already farmed enough items to hit her power spike. BM Gaming kept on the pressure to pound VVV to a hard-fought 27-12 win at 13:02.

Winner: BM Gaming
MVP: BMGxTH (Superman, 12-1-4)

INF Outlawz vs. Five Kings


INF Outlawz Five Kings
Syldra – Veres WoFxBrandon – Riktor
FlameJam – Cresht WoFxLeem – Baldum
iNFxPirate – Arum WoFxUnsaweR – Ryoma
HellaRoman – Violet GGxHyouka – Slimz
iNFxPhoenix – Aleister WoFxRaptor – Liliana

Day 5’s second match pitted INF Outlawz against Five Kings. INF Outlawz went with a balanced team composition with two tanks and a jungle carry to start Game 1. Five Kings, on the other hand, ran a more mobile lineup with good initiations and pokes.

WoFxUnsaweR got first blood honors for Five Kings at 1:57 when he singled out HellaRoman at INF Outlawz’s red side jungle. This was then followed by another Five Kings kill at 2:18, giving them a 2-0 lead. As the early game progressed, Five Kings was constantly invading INF Outlawz’s jungle to prevent HellaRoman from getting the gold necessary to get items. This strategy was a sound one, as INF Outlawz were forced to play catch up with gold and experience.

After six minutes of gameplay, Five Kings asserted their will against INF Outlawz. GGxHyouka pushed the Dragon Lane and was on the verge of destroying the second tier tower while his teammates were pressing the middle lane. This left INF Outlawz completely split on which lane to defend. Five Kings were able to win a small team fight at INF Outlawz’s Dragon lane tier 2 tower, while WoFxBrandon was able to solo kill Syldra in the Slayer Lane for a commanding 2-9 lead.

Five Kings held the reins for the better part of the mid-game. 8:13 saw them secure Dark Slayer and begin their siege on INF Outlawz’s middle lane. INF Outlawz tried to defend, but Five Kings’ momentum could not be stopped. Five Kings won in a commanding fashion, 15-3 in under 10 minutes.

Winner: Five Kings
MVP: WoFUnsaweR (Ryoma, 3-0-9)


INF Outlawz Five Kings
Syldra – Riktor WoFxBrandon – Cresht
FlameJam – The Joker WoFxLeem – Annette
iNFxPirate – Lumburr WoFxUnsaweR – Violet
HellaRoman – Zephys GGxHyouka – Zuka
iNFxPhoenix – Aleister WoFxRaptor – Sephera

Five Kings aimed to close out Game 2 against INF Outlawz by picking a two-carry team composition. INF Outlawz went with a mobile and damage heavy team lineup.

Both teams began Game 2 by cautiously keeping tabs on the others’ jungler and opting to pull away from team fights. After Five Kings secured the first Dragon at 3:32, WoFxLeem charged into INF Outlawz’s players between the Dragon Pit and Blue golem. WoFxBrandon and WoFxUnsaweR followed up, Brandon getting the first blood on iNFxPirate. FlameJam took out UnsaweR from behind to even the kill score.

A crucial clash at 4:48 saw WoFxLeem cornered by three INF Outlawz. Leem’s teammates were quick to respond, and Leem managed to get away with a sliver of HP. UnsaweR and Hyoukka got two kills to keep the lead just out of arm’s reach. Following a double kill from UnsaweR on FlameJam in the middle lane, Five Kings began to take over the game and kept the pace quick.

At 7:37, Five Kings were making a beeline down INF Outlawz’s middle lane. UnsaweR managed to rack up more kills for his team, who now sat on a 6-2 lead. Meanwhile, Hyouka managed to destroy INF Outlawz’s second Slayer Lane tower to further add pressure onto the defenders.

Try as they might, INF Outlawz were unable to withstand Five Kings’ pressure and succumbed to them after just above 10 minutes of action.

Winner: Five Kings
MVP: WoFxRaptor (Sephera, 2-0-5)

Assassin’s Squad vs. Psychotics


Assassin’s Squad Psychotics
SPARTANxBB – Arum DSx2Player – Ryoma
xHunterx – Omen PsYA1mighty – Slimz
Roarr – Sephera PsYChOmODE – Tulen
nahoZ – Zill PsYCaliban – Maloch
Restt – Tel’Annas PsYPanchoVilla – Baldum

The third match for Day 5 had Assassin’s Squad face off against Psychotics. Assassin’s Squad picked a dual carry lineup while Psychotics ran a poke heavy setup that with decent initiation in Maloch and Baldum.

Both teams started Game 1 by feeling the other out. They both dealt decent amounts of poke damage, but never enough for either team to get a kill. The first dragon was secured before first blood, Psychotics taking it out at 3:41. A team fight ensued, with nahoZ getting first blood over PsYChOmODE. DSx2Player then avenged his teammate to even up the kill score 1-1 at 4:04.

Psychotics stood toe-to-toe against Assassin’s Squads’ poke damage and found themselves winning skirmishes in the early game. At the 5:17 mark, Psychotics got two kills to slowly pull away in score, 3-1. However, Assassin’s Squad still clung onto the gold advantage by pushing the middle and Dragon Lanes. Assassin’s Squad made a four-man rotation to the Slayer Lane with the hopes of smothering Psychotics. This proved to be the right move, as they snagged some kills and slowly took the lead as the middle stage of the game progressed.

At 9:07, Assassin’s Squad made a great play by hiding in the blue buff brush in Psychotics’ jungle. They managed to pick off PsYa1mighty and PsYPanchoVilla on their way to take out the tier 2 Dragon Lane tower and gain a commanding 10-4 lead. Eventually, Assassin’s Squad rode the momentum all the way to the end, sealing a 12-4 win.

Winner: Assassin’s Squad
MVP: SPARTANxBB (Sephera, 3-1-8)


Assassin’s Squad Psychotics
SPARTANxBB – Annette DSx2Player – Violet
xHunterx – Aleister PsYA1mighty – Cresht
Roarr – Omen PsYChOmODE – Liliana
nahoZ – Zephys PsYCaliban – Xeniel
Restt – Tel’Annas PsYPanchoVilla – Mina

Game 2 saw Assassin’s Squad adjust their lineup with more mobile heroes and more crowd control. Psychotics, on the other hand, went for a dual carry lineup in Violet and Liliana who are backed up by three tanks.

Assassin’s Squad got first blood when nahoZ took out PsYPanchoVilla with the help of SPARTANxBB at 1:41. This was followed with Assassin’s Squad securing the first Dragon and thereby gaining an early gold and experience advantage. A couple of minutes later, an excellent rotation from Assassin’s Squad into Psychotics’ blue buff netted them four more kills for a 5-0 kill score.

With momentum in their favor, Assassin’s Squad picked up the pace and pestered Psychotics’ jungle. The pressure allowed them to take out the Dark Slayer first tier tower. At 6:35, Assassin’s Squad were taking the fight to Psychotics, pushing them away from their first tier towers and riding a 10-2 lead. Despite their best efforts, Psychotics were on the ropes and couldn’t get a decent stop. By 10:24, they were overcome by Assassin’s Squad, 18-2.

Winner: Assassin’s Squad
MVP: nahoZ (Zephys, 8-1-5)

INF Army vs. Executie


INF Army Executie
iNFxDoze – Lumburr CKxCptCrunch – Ryoma
ACk*Gin – Sephera KOMODO – Lindis
Flexing – Florentino -Dead- – TeeMee
iNF*Ghost – Omen CKxLuvCharms – Raz
iNFxFierce – Moren CKxFrootLoop – Riktor

The final match for Day 5 was between INF Army and Executie. INF Army opted for a balanced team that relied on lane pushing and team fights. Executie west for a dueling composition with heroes who could quickly destroy single targets.

First blood honors went to ACk*Gin when he rotated to the Dragon Lane and took out CptCrunch at 1:23. They then took down -Dead- for an early 2-0 kill lead. However, CKxLuvCharms ran down the low-HP Flexing to put Executie on the scoreboard. A small skirmish happened at 1:58 where both teams traded kills for a 3-3 tie.

Executie got their first tower, destroying the Dragon Lane tier 1 tower at 3:09. Both teams then continued trading kills as the game progressed into middle stages. Executie managed a slight gold advantage.

Both teams were jockeying for lane control to start the mid-game. They were still trading kills but were cautious. One clash is all it would have taken for either team to gain the much-needed momentum. By the 9 minute mark, INF Army was slowly pulling away with the lane advantage, thanks in large part to some crucial kills them a 12-9 kill score in their favor.

Four minutes and a several clashes later, INF Army was riding a 20-13 score lead and began pushing all three lanes. Flexing got an impressive double kill at 14:28 to further add pressure on Executie. On the Dark Slayer lane, Ghost managed to destroy the high ground tower.

By the 16 minute mark, INF Army was looking to close out Executie by storming the middle and Dragon Lanes. However, Executie managed to defend their base and take out four INF Army players. They followed by securing the Enraged Abyssal Dragon. That said, their small momentum was stifled once INF Army respawned. INF Army went straight to the middle lane, and Executie had no choice but to defend their core one last time. In the end, INF Army won the game in the highest scoring game of the day, 27-21.

 Winner: INF Army
MVP: ACk*Gin (Sephera, 9-4-14)


INF Army Executie
iNFxDoze – Thane CKxCptCrunch – Veres
ACk*Gin – Tulen KOMODO – Kriknak
Flexing – Arum -Dead- – Wiro
iNF*Ghost – Riktor CKxLuvCharms – Sephera
iNFxFierce – Lindis CKxFrootLoop – Arduin

INF Army aimed to close out the match against Executie using a team composition strong on initiation, crowd control, and burst damage. Meanwhile, Executie ran a poke intensive lineup which also had decent team fighting prowess in order to quell INF Army’s momentum.

ACk*Gin got first blood early in the game, taking down CKxFrootLoop in the middle lane after a prolonged poke battle. This put INF Army ahead, allowing them to take out the dragon and begin rotating inside Executie’s red side jungle. In just under 3 minutes, INF Army had a significant kill lead. Executie were pressed to halt INF Army’s momentum by clawing their way back onto the scoreboard and pushing the lanes. KOMODO got a double kill at 5:42, to cut the lead to 7-9.

The mid to late game saw both teams again trading kills. INF Army managed to keep a constant lead, however. Executie did their best to mount a comeback, but INF Army proved to be too much. By the 19 minute mark, INF Army had bested Executie, 26-25.

Winner: INF Army
MVP: iNFxFierce (Lindis, 9-3-8)



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