Arena of Valor (AoV) - Kil’groth Hero Guide

A guide to Arena of Valor's Kil'Groth, the Terror. Kil'Groth is a mobile warrior who sticks close to enemies in order to slay them with a barrage of basic attacks.

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Arena of Valor Kil'groth

Kil’groth Overview

Kil’groth is a mobile warrior who revels in getting into the thick of enemy teams where he can carve and cleave with his mighty spear. Whenever he is able to get close to his target, he’ll shred large chunks out of their health with his mighty auto attacks .


  • Great Split Pusher – Kil’groth’s immense single target damage makes him great at ripping apart towers and epic creatures. While this would normally indicate a good jungler, Kil’groth isn’t the best at ganking and thereby should use this potential to bring immense amounts of pressure to the slayer lane. He can quickly rip apart towers, meaning that he cannot be left alone, and his high regeneration allows him to stay in the lane despite regular brawls.
  • High Single-Target Damage – Kil’groth’s main source of damage comes from his normal attacks, which is why he likes getting up close and personal with his foes. He can stand his own against almost any other melee hero. His damage and regeneration are such that he can easily solo the Dark Slayer after getting a bit of gold.
  • Durable – Diving deeper into his kit, Kil’groth is surprisingly durable so long as he gets to continually use his normal attacks. This is due to his Enraged Spear ability, which grants him tremendous life steal when used while below 50% health.


  • Very Item Dependent – Kil’groth needs to farm for his items quickly in order to net kills. Given that he relies on his normal attacks for the bulk of his damage, he’ll need items to boost his attack power as well as defensive items to survive charging into enemies.
  • Lacking Control Abilities – Apart from Sea Spear, Kil’groth lacks any reliable stuns or slows. This makes it crucial for him to tag his intended target with Sea Spear; if he misses, he has a hard time staying close to his opponent.
  • Susceptible to Stuns and Slows – As with most heroes who rely on normal attacks for their damage, Kil’groth is especially weak against heroes who can prevent him from attacking. The same goes for opponents who can slow him down or otherwise prevent him from getting close to his target.

Hero Basic Strategy

Laning Strategy

  • Kil’groth is best suited to the Slayer lane, his regeneration allowing him a constant presence in the lane and his single target damage best suited to duels.
  • Focus on last hitting in order to farm up some gold. Avoid taking unnecessary damage, especially when up against a ranged hero.
  • If you’re laning against another melee hero, trade blows whenever they try to engage you but do not over-commit until you’ve farmed your first core item.
  • Use Enraged Spear to regain life in beteween skirmishes. The cooldown is low enough that Kil’groth doesn’t have to worry about wasting it unless a fight was threatening to break out right away.

Level Progression

  • Take a level in Sea Spear first since it is both your means of engaging and escaping. This allows you to catch opponents off guard as this ability also deals decent damage.
  • Next, level up and max Enraged Spear. This is your go-to damaging ability and you’ll want to activate it each time you dive into fights.
  • Finally, level up Gore Lord as often as you can. This ultimate synergizes well with Enraged Spear and heavily amplifies your damage potential.

Battle Strategy

  • Ganking: Make it a point to hit the squishier heroes with Sea Spear. This will slow your target down, leaving an opening for your teammates to follow up with a disable. While this is happening, activate Enraged Spear and start wailing on your target. Stick to them and use your normal attacks until they die, backing away if they manage to get back to their tower.
  • Solo Battles: Remember to activate Enraged Spear every time a fight breaks out. This will empower your normal attacks significantly while keeping your health high. If you also have Gore Lord, activate it as well to increase your damage output. Stick to your enemy with Sea Spear as you assault them.
  • Team Battles: Dive onto the opposing team’s squishier heroes with Enraged Spear and Gore Lord activated. Hit your targets with Sea Spear and deal as much damage as you can with your normal attacks while your team disables and damages them with their abilities.
  • Escaping Team Fights: Use Sea Spear to slither away from unwanted team fights. Gore Lord can be used for a small additional speed boost as well as temporary immunity from crowd control.


Arena of Valor The Fanatic Passive – The Fanatic – Each normal attack increases Kil’groth’s attack speed by 6-10% (Scales with hero level), stacks up to 5 times. Kil’groth’s 3rd normal attack has a longer attack range.
  • Kil’groth’s passive makes him a good pusher and damage dealer via his normal attacks. Make it a point to stick close to opponents so you can smite them with basic attacks.
Arena of Valor Sea Spear Sea Spear – Kil’groth charges forward, dealing 100/125/150/175/200/225 (+0.65 AD)ˀ physical damage to enemies along the path and slowing their movement speed by 25/30/35/40/45/50% for 1.5 seconds. The cooldown is reduces by 4 seconds when it hits enemy heroes.
  • Sea Spear is Kil’groth’s main engage ability. Use this to gank lanes, flank the opposing team, or initiate team fights.
  • Try to hit high priority targets with Sea Spear to slow them down and leave them open for your teammates to follow up with their damaging abilities and attacks.
  • Sea Spear is also a good ability to use for escaping unwanted skirmishes and for when you’re on the receiving end of a gank.
Arena of Valor Enraged Spear Enraged Spear – After learning this ability, Kil’groth’s 3rd normal attack will deal an additional 75/115/155/195/235/275 (+0.3 AD) magic damage.
When the ability is activated, every normal attack in the next 4 seconds deals 50/85/120/155/190/225 (+0.25 additional AD) additional magic damage. For each target Kil’groth hits, his HP restores by 45 (+0.2 AD). Kil’groth recovers 150% of the HP amount when hitting a hero.
  • This is Kil’groth’s main source of damage. Cast Enraged Spear whenever you decide to engage an enemy.
  • Enraged Spear grants your normal attacks bonus magic damage and added range, allowing you to cleave opponents. This is especially effective during team fights or when you’re pushing the lane.
  • Use Enraged Spear when you’re low on health – hitting opponents while this is active helps you gain back lost HP.
Arena of Valor Gore Lord Gore Lord – Kil’groth immediately gains 5 stacks of Fanatic, removing all control effects for the next 4 seconds. The duration is increased by 0.3 seconds each time he attacks an enemy hero, up to 3 seconds. Also, his movement speed is increased by 80% for a short period.
  • Gore Lord allows Kil’groth to survive and maximize his empowered normal attacks. Use this when you’re in the thick of a team fight to free yourself from enemy control abilities and continue hitting them with your normal attacks.

How to Counter Kil’groth

  • Items like Curse of Death or Tome of the Reaper can severely cut Kil’groth’s regeneration and thereby make him easier to deal with.
  • Kil’groth has a very short range, and so suffers when facing heroes who can manage their range well.

Hero Item Build

SG Recommended Build
Arena of Valor Scorching Wind
Scorching Wind
Arena of Valor Gilded Greaves
Gilded Greaves
Arena of Valor Fafnir's Talon
Fafnir’s Talon
Arena of Valor Hyoga's Edge
Hyoga’s Edge
Arena of Valor Mail of Pain
Mail of Pain
Arena of Valor Hercules' Madness
Hercules’ Madness
SG Recommended Build
Arena of Valor Scorching Wind
Scorching Wind
Arena of Valor Gilded Greaves
Gilded Greaves
Arena of Valor Fafnir's Talon
Fafnir’s Talon
Arena of Valor Hyoga's Edge
Hyoga’s Edge
Arena of Valor Mail of Pain
Mail of Pain
Arena of Valor Hercules' Madness
Hercules’ Madness

More Kil’groth Item Builds

Hero Arcana

  • Kil’groth could benefit greatly from an offensive arcana set. Onslaught, Guerilla, and Skewer are good offensive choices that will up his damage through attack damage and armor pierce.
  • Focusing completely on attack speed is another option, taking Blitz, Guerilla, and Flurry can do wonders at building up his attack speed.

Hero Counters

Arena of Valor Tank Tank

Kil’groth is on pretty even footing with tanks. In the early game, he has a distinct advantage in the damage department. As the game progresses, however, the opposing tank might get items that counter Kil’groth’s normal attacks (e.g. Mail of Pain). As long as Kil’groth manages to keep wailing on the opposing tank and avoid being disabled by stuns or slows, he is capable of overwhelming them.

Arena of Valor Warrior Warrior

In the same vein, Kil’groth does pretty well against other warriors. If a Kil’groth player decides to play more offensively, he will usually win skirmishes thanks to his attack damage and speed items. If he plays a more defensive/tanky build, he’ll often find himself farming for his items and waiting for team fights to happen in order to contribute.

That said, Kil’groth struggles against heroes who have control abilities, especially stuns and slows, as they greatly diminish his damage output.

Arena of Valor Assassin Assassin

Kil’groth has trouble dealing with highly mobile assassins. Usually, Kil’groth opens by charging an enemy with his Sea Spear. If the enemy assassin is able to dodge his charge, Kil’groth will have a hard time catching up to them. In addition, he can struggle with burst damage, as it does not allow him time

Arena of Valor Mage Mage

Similar to with assassins and warriors with good control abilities, Kil’groth’s capability against mages varies. Generally, if a Kil’groth player manages to evade the initial stuns or slows of an enemy mage, he is more than able to chop them down with his normal attacks.

Arena of Valor Marksman Marksman

Kil’groth wins against marksmen more often than not. Usually, Kil’groth players wait for an opening where they can rush the opposing marksman during the laning phase or when ganking their lane. Once he gets close to them, he is capable of striking them down as fast as his normal attacks allow.

That said, Kil’groth has some trouble dealing with mobile marksmen such as Violet or Fennick since they can avoid his Sea Spear. Similarly, those who have slows or stuns like Yorn and Valhein can give Kil’groth a hard time as well or force him into using Gore Lord early.

Arena of Valor Support Support

Support heroes give Kil’groth a hard time. Whenever he gets close to a high priority target, they are able to stop him in his tracks with a well-placed slowing or stunning ability. This is especially evident during team fights, as most players know that Kil’groth’s damage output relies on him hitting his normal attacks and will try to keep him away as a result.

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