Arena of Valor (AoV) - Premiere Valor League – PVL Day 6 Highlights

Information on matches and some quick highlights from PVL Day 6 Week 3.

PvL Day 5 (Week 3) matches

Premiere Valor League – PVL Day 6 Highlights

PVL Day 6 gave us a couple of exciting matches to end the third week. Let’s take a look at highlights of the first day of Week 3:

Nontoxic Esports vs. PrideStark Empire


Nontoxic Esports PrideStark Empire
NTGxPops – Skud PrsK_KzFox – Sephera
NTGxCrow – Lindis PrsK_Beg – Batman
NTG_Q.Winter – Kahlii PrsK_Ra – Tel’Annas
NTGxChap – Riktor ENX*Caretaker – Zuka
CRUxWolff – Cresht Psrk_Zane – Nakroth

Day 6 began with a match between Nontoxic Esports and PrideStark Empire. Nontoxic Esports went for a team composition with good initiations and burst damage. PrideStark Empire ran an interesting three assassin lineup.

PrideStark Empire was banking on a solid early game to quickly finish off Nontoxic Esports, getting first blood when PsrK_Beg took out CRUxWolff in Nontoxic Esports’ red side jungle. Beg was then able to get another kill on NTGxCrow to raise the kill score to 2-0 lead.

The three-assassin lineup was allowing PrideStark Empire to slowly snowball over the early game. This was thanks in large part to PsrK_Beg roaming the jungle and pestering Crow’s jungle. In just under 3 minutes, they had already secured the first Dragon and were sitting on a 4-0 kill lead. Meanwhile, Nontoxic Esports were trying their best to halt PrideStark Empire’s momentum.

PrideStark Empire was steamrolling Nontoxic Esports with a 12-1 score by 5:30. PsrK_Beg was making it extremely difficult for Crow to jungle. His Batman play simply obliterated Crow’s Lindis.
After 9 minutes of action, PrideStark Empire had already pushed all the two-tier towers and was poised to take Game 1. And take it they did, finishing the game 27-2.

Winner: PrideStark Empire
MVP: PsrK_Beg (Batman, 11-0-8) 


Nontoxic Esports PrideStark Empire
NTGxESTEROS – Veres PrsK_KzFox – Superman
NTGxCrow – Zephys PrsK_Beg – Batman
NTGxBeefers – Raz PrsK_Ra – The Flash
NTGxChap – Elsu ENX*Caretaker – Murad
CRUxWolff – Arthur Psrk_Zane – Mganga

Nontoxic Esports looked to bounce back from their dismal performance in Game 1, opting for a single-target focused mobile lineup. PrideStark Empire stuck with the mobile and burst intensive composition that had served them so well in the first match. They mixed it up a bit, however, by placing Mganga in the jungle.

PsrK_Beg again got first blood, taking out CRUxWolff near the Dragon Pit at 1:28. They then proceeded to pester Crow’s jungle again and netted some additional kills in the process. Nontoxic Esports got a bit of a stop at 2:29, taking out Beg and KzFox who were overextended in the Slayer Lane. A team fight at 4:05 saw Nontoxic Esports gain some further footing, thanks to ESTEROS’ Veres winning a clash 7-6 and taking out the first tier tower in the middle and Slayer lanes.

PrideStark Empire kept their composure and took the momentum back for an 11-8 lead run by 6:30. At the same time, PrsK_Ra pushed the Dragon Lane all the way to the second tier tower. Unlike the previous game, however, Nontoxic Esports defended PrideStark Empire’s siege and were dead set on getting the lead.

The late stages of the game saw both teams trade kills, but PrideStark Empire was still able to come out ahead in team fights. Eventually, PrideStark Empire stormed Nontoxic Esports’ base to eek out a more competitive win, 38-23.

Winner: PrideStark Empire
MVP: Not available

Dino Riders vs. YD Omega


Dino Riders YD Omega
DR_Shozen – Riktor Topfencer – Lindis
DR_Tobias – Superman YDxIncarnate – Veres
DR_Zeus – Lauriel YDxRuin – Omen
DR CL’z – Tel’Annas YDxIniquity – Liliana
100msHawaii- Murad How_Sway – Alice

Match 2 pit Dino Riders against YD Omega. Dino Riders went for a initiation and burst heavy lineup, while YD Omega ran a more team-based composition to begin Game 1.

Dino Riders got first blood early by taking out How_Sway in the middle lane. They then proceeded to bully Topfencer out of his red side jungle to further increase their gold and experience leads. Some excellent ganks from DR_Tobias and good rotations from DR_Shozen saw Dino Riders get some more kills as the early game transitioned into the mid game.

YD Omega tried to regain some lost ground by diving Dino Riders’ Dragon Lane tower. However, Dino Riders were keen to YD Omega’s strategy and were able to thwart their plans for an 8-4 lead. Dino Riders continued pressuring the side lanes thanks to some Lauriel and Superman rotations. By the 8 minute mark, Dino Riders were riding a 19-8 advantage and were ready to win Game 1. Despite a valiant effort, YD Omega ultimately succumbed to Dino Riders, 26-13.

Winner: Dino Riders
MVP: 180msHawaii (Murad, 7-0-4)


Dino Riders YD Omega
DR_Shozen – Elsu Topfencer – Zephys
DR_Tobias – Baldum YDxIncarnate – Riktor
DR_Zeus – Veera YDxRuin – Tel’Annas
DR CL’z – Maloch YDxIniquity – Tulen
100msHawaii- Nakroth How_Sway – Cresht

Game 2 saw Dino Riders go for another initiation and burst heavy lineup. Meanwhile YD Omega switched to a more mobile team composition with hopes of snowballing to a victory.

Dino Riders blitzed YD Omega’s blue side to begin the match. This resulted in DR_Tobias getting first blood honors at 00:43. YD Omega tried to retaliate against Dino Riders but ended up on the wrong side of an 8-2 kill score at just under 3 minutes.

By the 7 minute mark, YD Omega’s burst damage was slowly allowing them to claw their way back into the match. Dino Riders were still holding onto their lead at 14-11, but YD Omega was slowly winning skirmishes. YD Omega managed to tie the score at 9:44, but Dino Riders switched their strategy to focus on pushing the lanes. YD Omega seemed able to quell Dino Riders’ charge, managing some crucial stops. One notable stop was YD Omega getting the Slayer Buff at 10:21. However,, Dino Riders took advantage of the low HP YD Omega members and took back the momentum.

After some team fights, Dino Riders were once again victorious, stomping YD Omega 27-19.

Winner: Dino Riders
MVP: 180msHawaii (Nakroth, 10-2-3)

Nontoxic Esports vs. INFamous Army


Nontoxic Esports INFamous Army
NTGxCrow – Riktor iNFxDoze – Cresht
NTG_Q.Winter – Jinnar Flexing – Omen
NTGxSFP- Rourke ACk*Gin – Liliana
NTGxChap – TeeMee iNFxEclipse – The Flash
NTGxStory – Tel’Annas iNFxFierce – Lindis

The day’s third match was between Nontoxic Esports and INFamous Army. Nontoxic Esports pulled double duty this week and opted to run a mobile, bursty team. Meanwhile, iNFamous Army used a durable and poke-intensive lineup.

Nontoxic Esports got first blood when NTGxSFP ganked the Dragon Lane to eliminate iNFxEclipse. This was avenged by INF Army when ACk*Gin burst NTGxCrow down in the Slayer Lane seconds later. Both teams then took out some first tier towers just after 2 minutes, but NTG still held onto a slight gold advantage.

However, INF Army was quick to take the lead from NTG, picking up nine extra kills by 4:40. NTG seemed to be reeling, as INF Army was continuing to pull away by the 7 minute mark thanks to some good rotations. NTG was on the defensive for most of the late game and, while they managed to pick up some kills, INF Army was still coming out of clashes on top time and again.

At 16:12, INF Army blitzed the middle lane, catching NTG off guard. This resulted in INF Army getting a decisive 28-11 victory.

Winner: INF Army
MVP: iNFxDoze (Cresht, 4-1-16)


Nontoxic Esports INFamous Army
NTGxCrow – Nakroth iNFxDoze – Cresht
NTG_Q.Winter – Jinnar Flexing – Maloch
NTGxSFP- Veres ACk*Gin – The Flash
NTGxChap – Tel’Annas iNF*Ghost – Riktor
NTGxStory – Alice iNFxFierce – Lindis

INFamous Army aimed to close out Nontoxic Esports in Game 2 by employing an engagement-heavy lineup. Meanwhile, Nontoxic Esports ran somewhat mobile poke composition.

Similar to Game 1, INF Army were aggressive in attempts to get early first blood in the middle lane. NTG were on their toes, however, and did not engage against INF Army’s advances. NTG did some good rotation in between their jungle and the Dragon Lane in response to INF Army’s roaming strategy early game.

iNFxFierce got first blood at 2:37 when he took down NTGxStory in the Dragon Lane. This gave INF Army the advantage in securing the first Dragon. INF Army slowly began to pull away with the lead, thanks to some good plays from iNFxDoze. They were further helped by INF*Ghost outplaying his Dragon Lane opponents for a comfortable 5-0 lead in just 5 minutes of action.

The mid-game saw INF Army pressuring the lanes and netting kills. However, NTG’s SFP was able to push the first tier tower in the Slayer Lane. A clash at 9:27 saw INF Army come out on top, trading a single kill for three. NTG’s Chap was left to defend the middle lane against INF Army’s Maloch and Cresht.

INF Army continued to press the middle lane to keep NTG on the defensive. Eventually, a clash at 10:38 saw INF Army push down NTG’s middle lane and destroy the high ground tower. From there, INF Army made a heavy push on the side lanes with the hopes of finally closing out the match. However, NTG was able to defend INF Army’s push on the Slayer Side, wiping them out. This allowed NTG to take the Dark Slayer and gain some much-needed elbow room. INF Army responded by securing the Dragon buff and were dead set on storming the Dragon Lane again.

After a team fight at 13:15, INF Army was able to penetrate NTG’s defense and push to a 24-10 victory.

Winner: INF Army
MVP: ACk*Gin (The Flash, 8-2-9)

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