Arena of Valor (AoV) - Batman Hero Guide

An overview and guide for Arena of Valor's Batman, the Dark Knight. Batman is an assassin/warrior class hero who relies on his mobility and finisher moves.

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Batman is an assassin/warrior class hero who deals a lot of physical damage mid to late game. He is most effective when his item builds are almost complete since he relies on cooldowns and bonus attack damage. He is played more as a jungler and less in the lane.

  • Strengths
    • High Mobility – Batman has high movement speed when affected by his passive, Caped Crusader. He can quickly follow escaping enemy heroes.
    • Can Quickly Clear Minion Waves – He can get rid of enemy minions and jungle monsters quickly by use of his basic abilities: Forearm Strike and Batarang.
    • Strong Finisher – Batman is able to very quickly finish off enemy heroes, particularly when their health is low.
  • Weakness
    • Weak Early Game  – Reliant on items and abilities to do damage, Batman is weak in the early game. This is especially true if Dark Knight is not yet available. He also has difficulties in competing against other heroes when pushing lanes.
    • Accurate ability Shots – His ultimate, Dark Knight, requires high accuracy to effectively damage or finish enemy heroes.

Hero Basic Strategy

  • Laning Strategy
    • When the game starts, inform your teammates that you will be jungling early game. This will allow you to get your ultimate ability quickly. Once you have at least one level of Dark Knight, proceed to gank enemy heroes in the lane.
    • Use the river to go back and forth between lanes to surprise enemy heroes.
    • You can also stay in a struggling ally’s lane, hiding in the bushes to surprise their opponent.
    • Batman can also activate his ultimate from a distance to finish enemy heroes with low health. Take note of the 1.5-second delay before the stealth effect activates.
  • Leveling Progression:
    • Start with your Forearm strike to hit multiple enemy minions with one blow. Then, level your second ability, Batarang, to hit enemies from a distance.
    • You mostly level via enemy heroes and jungle monsters simultaneously.
    • If you’re up against melee class heroes (Tanks, Warriors, or Assassins) early game, invest more ability points in your first ability. Level up your second ability if you’re facing ranged heroes (e.g. Marksmen, Mages, and Support).
  • Battle Strategy:
    • Ganking: He can only initiate ganks when his ultimate is ready. A visible Batman is an easy prey for the enemy.
    • One on One: Batman’s one on one fights are purely dependent on the class of hero he is up against. Use Forearm Strike against melee heroes and Batarang against ranged heroes. Batman heavily relies on his movement speed and cooldowns, so always be moving around and poking enemies with your abilities.
    • One on Two: Always be moving so that you won’t get hit by the opposing heroes’ abilities. Regardless of team composition, always move in inconsistent ways to avoid being predicted. Take advantage of the bushes to hide from enemy heroes before ganking them.
    • Team Fights: Activate your ultimate before joining a team battle. Remember to wait for its stealth effect to activate before moving towards the enemy heroes. Observe and keep a distance from the enemies as much as possible, as a warning signal will show up above your enemies’ heads if you draw too close. Wait for your team members to throw their abilities and then follow them up with Dark Knight in order to finish the enemies off. If there are survivors, hit them with your Forearm Strike when nearby and Batarang when they are running away. The stun effect of Dark Knight will open up opportunities for your teammates to throw their abilities as well.
  • Escaping the Battle
    • Batman can use his second ability to slow enemy heroes who are catching up to him. If successful, use his ultimate ability to runaway fully. Take note that Batman will not be able to escape if your enemy heroes have stun abilities or lane manipulation effects (e.g. Aleister).


Caped Crusader Caped Crusader (Passive)  When Batman approaches an enemy hero, his movement speed increases by 20%
  • Caped Crusader gives Batman an advantage, especially when he is about to gank enemy heroes.
  • After team fights, Batman can easily catch up to escaping heroes and finish them off.
  • His passive can also be used for poking enemy heroes with his abilities. While approaching enemy heroes, release your Forearm Strike or Batarang. Afterwards, walk backwards or sideways until the ability cools down before throwing out another.
Forearm Strike Forearm Strike Batman attacks with his forearm blades and deals physical damage to nearby enemies. One random enemy will take double damage.
  • Batman’s Forearm Strike ability is helpful in managing minions and opposing heroes in lanes. As much as possible, move around to avoid being denied by single lane attacks or crowd control abilities.
  • Invest in leveling up this ability early game if you are mostly facing short-ranged melee heroes.
  • This is an advisable ability as well when starting the game, as you will mostly be farming and jungling to level your second and ultimate abilities.
AoV-BATARANG Batarang Batman launches an explosive Batarang that deals physical damage to enemies and reduces their movement speed. 24% of HP lost will be converted into additional physical damage 3 seconds later. Enemies hit are stunned if attacked by Batman again, and Batman restores HP
  • Batman’s Batarang ability is a good way to follow-up and finish retreating opposing heroes after a team battle. The ability also enables your teammates to follow-up their finisher abilities along the way.
  • Damage done is based on the total amount of health missing from effected hero at time of damage calculation.
  • If the slow effect is not enough to eliminate the opposing hero, the second wave of damage can usually finish them off after the fight.
  • It is important to remember the recovery aspect to the ability, it a useful tool in sustaining Batman in the lane.
AoV-DARK-KNIGHT Dark Knight – Batman conceals himself behind a colony of bats and becomes invisible after 1.5 seconds. Invisibility lasts for 30 seconds unless Batman stays within 6 units of an enemy hero for more than 3 seconds. If the ability is used again during invisibility, he will fly towards the target direction, dealing physical damage to enemies in his path. He gains 50% attack speed for 5 seconds after coming out of invisibility.
  • Batman’s ultimate serves as his opening ability. The area covered by this line ability is rather wide, providing a means to deal damage to multiple opposing heroes.
  • Avoid activating the ability in front of your enemies since the main of the ability is to surprise enemies before a fight.
  • In team fights, observe the clash before joining. Pick a position where you would deal the most damage with the area of effect.
  • The damaging effect of Dark Knight can be cast before the stealth effect has begun.

Hero Item Build

Default Build
Spear of Longinus

Sonic Boots

Medallion of Troy
Fenrir’s Tooth

Ancestral Glory

Medallion of Troy – This item gives Batman a shield that absorbs magic damage (300+ hero’s level*50) every 18 seconds. This item is effective when used against mage heroes who rely on magical Area of Effect (AoE) attacks such as Ignis, Azzen’Ka, and Ilumia.

Ancestral Glory – This item revives Batman in case he falls before finishing off his enemies. Batman needs to spawn quickly so that he can continue leveling and ganking enemy heroes.

EU Pro Build

Spear of Longinus

Sonic Boots


Gaia’s Standard

Fenrir’s Tooth

Omni Arms

Fenrir’s Tooth – Fenrir’s Tooth helps finish off any heroes that are able to withstand Batman’s initial burst of damage. The base stats and damage multiplier make it an all-around fantastic item for Batman

Spear of Longinus – All of his damage being physical, Batman needs a way to deal with armor. This pairs well with the attack speed boost granted after his ultimate.

Taiwan Pro Build

Gilded Greaves


Frost Cape

Medallion of Troy


SEA Pro Build


Flashy Boots

Omni Arms

Hercules’ Madness


Fenrir’s Tooth


Hero Counters


Batman has a disadvantage against tanks early game. As much as possible, hide in the bushes to surprise the enemy.  Use your second ability to initiate your attack. Follow it up with your first ability, Forearm Strike, to finish them off. Remember that Batman’s Batarang has a stun effect so you follow-up more hits or abilities to damage the opposing tanks.


The same applies when Batman is facing Warrior-type heroes. As much as possible have your two abilities available to sustain your lane. If your warrior-type opponent escapes from battle, make sure that you are able to hit him/her with your Batarang since it will inflict damage based on their lost health after a few seconds. You might find yourself surprised how often your enemies die suddenly due to this kill.


Batman has an advantage over other Assassins early game. Do not engage them one on one until your first and second abilities are beyond level 2 or 3. Make sure that your cooldowns are all ready before engaging them. Make use of your Batarang’s stun and bonus damage effectively. You can also dive into the bushes to deny your opposing Assassin’s burst damage. Afterwards, hit them with your 2nd or 1st ability.


Let enemy mages use their single lane or Area of Effect abilities incorrectly before bringing them down. Take note that mages have high damage early game, so try to move in unpredictable ways. Make use of the brush to try to cover yourself while moving around behind your minions to distract their aim. Use your Batarang and then your Forearm Strike to finish them off quickly. Wearing Medallion of Troy can help absorb some of their magic damage.


Let enemy marksman heroes use their single lane or Area of Effect abilities incorrectly before bringing them down. Deny their line attacks by moving around and their AoE abilities by moving forward. A Marksman without abilities to release is an easy prey for Batman. Hit them with your Forearm Strike ability and follow-up with Batarang.


Support heroes are difficult to bring down early game because of their recovery and protection abilities. Make sure that you have at least 3 of your items complete before engaging them. Medallion of Troy is an additional help in fighting support heroes like Payna, Mganga, and Alice since they have abilities that inflict magic damage.

Heroes List
Warrior Tank Assassin
Mage Marksman Support


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