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Get more versed with the Legendary King through Samurai Gamers' Thane Hero Guide. Our guide includes Thane's strengths, weaknesses and item builds.

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Arena of Valor Thane


Thane is a melee warrior who excels in initiating team fights and smiting down low health opponents. He is quite durable and has a decent health recovery skill when his health gets below a certain point. This allows him to either get out of Dodge or to continue pressing the attack for his team.

He is a versatile hero – he can be built tanky in order to become a meat shield for his team, or attack damage heavy to shut down single, high-priority targets such as the enemy team’s marksmen or mages.


  • Good at Initiating – Thane thrives when it comes to bringing the fight to the enemy. Valiant Charge allows him to suppress enemies in front of him, and knock them up at the end of its effect. Good Thane players can pick off high priority targets with Valiant Charge, followed up by Avalon’s Fury to continue the crowd control.
  • Excellent Crowd Control – Thane’s Valiant Charge and Avalon’s Fury are excellent abilities for providing crowd control during team fights. You can potentially knock up and stun most of the enemy team with a well-timed combo, leaving them susceptible to your team’s follow up damage.
  • Good Finisher – Thane’s King’s Glory is a great way to finish off opponents since it deals true damage and cannot be interrupted once it’s been cast. Usually, Thane players wait for the right moment to use King’s Glory to ensure their team wins clashes.
  • Versatile Item Build – Depending on your preference, Thane can either be played as a tanky bruiser or a damage-dealing skirmisher.


  • Ability Dependent – Thane needs to hit his intended targets with his abilities to maximize his contribution to team fights. When all his skills are on cooldown, his auto attacks leave a lot to be desired.
  • Mana Reliant – Thane is also reliant on spending his mana wisely since all his abilities cost mana. A Thane with little or no mana provides minimal threat during the laning phase or team fights.
  • Team Dependent – Since Thane excels in creating team fights, he needs his team to follow up on his initiates. If he gets into the fray by himself, he’ll get focused fired and killed easily.

Hero Basic Strategy

Laning Strategy

  • Start your lane by hiding under the brush. This will enable you to set up your Valiant Charge + Avalon’s Fury combo.
  • Pick fights against your laning opponent whenever you can. This way, you can keep your enemy’s health low, leaving him or her open to your teammates’ ganks.
  • Don’t forget to farm enemy minions to get your items faster.

Leveling Progression:

  • Start with Valiant Charge and use it whenever you see an opening to catch your lane opponent off guard.
  • Afterwards, level up Avalon’s Fury to further increase your potency when starting team fights.
  • Finally, whenever you can, level up King’s Glory since this is your combo ender that deals massive damage during clashes. This ability is especially dangerous against low health enemies.

Battle Strategy:

  • Ganking: Lead in with Valiant Charge to an unwitting opponent in lane. This will knock them up, allowing you to follow up with Avalon’s Fury to further disable your target. Make sure your ally gets to hit his or her abilities and auto attacks to ensure a kill.
  • One on One: Thane is decent in skirmishes since he is somewhat durable and his abilities can be used offensively or defensively. Depending on your situation, you can press the attack or disengage back to safety with Valiant Charge and Avalon’s Fury.
  • One on Two: Thane can hold his own against two enemies. However, it is advisable to not look for two on one skirmishes, especially if they have full health. Conversely, when rushing towards two or more enemies who have less than 50% health, Thane can potentially kill them with his Valiant Charge + Avalon’s Fury + King’s Glory combo.
  • Team Fights: Thane is an excellent initiator thanks to his abilities. As Thane, your job is to bring the fight to the opposing team. Lead in with Valiant Charge and hit as many opponents as possible. Follow up with Avalon’s Fury. Once your skills are on cooldown, continue wailing away at the enemy team until your abilities are ready again. Once you see one or more enemies who have less than 50% health, finish them off with your Avalon’s Fury + King’s Glory combo.

Escaping the Battle

  • Direct Valiant Charge in the direction you want to escape when a team fight is not going your way.
  • During a losing team fight, do your best to help your team escape. You can do this by using Avalon’s Fury to disable your enemies. Then, disengage with Valiant Charge.


Arena of Valor Royal Power Royal Power (Passive) –  When Thane’s HP falls below 30%, he regenerates 24% of his maximum HP over 6 seconds. Also grants 25% damage reduction while active. 75-second cooldown.
  • Royal Power allows Thane to remain in the lane or team fights. This is especially true when you build him into a tanky initiator. Once he gets into the fray, he can soak damage for his team while waiting for his abilities to get off cooldown and use them again to disable the opposing team.
Arena of Valor Valiant Charge Valiant Charge  Thane charges forward, knocking enemies back and dealing 60/75/90/105/120/135 (+0.35 AD) physical damage each hit. Valiant Charge’s final hit will also knock enemies into the air.
  • Valiant Charge is Thane’s primary ability. This allows him to start team fights, break through the enemy’s front line, and knock up high priority targets.
  • Defensively, Valiant Charge is a good escape ability, since it covers a large distance.
Arena of Valor Avalon's Fury Avalon’s Fury – Thane strikes the ground, dealing 200/260/320/380/440/500 (+0.58 AD) physical damage to enemies within range. He also knocks enemies into the air and slows their movement speed by 90% for 2 seconds.
  • This ability is great during ganks and team fights due to its potential to knock up multiple enemies at one time.
  • Avalon’s Fury complements Valiant Charge’s knock up, especially during team fights, to further disable either the enemy front line or quickly eliminate the back line.
Arena of Valor King's Glory King’s Glory – Thane charges for a short time, then unleashes a powerful blow in a frontal cone, dealing 500/750/1000 (+0.9 AD)  true damage to enemies in the area. Also, deals 15% of targets’ lost HP as physical damage. Thane gains 20% damage reduction and cannot be interrupted while charging the ability.
  • King’s Glory gives you an ability that can potentially eliminate enemies who have less than half of their full health.
  • Once you’ve begun charging King’s Glory, enemies cannot disable you – use this to your advantage, especially in team fights.

How to Counter Thane

  • Thane’s basic combo is using his Valiant Charge to Avalon’s Fury. Once you dodge on his Valiant Charge, he will have difficulty in landing his Avalon’s Fury. Always watch out for his Valiant Charge as this is his primary ability to initiate.
  • When in critical health, try to move sideways to avoid Arrow of Chaos. This ability has a long range that can kill enemies and even stun them in its path.

Hero Item Build

Tanky Sustain Build
Arena of Valor Mantle of RaMantle of Ra Arena of Valor Gilded GreavesGilded Greaves Arena of Valor Spear of LonginusSpear of Longinus
Arena of Valor Gaia's StandardGaia’s Standard Arena of Valor Crimson BannerCrimson Banner Arena of Valor Shield of the LostShield of the Lost
Tanky Sustain Build
Arena of Valor Mantle of RaMantle of Ra Arena of Valor Gilded GreavesGilded Greaves Arena of Valor Spear of LonginusSpear of Longinus Arena of Valor Gaia's StandardGaia’s Standard Arena of Valor Crimson BannerCrimson Banner Arena of Valor Shield of the LostShield of the Lost

Thane’s Tanky Sustain build gives him the ability to charge into his opponents and reduce their armor each time he strikes them with his normal attacks. After the initial engage, assess the situation – if your team’s carries need some assistance, provide the proper peel for them; likewise, if your team manages to route the enemies during the team fight, do your best to stick to the low-health heroes to clean up any stragglers.

More Thane Item Builds

Hero Arcana

  • Thane usually runs an Arcana set which improves his tankiness and mobility. Such sets include Indomitable, Guerilla, and Crusader.
  • He can also run an AD-centric Arcana setup that has Onslaught, Assassinate, and Skewer. This allows him to deal more damage with his abilities and normal attacks.

Hero Counters

Arena of Valor Tank Tank

Thane does decently well against other tanks. Given that his kit relies on initiating, he often needs to use his abilities first to sway team fights in his team’s favor. Otherwise, Thane and other tanks are often equal during the laning phase.

Arena of Valor Warrior Warrior

Thane can handle warriors well, thanks to Valiant Charge and Avalon’s Fury. However, Thane needs to farm for his items first, and some Warriors have abilities that are geared towards single-target damage. In this case, it is best to pick your battles against warriors carefully.

Arena of Valor Assassin Assassin

Thane does well against Assassins. Given that Thane’s abilities allow him to disrupt opponents, he can handily disable Assassins and win skirmishes. However, if assassins get their items early, Thane might have a hard time dealing with these highly elusive and high-damage dealing threats.

Arena of Valor Mage Mage

Mages are generally squishy targets and are highly susceptible to crowd control. As Thane, be alert when using your Valiant Charge and Avalon’s Fury against mages. You can either press the attack first to not let them get the chance to use their spells, or dodge their abilities (especially the area of effect ones) and counterattack with your skill combos.

Arena of Valor Marksman Marksman

Similar to mages, while marksmen have high damage output, once you get close to them they are quite squishy. As Thane, enemy marksmen are your top priority during team fights. As such, use your Valiant Charge and Avalon’s Fury combo on them to make them vulnerable. Then finish them off with King’s Glory.

Arena of Valor Support Support

Thane struggles a bit against support heroes who have stuns or movement-impairing abilities. However, against other support heroes, it is best to clash with a team mate so that they can follow up with damage after you’ve initiated a skirmish.

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