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Gildur Item Builds Guide for Arena of Valor (AoV). Each build is geared toward a different play style, so choose one that fits your personal preference.

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Gildur Item Builds

Arena of Valor Gildur

Hero Item Builds List

Core Items

These items are necessary in order to play Gildur optimally. Only diverge from a core item if you are a very experienced player or you have a very good reason for doing so.

Arena of Valor Frosty's RevengeFrosty’s Revenge As a hero that relies on dishing out a lot of control effects, Frosty’s Revenge is a great way to extend your arsenal and further lock down enemies. In addition to a slow added to his abilities, Gildur will be able to run around the battlefield at an increased rate and find himself more durable when holding this item.
Arena of Valor Holy of HoliesHoly of Holies Holy of Holies rounds off many of Gildur’s builds. This gives him large amounts of both HP and ability power, both of which incredibly valuable to the tank mage. However, due to its high gold cost, it is usually the last item built.

Optional Items

Arena of Valor Hecate's DiademHecate’s Diadem Fitting for a golden king to go after a crown. Hecate’s Diadem offers Gildur an immense ammount of ability power. His abilities will be hitting much harder when rocking this hat, so should regularly be made a priority.
Arena of Valor Rhea's BlessingRhea’s Blessing Rhea’s Blessing is a good defensive item. As a mage who will regularly be in the middle of fights, the magic life steal and shield are great ways to stay alive while absorbing fire for your allies.
Arena of Valor Orb of the MagiOrb of the Magi Orb of the Magi is a great item to start with, offering HP, mana, and ability power. The mana and health that it restores each time the user levels up is an effective way of staying in lane and continually harassing enemies with abilities.
Arena of Valor BoomstickBoomstick Gildur can get a lot offensive power through Boomstick. It offers a large amount of ability power while adding an additional explosion to the abilities’ effects. This is often a good choice when harassing foes, making each shot of Indulgence hit that much harder.
Arena of Valor ApocalypseApocalypse Apocalypse gives Gildur’s normal attack additional potency after he casts an ability. This item pairs well with Siege, stacking with the follow up damage effect for a hefty explosion.
Arena of Valor Frost CapeFrost Cape Frost Cape is another defensive item that grants Gildur some additional utility as well. After he uses an ability, his next normal attack will slow down enemies and deal damage, allowing his teammates to follow up and focus down the hindered opponent.
Arena of Valor Gaia's StandardGaia’s Standard Gaia’s Standard is a good way to block magic damage. The item additionally increases his HP regeneration and movement speed, keeping him up in fights and better able to set up his ultimate.

Boots Upgrade

Arena of Valor Gilded Greaves;Gilded Greaves When the enemy has a lot of crowd control, Gilded Greaves is a great way to stay alive. Gildur in particular needs to stay mobile as to always be able to set up fights for his team.
Arena of Valor Sonic Boots;Sonic Boots Sonic Boots works best against physical heroes, particular those focused on their normal attacks. Get this over Gilded Greaves if an opposing marksman or warrior is snowballing hard.

Sample Item Builds

This build mixes Gildur’s abilities to both harass and initiate. The ability power providing items like Orb of the Magi, Holy of Holies, and Frosty’s Revenge will make his abilities hit much harder and thereby increase his poking potential. In addition, many items offer various defensive bonuses, allowing Gildur to absorb enemy fire for his team.

This build focuses on building up the defense that Gildur needs to survive without a shirt. The golden boy can take a lot of abuse when built sturdily, allowing him to jump into the enemy team and set up fights with his control abilities. Every item improves his survivability in some way, many boosting his ability power while doing so. In addition, The Aegis and Frosty’s Revenge will add to his large arsenal of control, making him an asset to his team in fights.

In contrast to the above tank build, here we completely build up Gildur’s damage, giving his abilities as much punch as possible. The defensive boosts provided by Orb of the Magi and Holy of Holies keep him from being completely defenseless. That said, he will be much weaker than he would be had he been buying tankier items. This build is best suited for when your team isn’t finding much threat from the enemy team and could use some extra damage instead.

Send us your builds!

Have a build you want to share? Think you have a build that’s better than what we have listed? Put it in the comments, along with any (optional) explanations for how it works. If we like it, we’ll include it in our sample builds section – just let us know what name you want us to refer you as. For example: “ALG Rest’s Super Duper Support Build.” Feel free to include any social media accounts you want us to link to.
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  1. Gildur support

    purifying bracer- gildiur ultimate won’t be disable and to remove spell effects
    glided greaves – defense
    berith’s agony – for damage and defense
    orb of magi – damage
    frosty revenge – damage
    and then holy of hoiles – damage and defense