Arena of Valor (AoV) - The Lore of Arena of Valor

Our detailing of Arena of Valor's story and history. The heroes who fight on Antaris Battlefield come from a world torn apart by conflict between humanity and demons.

There is still no official release about Arena of Valor’s lore. However, through reading each hero’s story, we’ve pieced together the story of the game. This is our initial summary Arena of Valor’s, and we’ll continue to put more pieces together so stay tuned to this page!

Introduction to the History of Athanor

Athanor was a world where the faith in heavenly beings had vanished and lawlessness prevailed. Creatures of unspeakable horror ran amok with no sign of the world ever being saved from its suffering. Its citizens began to lose hope.

Until a brave soul stood up against this darkness. His name was Arthur.

Arena of Valor Warrior Hero Arthur

Arthur was a young promising knight who sought to overcome the impossible by restoring order to the world he loved dearly. He walked tall with a sword of justice in his hand and righteousness in his heart.

Arthur preached the principles of justice and honor, heading down the path of discipline as a knight. He built up an order, recruiting brave men from far and wide to rally against the demons that plagued them. Arthur raised humanity’s morale once more and built up peace and order amidst the darkness.

Arena of Valor Concept

Under Arthur’s leadership, the Order impeded the Demon Legion’s advance. This aggravated Ravanor’s leader, Maloch. Realizing that Arthur was a threat to his rule, he began to overwhelm the Order, but Arthur and his knights were not shaken. They would not be defeated.

The Order kept growing, their numbers increasing with each battle until they became a force to be reckoned with. Victory eventually came, the Order driving back the demons to whence they came. Arthur and his men brought mankind a place in the world, a place where they were finally recognized as equals rather than as beneath the other races.

This was all the beginning of a road to finding peace.

The Era of Thane

Centuries after Arthur’s reign, the torch of hope was passed down along many successors, one notable successor being Thane.

Arena of Valor Battle Scene

Thane was a refugee who could barely protect himself. He grew up knowing the pain of the common folk, living off scraps and running from demons who would come and hunt them down.

Through blood, sweat, and tears, Thane grew up to be a fine man who sought to vanquish Athanor’s darkness. In his campaign, he spoke of progress. He became the pioneer of technology and the first in many years that taught all who feared the demons how to break free of those chains and become their own masters.

Through war, blood, and loss, Thane had seen the end of days, but he never gave in to despair. The young man rallied humanity through the Dark Reign, and one daylight was able to pierce through that darkness and shower its blessings to all.

Soon after peace was brought back to the world of Athanor, Thane ascended to becoming the Castle of Inception’s king. By his side were Astrid, Valhein, and Raz, who had all chosen to faithfully serve the man who had brought them hope. Raz would, later on, decide to join Maloch’s demon legion as a spy for Thane’s side.

Thane had also won the people’s respect and loyalty. Even those from the Temple of Light respected the young king despite being wary of him. Against all odds and despite rumors of corrupt politics within the capital, Thane became a King that would be remembered for years to come.

Hero Faction

Arena of Valor Lore Factions

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Here is a list of the factions that the heroes are a part of. The Valiant Order consists of the followers of Arthur and Thane, the Temple of Light is comprised of Ilumia’s followers, Maloch leads the Fallen, and Tel’Annas heads the Forest of Shadow’s Guardian. Divergent heroes don’t necessarily fall into any of the stated factions.

The Valiant Order Temple of Light The Fallen Forest of Shadows The Divergent
Arena of Valor Arthur Arena of Valor Alice Arena of Valor Aleister Arena of Valor Arum Arena of Valor Airi
Arena of Valor Astrid Arena of Valor Gildur Arena of Valor Arduin Arena of Valor Kil'Groth Arena of Valor Azzen'Ka
Arena of Valor Batman Arena of Valor Ignis Arena of Valor Grakk Arena of Valor Krixi Arena of Valor Butterfly
Arena of Valor Ilumia Arena of Valor Maloch Arena of Valor Lumburr Arena of Valor Chaugnar
Arena of Valor Max Arena of Valor Jinnar Arena of Valor Marja Arena of Valor Payna Arena of Valor Cresht
Arena of Valor Moren Arena of Valor Lauriel Arena of Valor Mganga Arena of Valor Slimz Arena of Valor Diao Chan
Arena of Valor Raz Arena of Valor Tulen Arena of Valor Mina Arena of Valor Telannas Arena of Valor Fennik
Arena of Valor TeeMee Arena of Valor Wukong Arena of Valor Nakroth Arena of Valor Zill Arena of Valor Kahlii
Arena of Valor Thane Arena of Valor Xeniel Arena of Valor Natalya Arena of Valor Zuka Arena of Valor Kriknak
Arena of Valor Valhein Arena of Valor Yorn Arena of Valor Preyta Arena of Valor Lindis
Arena of Valor Wisp Arena of Valor Skud Arena of Valor Lu Bu
Arena of Valor Taara Arena of Valor Murad
Arena of Valor Veera Arena of Valor Omega
Arena of Valor Zephys Arena of Valor Omen
Arena of Valor Ormarr
Arena of Valor Rourke
Arena of Valor Ryoma
Arena of Valor Superman
Arena of Valor The Flash
Arena of Valor The Joker
Arena of Valor Toro
Arena of Valor Violet
Arena of Valor Wonder Woman
Arena of Valor Zanis

Our Conclusion

As it stands now, Maloch remains the largest antagonist to most, if not all, heroes. As the leader of the Ravanor, this demon will not stop in his attempts of forcing the world to do his bidding.

Most, if not all, of the characters’ lore is connected, from tales of how heroes faced off against Maloch at various points of the present rule with Thane, stories about the Temple of Light and their ulterior motives against the world, to the past achievements of heroes that stood by Arthur’s side.

The present conflict, though far more peaceful than it was in the past, is something yet to be explored.

What are your thoughts on Arena of Valor’s story so far? We would love to hear them!

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  1. I feel like Omen should be in the Fallen as well as Kriknak. Kriknak is the servant of Marja and Omen is a demon.

  2. Thanks for this lore page. I believe their factions can be easily classified based on their 3D model backgrounds save for DC heroes

  3. Kil’groth and Cresht should be part of Forest of Shadows faction. It’s stated on Kil’groth lore. Omega can be part of Valiant Order or Forest of Shadow, as Slimz and Moren make a contract with Omega to protect their treasure, before Skud attack their castle.

    • Thanks for that! The last time I checked it wasn’t as updated actually so I was left to debate on my own if they would be a part of that or not haha.

      As for Omega/Slimz/Moren, Honestly it gets a lil confusing with the timeline so I struggled with that as well but sure thing. I’ll put on Omega at the Valiant Order.

      • I just realize Garena change Taara’s lore. Now it makes more sense why she joining The Fallen. All they need to do now is changing Zanis’ too, because it doesn’t go well with Lu Bu and Diao Chan’s lore.

        Btw, what is correct name for the antagonist faction? Is it The Fallen or Ravagers?

        As for Violet, why she’s on Divergent side? I thought as vampire hunter, she’s with Valhein and thus joining force with Thane.

        And Toro should be with Forest of Shadows. In his lore it said he wins Afata’s trust, and Afata is the land which Tel’anas ruled (or maybe how the elves are called in Athanor).

        Lastly, I think there will or should be another faction other than you stated. I believe there are Abyssal Lord faction that consist of demons/fallen gods/ancient being that not part of The Fallen/Ravagers and antagonizing Veda directly. I believe Kahlii and Chaugnar is in this faction. And so there should be Veda faction where Arduin was, and differ from Temple of Light. And there’s Lokheim army that stated on TeeMee lore and Butterfly’s new lore.