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A guide to Arena of Valor's Tulen, the Pure. Tulen is able to zip around the battlefield, barraging the enemy team with electricity. His ultimate allows him to pick off heroes from afar, eliminating their chance of escaping.

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Arena of Valor Tulen


Tulen is a mage with fantastic mobility, capable of snowballing into an extremely lethal force. He can jump around the battlefield with Lightning Strike, building up charges of Thunderclap to zap nearby enemies. Thunderbird allows him to finish off low health enemies, only avoidable if someone takes the dire hit instead of the target.


  • Mobile – Tulen’s Lightning Strike allows him to travel short distances in a manner similar to Flicker. This allows him to either quickly chase or escape his enemies. It also stacks charges of Thunderclap when it strikes enemies, making him a force to be reckoned with in team fights.
  • Great Finisher – Tulen is able to destroy enemies with Thunderbird, it dealing additional damage to lower health enemies. What’s more, killing a hero with Thunderbird refreshes 80% of its cooldown. On top of that, Tulen’s passive activates automatically, allowing him to burst down enemies with ease.


  • Vulnerable to Control Effects – Like other heroes that rely on mobility, Tulen is extremely vulnerable if stunned. His abilities rely on him getting close to the enemy as well, which can often put him in difficult situations.
  • Ultimate can be Blocked – Tulen’s ultimate takes a moment to charge before firing toward the target. The projectile’s flight path is marked and visible to the enemy team who can block it by getting in its path. Tulen players will have to be very aware of their enemies’ positioning to use the ability effectively.

Hero Basic Strategy

Laning Strategy

  • Tulen is best suited to the middle lane, like most mages. He can also be used in the jungle in a pinch, great at clearing minions and ganking lanes.
  • Tulen can harass enemies in his lane using his Ion Blasts. After getting Lightning Strike, use it to get near the enemy and follow with Ion Blasts to ensure that all three of the shots hit.
  • Be very careful with Lightning Strike, especially when using it aggressively. The skill needs to cooldown between uses, even when you have charges left. Make sure not to over commit and feed your enemies gold and experience.
  • Once Tulen has access to his ultimate, he can combo Lightning Strike and Ion Blasts before finishing his opponent off with Thunderbird. This ability deals more damage the lower his target’s health.

Leveling Progression

  • Max Ion Blasts first, as it has a much higher damage potential than Lightning Strike. While Lightning Strike is a very powerful ability, using it aggressively puts Tulen into positions too dangerous for him until late game.
  • Level Thunderbird whenever possible. It has the potential to deal very large amounts of damage to escaping enemies.

Battle Strategy

  • Solo Battle: Be mindful of your opponent’s positioning, getting in close with Thunderbolt before striking them point-blank with Ion Blasts. If Thunderclap has triggered, stay close to strike the opponent with the lightning bolts. After the enemy’s health has fallen down around 30-40%, use Thunderbird to finish the opponent off
  • Team Battle: In team battles, be careful to keep your team in between yourself and the enemies. Don’t try to initiate, as you will just get focused and quickly killed. Finish off escaping enemies whenever you can while supporting the close-range fighters with supportive fire.
  • Escaping the Battle: Lightning Strike makes escaping fights more than easy. Use it to distance yourself from enemies, dodge abilities, or to pass through walls. Be careful when using this around jungle monsters, though, as the damage can draw their attention.


Arena of Valor Thunderclap Thunderclap (Passive) – Whenever Tulen hits an enemy with an ability, he gains 1 charge of Thunderclap. After reaching 5 charges, he summons 5 lightning bolts that shoot out in sequence towards nearby enemies, prioritizing heroes. Each lightning bolt deals 325 (+0.525 AP) magic damage. If more than one lightning bolt hits the same target within 1 second, the damage dealt by the subsequent bolts will be reduced by 20%. The lightning bolts will only attack monsters if they’re in aggression mode.
  • Tulen’s abilities aren’t limited to granting a single charge. Ion Blasts can give three charges if each projectile strikes, and Lightning Strike can give two if the target is hit by both instances of damage.
  • Charges will disappear after ten seconds if no other charges are gained.
  • Lightning bolts will disappear after ten seconds of non-use.
Arena of Valor Ion Blasts Ion Blasts – Tulen shoots three ion blasts, each dealing 450/510/570/630/690/750 (+0.78 AP) magic damage to enemies along its path. When enemies are hit with more than one blast, each additional hit will deal 30% damage. Each prism that hits an enemy will add 1 Thunderclap charge (1 charge per blast).
  • Use Ion Blasts after getting close with Lightning Strike to make hitting with all three projectiles easy.
Arena of Valor Lightning Strike Lightning Strike – Tulen uses his lightning powers to zap a short distance, damaging enemies at the origin and destination. Enemies in the origin and destination areas will suffer 350/420/490/560/630/700 (+0.52 AP) magic damage. Those damaged by both the origin and destination areas will receive 50% damage for the second hit. Enemies damaged by Lightning Strike twice within 5 seconds will have their movement speed reduced by 90%, gradually decreasing over the following 3 seconds. Each time Tulen teleports and hits an enemy, he will receive 1 charge of Thunderclap.
  • Be careful when using Lightning Strike solely for its damage. Tulen is much easier to kill when waiting for this ability to cooldown.
Arena of Valor Thunderbird Thunderbird – Tulen charges up and launches a Thunderbird at an enemy, dealing 360/450/540 (+0.54 AP) (+30% of the target’s lost HP) magic damage and giving Tulen 1 chage of Thunderclap. The Thunderbird can be blocked by another enemy hero getting in the way. If the Thunderbird kills an enemy hero, Tulen’s passive will be activated immediately and Thunderbird’s cooldown will be reduced by 80%. If the Thunderbird hits an enemy minion on its way to its final target, they will suffer magic damage and can be knocked into the air.
  • Striking an enemy who is at or under 25% health with this skill very nearly guarantees a kill. Be very mindful of both you and your enemy’s positioning to avoid having the ability blocked.
  • Tulen can move while charging Thunderbird.

How to Counter Tulen

  • Tulen’s ultimate can be blocked by an ally if they stand between you and Tulen. Make sure to block his ultimate when your low health ally is being targetted or get behind an ally with a healthy HP bar to avoid his ultimate.
  • Tulen’s Ion Blasts shoot three ions in total. The projectiles scatter in different locations thus Tulen uses this ability most effectively with his Lightning Strike. Try not to get baited on approaching him as he can quickly burst you down. Wait for his abilities to miss or force him to use them with your pokes as his kit’s approach is played as an all-in burst.

Hero Item Build

SG Recommended Build
Arena of Valor Orb of the MagiOrb of the Magi Arena of Valor Enchanted KicksEnchanted Kicks Arena of Valor Rhea's BlessingRhea’s Blessing
Arena of Valor The AegisThe Aegis Arena of Valor Soaring AuraSoaring Aura Arena of Valor Holy of HoliesHoly of Holies
SG Recommended Build
Arena of Valor Orb of the MagiOrb of the Magi Arena of Valor Enchanted KicksEnchanted Kicks Arena of Valor Rhea's BlessingRhea’s Blessing Arena of Valor The AegisThe Aegis Arena of Valor Soaring AuraSoaring Aura Arena of Valor Holy of HoliesHoly of Holies

More Tulen Item Builds

Hero Arcana

  • Tulen is best played with arcana typical to mages. Violate, Hex, and Devour are some of our go-tos for spell casters like him.
  • You can go with some defense as Tulen enters the frontline in order to deal damage. As such, taking Indomitable, Undying, and Mythril will be your best route.

Hero Counters

Arena of Valor Tank Tank

Tanks can absorb Tulen’s abilities and live to tell the tale. Since they can lock you down with control abilities, it’s best not to target them unless they’re already low on health.

Arena of Valor Warrior Warrior

Warriors can maul Tulen with their damaging and control abilities. As a result, it’s best to keep your distance and harass them from afar, moving in only after whittling their health away with Ion Blasts.

Arena of Valor Assassin Assassin

Assassins can creep up on you unnoticed before quickly bursting you down. Lightning Strike will be your best bet in disengaging. Assassins are generally very squishy, however, so getting the jump on them could lead to an easy kill as well.

Arena of Valor Mage Mage

Mages can be problematic if they manage to hit you with their combos. Try to not dive them head-on, only moving in on them when you’re confident that you can quickly execute them.

Arena of Valor Marksman Marksman

Marksmen are easy prey for Tulen due to his gap closer. Unleash your combo on your target, making sure to avoid any disables. If stunned, Tulen can be quickly killed by a marksman’s auto attacks.

Arena of Valor Support Support

Tulen, just like other mobile heroes, will have difficulty with supports’ control abilities. Supports will also be able to heal or shield targets and thereby decrease Thunderbird’s effectiveness.

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