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All of the lists and stats- or calculations-based articles on Samurai Gamers, including information on heroes, items, Arcana, and more.


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All of the lists and stats- or calculations-based articles on Samurai Gamers


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Items (aka Armory, Equipment)

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Items List – Full list of items. Clicking on an item brings you to its item page, with our explanation on how it works and recommendation for which heroes and situations to use it in (for example, did you know the 8% damage from Fafnir’s Talon’s Dragon’s Breath is calculated after the initial damage is dealt?). Full item explanations guides:

Items Basics – item trees, pre-ordering, and unique passives, as well as more advanced topics like the order in which pierce effects are calculated and all the stat caps in Arena of Valor.

Is HP or armor more valuable? – We use Effective HP to determine the answer, and come up with a simple equation for you to use during your matches.


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Arcana List – List of all Arcana, with hero class recommendations and gold value relative to items for each Arcana

Analyzing Arcana Gold Values – Analysis of the Arcana gold values we calculated, comparing attributes like HP vs Armor, Critical Chance vs Critical Damage, and more.

Hero Arcana Builds – Suggested Arcana builds for each hero. On each hero page’s “Recommended Arcana” section, we’ve calculated the total impact of our Arcana builds (like the Armor% bonus you’d get with 10x Onslaught, for example)

Choosing the Best Arcana – We (verbally) rate every Arcana and tell you which heroes you should be using it on. We also count the number of heroes that each Arcana is useful for.

Useful Arcana For Each Hero – A list of lists of the useful Arcana for each hero, with emphasis on those that are the most useful

Which Level 3 Arcana Should You Buy? – Not exactly a stats-based article, but we tell you general Arcana to purchase for each of the three general archetypes (AD, AP, and Tank).

Other Lists and Articles

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Easy to Understand Damage Tables – A bunch of tables displaying how much damage heroes do with certain items, showing the effects of armor pierce, critical damage, and more.

What are Units? – Units are used in-game to show the range of effects like Soaring Aura’s Protection (plus, we’ve listed the range for every ability in units on our hero pages), so it’s good to get a feel of how big a unit is.

All Minion, Monster, and Item Timings – Every timing in Arena of Valor, so you can plan when to rotate between minion waves, clear certain monsters, or recover some health.

Talents – Guide for each talent

Calculating Damage – How are the armor percentages calculated? How is pierce calculated? Also recently added a section on abilities that tells you exactly which heroes’ abilities crit and for how much (hint: it changes wildly depending on the hero), and other nuggets like which heroes can crit while dealing magic damage.

Everything You Need to Know About Towers – From basics like “towers hurt” to specific oddities like “in the first three minutes of a game on Antaris Battlefield, all damage to towers is reduced by a flat 50,” you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about towers here. And if you don’t, leave a comment so we can research it for you.

Which Characters’ Abilities Damage Towers? – The short answer is Omega’s, Fennik’s 1st, and heroes whose abilities enhance basic attacks. Refer this article to your Bronze friends who still try to shoot abilities at towers.

Heroes With Weird Damage Types – Technically not a stats article, but we listed all the heroes who have multiple damage types – like Kriknak dealing magic damage with one ability but physical damage with the rest.

Wanted Dead or Alive: Bounty Board – How much gold do the various minions and monsters provide? What about heroes, particularly when on a kill or death streak?

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