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Butterfly Item Builds Guide for Arena of Valor (AoV). Each build is geared toward a different play style, so choose one that fits your personal preference

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Butterfly Item Builds

Arena of Valor's Butterfly

Core Items

These items are necessary in order to play Butterfly optimally. Only diverge from a core item if you are a very experienced player or you have a very good reason for doing so

Arena of Valor LeviathanLeviathan
Arena of Valor Soulreaver
As a jungling focused hero, Butterly will always need a jungling item to get her started. The experience boost it provides will get her to 4 as quickly as possible while granting more increasing amounts of power as the game goes on. Previously, Leviathan was her exclusive best pick, however the redesigned Butterfly scales more with attack damage than health and thereby can find a lot of use in Soulreaver.
Arena of Valor Fenrir's Tooth
Fenrir’s Tooth
What better than a finishing item on a finisher? Fenrir’s Tooth offers tremendous amounts of attack damage while additionally amplifying damage done to targets who have less than 30% health. This damage boost will help ensure that Butterfly can shut enemies down before a fight starts to drag or an enemy escapes so that she can get her ability refresh.

Optional Items

Offensive Item Choices

Arena of Valor Rankbreaker
Rankbreaker provides armor penetration as well as some bonus movement speed when out of combat. Butterfly will be able to zip between lanes with this item, allowing her easy access to enemies all across the map.
Arena of Valor Omni Arms
Omni Arms
Providing both a useful suite of stats and a powerful passive, Omni Arms is a great pick for almost any offensively minded physical hero. While it can be tempting to weave normal attacks in-between abilities to get the most out of the item’s passive, the 2-second cooldown on Omni Arms will cause doing so to greatly slow down Butterfly’s burst. Just be sure to attack your target normally after hitting them with a burst combo
Arena of Valor Spear of Longinus
Spear of Longinus
Spear of Longinus is great when combatting foes with lots of armor. The item also provides additional HP, giving Butterfly a bit of additional staying power in fights. The cooldown reduction is also very valuable on Butterfly as she does not rely on any resources for her abilities.
Arena of Valor Muramasa
Muramasa is a good choice later in the game after the enemy has begun stacking up armor. The percentage based armor pierce will help Butterfly cut down opponents no mater how thick their outer shell has become.

Defensive Items Choices

Arena of Valor Mantle of Ra
Mantle of Ra
Mantle of Ra is a wonderful hybrid item that offers Butterfly both survivability and lethality. The burning aura it provides is also welcome in her kit, it stacking with Leviathan to surround the assassin with a storm of fire.
Arena of Valor Mail of Pain
Mail of Pain
Mail of Pain might seem like an odd pickup for Butterfly, but it’s a great way to punish any marksmen or warriors who focus on her. She’ll be able to sweep in to finish them off after the passive has chipped away at the attacker’s HP
Arena of Valor Medallion of Troy
Medallion of Troy
When hunting down enemies that have a lot of ability power at their disposal, Medallion of Troy will do a lot to keep you afloat. The additional health and cooldown reduction it additionally offers will also go a long way in helping Butterfly fight.

Boots Upgrade


Arena of Valor Gilded GreavesGilded Greaves
Gilded Greaves is the most common choice when looking for boots on Butterfly, the resistance it provides helping her survive any control effects her enemies might have up their sleeves.
Arena of Valor Sonic Boots
Sonic Boots
Sonic boots offers some relief against attack damage centric heroes. The armor and normal attack resistance it provides will allow Butterfly more protection as she dives enemy marksmen.
Arena of Valor Flashy Boots
Flashy Boots
Reliant on her abilities for damage, a high CDR is a great way to increase Butterfly’s dps. The high amount that the boots offer make it a great option for reaching the 40% cap.

Sample Item Builds

Here we throw caution to the wind and build up Butterfly to be as deadly as possible. Her abilities will rip through enemy health, allowing her to burst down marksmen and mages with ease. The only bit of survivability here is a bit of health from Omni Arms, though the damage reduction and damage-based healing offered in her ultimate will prevent the assassin from be immediately annihilated in fights.

A more defensive approach to Butterfly, this build relies on the assassin’s natural damage to pick off enemies and focuses instead on building up her defenses. This has fallen a bit out of the spotlight after Butterfly’s rework, she now relying on her abilities’ base damage to cut down enemies. This build lacks the burst of an attack damage focused build, but it allows her to deal consistent sustained damage rather than relying completely on bursting people down.

This is more experimental build, as Butterfly is generally best suited to the jungle. That said, she is not completely useless on the top lane in the hands of someone skilled. The build mixes damage and survivability to make an assassin who can jump into team fights to pick off targets on the back lines.

Early 30% CDR, high Armor Pierce goes along with passive, damage scales with abilities.
A bit of a hybrid in between defensive and offensive builds. It has a lot of armor pierce, which is great for helping Butterfly’s impressive base damages, and Fenrir’s Tooth is the perfect item for an assassin finisher. Crimson Banner is more defensive and synergizes well with the healing effect from Backstab, lending the assassin a lot of additional staying power.
Quick 40% CDR, high damage, early finisher with Fenrir’s location. This is an awesome build.
Very similar to our own aggressive Butterfly build that takes advantage of her newer attack damage scaling. The main difference here is Spear of Longinus, which bumps the assassin up to a sweet 40% CDR. Her armor pierce will build over time rather than all happening at once, but that is made up for with the additional abililties players will squeeze out of her in fights.
Disclaimer: Works only with people who can TRUST you.
The Build is full SUPPORT, relies on others’ GANK setting.
YOU and your TEAM need to be AGGRESSIVE and your team should get into small fights before you.
You won’t get many kills or assists early game.
But more chances for MVP, Legendary, etc. and winning of course.Notes:
1. If Punish can start with Gnoll Cleaver.
2. Buy Boots (Preferably Gilded Greaves) 1st or 2nd.
3. Late Game Sell Gnoll Cleaver and Boots.
Description: The build provides full Armor Pierce with CDR.
Sustainable to some extent.
You can go for Flicker if you want to get in and out of fights.

I listed items in purchase order rather than final order, as it was listed in the comments. After finish Spear of Longinus, sell Gnoll Cleaver to get Shield of the Lost and then Gilded Greaves to get Fenrir’s Tooth. This build is a bit more defensively focused than I would care for but can allow Butterfly to act as an off-tank in game. She will have to work with her team rather than pick off enemies solo. While she will be more able to duel with warriors than a more bursty Butterfly, she won’t be able to consistently kill foes on her own. As the submitter said, this requires an organized team to succeed.

Send us your builds!

Have a build you want to share? Think you have a build that’s better than what we have listed? Put it in the comments, along with any (optional) explanations for how it works. If we like it, we’ll include it in our sample builds section – just let us know what name you want us to refer you as. For example: “ALG Rest’s Super Duper Support Build.” Feel free to include any social media accounts you want us to link to.
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  1. I have idea for a butterfly build to be a tanky hero to withstand hits along with being a really good assassin this can be done with the following build:

    1. Levithian
    Provides burn damage to enemies along with fast sweep of the jungle plus helps in tanking up the jungler

    2. Gilded Greaves
    helps in resistance and good against control effect especially when coupled with whirlwind
    note:the above boots can be replaced with sonic or flashy boots depending on the situation

    3. Rank Breaker
    It is build choice for most assassins as it helps in easy escape after a kill or assist this build also allows armour penetration to an extent

    4. Mantle of ra
    Give a tanky build to butterfly along with a boost to the levithians burn damage ,hence clear jungles faster which takes place around 7 mins after the game begins(provided the speed of the game play)

    5 .Depends on situation of the game
    Fenrirs tooth if your teams is advancing at fast pace
    Mail of pain if your team is falling apart
    the beast : here if none of the options work ie when the team and opponent team are pacing together(u might want switch out based on the situations above in this case)

    6. Blade of eternity:
    This allows ressurection twice hence butterfly can stay in the fight if the opponents teams rally and also gives a 10% overall boost to the damage output
    The above can also be replaced with death sickle for an allout damage performance along with a health boost if running low

    Hercules maddness:Generally i dont use this build but it also works since it provides a sheild(given no true damage opponents) and the increased stats help in finishing a move and as complete a kill with the ulti u recieve a hp boost

    the play style involves fast jungling and constant engaging in team fights by defeating the assassin,mage and the mm of the opponent team

    Best of luck:)
    I hope this build was helpfull

  2. Name- Nitro Assassin
    2.Glided GREAves
    3.Mantle of Ra
    4.Omni Arms
    6.Fenrir Tooth
    Just Gank
    arcana -armor Pierce

  3. My Experimental Butterfly build! (For Switch)
    Pretty self explanatory, a great item to use for jungling,gives you attack damage, attack speed, and some life steal.
    2:Sonic Boots/Guilded Greaves
    Depends on if the enemy mages are running rampant or not. War boots is another decent option, but butterfly needs some defence.
    The Beast is an incredible option for butterfly.It gives her some extra AD, but the main part is the 25% LS. This will help sustain her in fights, along with her passive, so she can kill 3-4 people at once if the timing is right.
    4:Fafnir’s Talon
    Fafnir is another great item for Butterfly. With it and all the LS you have from beast, you can rush an almost full HP opponent and most likely win. It also helps bring up AS, so your auto attacks will be useful as well.
    5:Fenrir’s Tooth
    Fenrir is a great option for Butterfly,giving her the ability to finish someone even quicker than before.It also pairs well with Fafnir, allowing for added damage at all levels of HP.
    6:Any defensive item
    Butterfly may be great at destroying people quickly, but she is squishy and doesn’t have a reliable dash. So a defensive item might be wanted. As long as it gives you decent survivability, it will work. Recently, i’ve been using Mantle of Ra, because it will still deal damage even if you’re stunned, but i see Crimson Banner is also a great choice.
    Hope you liked this!

  4. Does a different person do the character pages than does these item builds pages? Every character i check never has the build on the “recommended items” section of the main page in this item builds page. That makes me think those aren’t builds anyone actually uses… I need to go change all the characters i dont use much, & find a build on the item builds page.

  5. I would like to share my build.

    2.Gilded Graves
    3.Mantle of Ra
    5.Medallion of Troy
    6.Fenrir’s Tooth

    I called this “Kyourie’s Butterfly”, Feel free to use this and also tell me how it works.

  6. Honestly I have been opting for a more hybrid butterfly that I’ve been calling CD and Move.
    1) Soulreaver
    2) Flashy Boots
    3) Frost Cape
    4) Rankbreaker (Gaia’s Standard)
    5) Gaia’s Standard (Rankbreaker)
    6) Fenrir’s Tooth

    Build starts off simple enough with Soulreaver for a couple of reasons. The first being that Soulreaver allows us to build up attack and remain viable in the damage department even if we don’t build another attack item until the mid to late game. And the second and most important reason we lead Soulreaver is the 15% CD reduction as we are gonna be blitz building for max CD reduction. Flashy boots are a staple for any build blitzing max CD with their hefty 15% which brings us to 30% already! Next is Frost Cape which is super underrated on Butterfly in my opinion, not only does it get us to the magic 40% CD reduction but it also increases survivability, slows enemies, and gives us some helpful bonus damage to make up for the lack of early attack items. Now that we’ve achieved max CD reduction we have two options for items 4 and 5 and this decision on what to build first is completely dependent on the opponent’s team comp. The next Two items are Rankbreaker or Gaia’s standard. Go for Rankbreaker first if the opposition’s team is bulkier and you really need the extra punch and armor piercing allowing butterfly to easier take on warriors and tanks. But if you’re facing down a lot of mages with good DPS or Burst Gaia’s first is a life saver as the added survivability and regen allows you to not feel to squishy went going in for the kill on a mage. Both these items account for the move part of CD and Move as Gaia’s gives a nice 5% movement buff where as Rankbreaker give 10% when leaving combat making butterfly super mobile and able to gank lane to lane quickly or reposition in a team fight. Final item is Fenrir’s Tooth and not explanation is needed a finishers item for a finishing assassin! Good luck with this build I love it and it rewards smart play heavily!

  7. I call this build Megalo Box.

    Items In order of purchase

    1. Leviathan
    2. Gilded Greaves
    3. Rankbreaker
    4. Frost Cape
    5. Fenfir’s Tooth
    6. Blade of Eternity, when the resurect is triggered twice sell this item and buy Hercule’s Madness

    This build offers butterfly with survivability, but also very good DPS to finish off the enemies. This build is very good for team fights and also to kill off squishy enemies 1v1. Depending on how the game is going you could purchase Fenfir’s Toothe before Frost Cape.

  8. Name: Greedy Killer
    Build: Gnoll Cleaver > Gilded Greaves > Rankbreaker > Omni Arms > Aegis >
    Medallion of Troy
    Notes: 1. Don’t complete Leviathan Until around- after Rankbreaker, or Omni
    2. Very Late Game Sell Boots for Fenrir’s Tooth.
    3. Remember Omni Arms Passive- 2 sec CD. Time accordingly.
    4. Gank and Support Properly.
    5. And the first 3 Abyssal Dragon are your first Priority.
    The build provides Dmg enough to kill anyone early game without dying, LAte around mid game you’ll get enough Items to help survive.
    No matter what, finish the target if it is below 60% HP(Depends).
    You can squash even the tanks but don’t do it alone late game.

  9. Butterfly is a squishy hero. That puts out tons of dmg, she’s the ultimate finisher. And works best when your team drops your opponents health below 50%.

    I jungle &, use leviathan. butterfly has a massive problem with low health. She can’t survive long in battles if you don’t adjust it. However, leviathan can. It is a big reason why, when it gives such a massive amount of hp. It also flips punisher to frostbite to help deal with runners. Something I feel works much better than frost cape.

    Glided graves, or war boots. Should be the 2nd buy. (Depends on enemy team has a lot of control or not)

    Fenrir’s tooth- 3rd buy. This is an expensive purchase, it also requires 2 slots to 4. It is need for your end game, or even mid game play. It is butterflies most valuable equipment. 30% more dmg is nothing to scuff at.

    Hercules madness- it offers a lot of survivability. Pys and magical defense. Also a large shield when your hp drops below 50%. It’s also great that you gain 50 more atk. This has to be 4th, because it needs 3 slots to purchase.

    Curse of death- 100 atk, is great, add some life steal. Awesome. Surprise, you want to heal up, not now you are nerfed. Works great verses chrs like y’bath, or Arum, and peura.

    Medallion of troy- shield to protect you from mages. And magic defense. Easily replaced by any other item.

    With this build I can easily solo abysmal dragon, dark slayer, I can kill many ppl. I’ve tried full dmg builds. They don’t work. Muramasa is garbage with butterfly. It does nothing to actually help her dps, clevi’s sancti doesn’t help either from what I can tell.

    • Hercules’ Madness and Curse of Death wont do it.
      Curse of Death is only useful in some cases but also not on bf.
      Gilded Greaves are must, no War Boots.
      +100 Armor and +2050 HP isn’t much to pass, under cc you’ll get squashed.

  10. Please write the names properly. Fenrir’s Tooth.
    And with the build you can solo to some extent. Even at low hp you can kill.
    Facing Zuka is easier too.

  11. Build Name: TRAGIC PIERCER

    Disclaimer: Works only with people who can TRUST you.
    The Build is full SUPPORT, relies on others’ GANK setting.
    YOU and your TEAM need to be AGGRESSIVE and your team should get into small fights before you.
    You won’t get many kills or assists early game.
    But more chances for MVP, Legendary, etc. and winning of course.

    Talent: Punish OR Flicker/Sprint(Damage Arcana).
    Full Build: Rank Breaker > Frost Cape > Medallion of Troy > Spear of Longinus > Shield of The Lost > Fenrir’s Tooth

    1.If Punish can start with Gnoll Cleaver.
    2.Buy Boots (Preferably Gilded Greaves) 1st or 2nd.
    3.Late Game Sell Gnoll Cleaver and Boots.
    Description: The build provides full Armor Pierce with CDR.
    Sustainable to some extent.
    You can go for Flicker if you want to get in and out of fights.

  12. Butterfly support-assasin

    Leviathan, gilded greaves, Tidecaller’s Mark, mantle of ra, herculean madness, fenrir tooth

    support item at 3th, if Butterfly can buy the support item, then the observer not buy any support item.

    if the OBS buy support item, tidecaller can be replaced with frostcape , muramasa or medalion of troy

    • I have a few problems here,
      1. I don’t want to encourage non-supports to be taking support items, especially when only one can be purchased per team.
      2. Tank Butterfly isn’t so effective anymore, especially when compared to damage Butterfly
      3. One of Mantle of Ra’s big draws is that it helps clear waves and farm, so getting it as the fourth item is rather late.
      4. For a tank build, it lacks magic defense and thereby opens Butterfly up to being burst down by mages.

  13. Leviathan
    Gilded Greaves
    Forst Cape
    Crimson Banner
    Fenrir Tooth
    Hercule Madness

    Build is called “Antaris Duelist” while all early items are built for survavibity while locking the squishy target. Usually in war,bf is trapped in situation when she is surrounded by the observer/tank which is protectin the dps of enemy team. Levi, frost cape, and gilded both gives the 3 mainly of element in game (hp,resistance and magic armor, alsophysical armor), This build can make bf the incredible headhunter in antaris.

  14. Darkbreaker’s Build: Soulreaver, Guilded Greaves, Spear of Longinus, Omni Arms, Fenrir’s Tooth, Gaia’s Standard.
    (Quick 40% CDR, high damage, early finisher with Fenrir’s location. This is an awesome build.)

    Kyotaro’s Build: Soulreaver, Guilded Greaves, Spear of Longinus, Rankbreaker, Crimson Banner, Fenrir’s Tooth.
    (Early 30% CDR, high Armor Pierce, Crimson Banner goes along with passive, damage scales with abilities.)

    • It is on my list, as these definitely need updating. Have a few bigger things on my plate first. If nothing else, Butterfly has lost a bit of HP focus in favor of needing some more damage in order to heal. A bit of defense is still necessary to avoid getting asploded, but things like Rankbreaker and Muramasa will have a much more comfortable place in her build.