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Kil'Groth Item Builds Guide for Arena of Valor (AoV). Each build is geared toward a different play style, so choose one that fits your personal preference.

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Kil’Groth Item Builds

Arena of Valor Kil'Groth

Core Items

These items are necessary in order to play Kil’Groth optimally. Only diverge from a core item if you are a very experienced player and/or you have a very good reason for doing so.

Arena of Valor Scorching WindScorching Wind Scorching Wind is the go-to jungle item for Kil’Groth as his entire kit revolves around quick normal attacks. The insane attack speed that it provides allows Kil’groth to heal faster both with the item’s life steal and with Enraged Spear. In addition, Kil’groth will be doing a lot of both physical and magic damage, making it difficult for the opposing team to counter-build. The item is so good on the sea beast, it should regularly be taken in lane as well just to not miss out on any of its benefits.
Arena of Valor Frost CapeFafnir’s Talon Meshing perfectly with Kil’groth’s attack speed focused kit, Fafnir’s Talon will give the aquatic warrior damage in spades. The health based damage it offers mixed with Kil’groth’s other on-hit effects will allow him to rip down tough enemies with ease.

Optional Items

Arena of Valor Hercules' MadnessHercules’ Madness Hercules’ Madness is a nice fusion item, offering both offensive and defensive stats. In addition, it gives the berserker a bit of forgiveness when taking damage in fights through its passive. The shield and offensive bonus that Kil’groth will enjoy after knocked down in health will make him terrifyingly lethal. This time can be used to heal up with Enraged Spear, allowing him to climb back up to safer HP ranges.
Arena of Valor Hyoga's EdgeHyoga’s Edge While purely defensive in terms of stats, Hyoga’s Edge is invaluable to Kil’groth due to its unique passive. The slow it applies to enemies and speed boost it offers the wielder will allow Kil’groth to stick close to his enemies as he unleashes his fury. Without any control abilities available to him, he needs some way of preventing his opponents from escaping when he dives onto them.
Arena of Valor Mail of PainMail of Pain Mail of Pain is a great way to punish marksmen and warriors who try to attack you. It offers a number of rather beneficial stats as well, Kil’groth able to stay up longer through its health and armor.
Arena of Valor RankbreakerRankbreaker Rankbreaker gives Kil’Groth the ability to pierce through enemy defenses via its armor pierce. The movement speed it provides is a great way to get between lanes or move to fights, making the warrior an even stronger split-pusher.
Arena of Valor Soulreaver
When looking to buff up raw attack damage instead of attack speed, take Soulreaver over Scorching Wind. While lacking a flashy passive effect, Soulreaver can provide its wielder with an impressive amount of attack damage. The cooldown reduction will allow Kil’groth to use his abilities much more frequently as well.
Arena of Valor Gaia's Standard;Gaia’s Standard Gaia’s Stanard is an excellent choice when needing protection from magic damage. The movement speed it offers will additionally help Kil’groth stick to his target and the health regeneration will allow him additional sustain to go with his lifesteal.
Arena of Valor Medallion of Troy;Medallion of Troy Another great way to stave off magic damage, Medallion of Troy is a more purely defensive item than Gaia’s Standard. The medallion offers more robust defensive stats and a damage blocking shield, thereby allowing Kil’groth to more safely charge into a fight’s back lines.

Boots Upgrade

Arena of Valor Gilded GreavesGilded Greaves Though Kil’groth can shake off disables with his ultimate, Gilded Greaves helps him recover from control effects when his ultimate is on cooldown. A solid pick on practically everyone, Gilded Greaves can serve Kil’groth well.
Arena of Valor Sonic Boots;Sonic Boots
As Gilded Greaves is a good choice when dealing with magic heavy teams, Sonic Boots is your go to when dealing with physical teams. The armor it provides and damage reduction are great when rushing enemy marksmen or assassins.

Sample Item Builds

This build focuses around strengthening Kil’groth’s damage while also giving him a bit of survivability. Scorching Wind and Fafnir’s Talon give him fantastic amounts of attack speed on their own, Hercules Madness joining in when his health falls low. Hyoga’s Edge will keep him within range of his target and toughens his skin along with Mail of Pain and Hercules’ Madness.

Here we take Kil’groth out of the jungle and into the top lane. We rely on Fafnir’s Talon and Scorching Wind primarily for damage here, very little attack damage or speed coming from elsewhere. The passive armor rip from Longinus ashould give him a bit of extra bite, his stream of blows dealing more damage after ramping up. On the other side of the spectrum, Medallion of Troy and Hyoga’s Edge will make Kil’groth rather hard to kill. He won’t be able to burst people down as well with this build, but he will be able to stick to and tear down enemies over time exceptionally well.

Throwing caution to the wind, this build focuses almost entirely on Kil’groth’s lethality. Hyoga’s Edge and Hercules’ Madness keep him from being a complete glass cannon, however he will have a much harder time dealing with enemy fire than he would with other builds. If his enemies can survive him, that is. His attack speed and damage will be immense with these items. Towers and heroes alike will quickly fall once Kil’groth starts his terrifying onslaught. While he lacks direct defense stats here, Fafnir’s Talon and Scorching Wind will provide decent amounts of lifesteal, allowing the freaky fish guy to quickly restore any health that he loses.

A more assassin-like approach; a “Hail-Mary Attempt” build.
A build that completely ignores survivability and instead goes all in on offense. Kil’groth will be able to rip towers and enemies apart etremely quickly, though will have to approach carefully to avoid being burst down himself. As Kyotaro said, this works best when playing like an assassin rather than a full on warrior.

Send us your builds!

Have a build you want to share? Think you have a build that’s better than what we have listed? Put it in the comments, along with any (optional) explanations for how it works. If we like it, we’ll include it in our sample builds section – just let us know what name you want us to refer you as. For example: “ALG Rest’s Super Duper Support Build.” Feel free to include any social media accounts you want us to link to.
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  1. Going the Tanky route is super complicated because it depends on the enemy team comp. But here’s my build.
    Sonic Boots
    Hyoga’s Edge
    Medallion of Troy
    Hercules Madness
    Fafnir Talon
    My route is although difficult to remember but that’s what makes my build powerful. You’ll have to buy in this order:
    Kukri -> Sonic Boots -> Gnoll Cleaver -> Belt of Clarity -> Shuriken -> Leviathan -> Hyoga’s Edge -> Medallion of Troy -> Hercules’ Madness -> Fafnir Talon
    You could switch the position of Hercules’ Madness and Fafnir Talon’s with each other. Although this Build lacks damage, towers are still a sinch to be destroyed and also provides a lot for the team as a tank on the front line. This build also confines Kil’s biggest threat “Burst Damage” and doesn’t have to rely as much on his Healing as Tome of the Reaper and Curse of Death are existing items in game.

  2. Critical build
    0. whispering wind (2nd jungle item)
    Discard upon reaching lv 15
    1. Gilded greaves
    For resistance
    2. Devil handshake
    Atk speed and crit chance
    3. Claves sancti
    Main damaging item.
    4. Hercules madness
    Synchronize well with 2nd skill
    5. Hyoga edge
    To keep the enemy in range
    6. Fenrir tooth
    Impressive attack, good finisher

    I’m quite surprise no one make this build. I don’t know if it’s really that bad, but in my case it’s very good.

    As you can see, there’s no core item listed here, as they have nothing to do with critical damage.

    Startup with second jungle item only, as we’re going to discard it as soon as you reach decent level. I choose devil handshake because of higher attack speed and additional crit chance. You may still go with scorching wind, but the critical damage will be less likely to appear.

    With full build, it can reach 1k damage per attack. While not seems impressive, keep in mind kg’s attack speed is pretty insane, so you’ll be doing lot of 1k dmg in matter of seconds.

    Downside is, no lifesteal without 2nd skill. However, as long as I played him, 2nd skill is enough to make him alive in war, especially with hercules madness.

  3. Can sorching wind be replace with blitz blade? I do feel like Kil’groth can use a better talent in game, plus the 5% speed boost does give a nice bonus.

      • Going the Tanky route is super complicated because it depends on the enemy team comp. But here’s my build.
        Sonic Boots
        Hyoga’s Edge
        Medallion of Troy
        Hercules Madness
        Fafnir Talon
        My route is although difficult to remember but that’s what makes my build powerful. You’ll have to buy in this order
        Kukri -> Sonic Boots -> Gnoll Cleaver ->

  4. 1. Scorching Winds
    2. Sonic/Gilded
    3. Fafnir’s Talon
    4. The Beast
    5. Fenrir’s Tooth
    6. Hyoga’s Edge/Amulet
    7. (to replace the jungle item, Devil’s Handshake)

    just boosting up raw damage and a glimpse of endurance though, i’m basically trying to rely on raw damage an life steal for sustainability. Also, i really think after some farming, the jungle item should be replaced with Devil’s handshake since it provides ms and as and at the same time a critical strike. I still need an opinion about this build though, thanks.

    Also, I’m thinking of a critical-strike approach… ideas?

  5. I usually like taking a tankier approach. Since his whole schtick is life steal (besides attack speed), I build something like this:

    1. Leviathan
    2. Sonic boots/war boots
    3. Fafnir’s Talon
    4. Hercules’ Madness
    5. Fenrir’s Tooth
    6. Amulet of Longevity

    For you to life steal and sustain in a fight, you need health and tankiness in the first place, so with each level and each creep killed, you get more defence. Scorching Wind doesn’t provide much benefit besides its attack speed, so I opt for defence. I like to also alternate attack and defence items as you grow more lethally and defensively. For last item, don’t get Blade of Eternity as the health from Amulet of Longevity will make you impossible to kill and annoying as hell. I think this build best suits split pushing, taking objectives and team ganks instead of playing like a bursty assassin (cause he ain’t). My build might seem really weird, but trust me, you will sustain more in fights, and be able to take towers even if enemies are attacking you (with ult and second ability active of course).

  6. My Build for Kil’Groth:
    -Scorching Wind
    -Sonic Boots (or Gilded Greaves)
    -Fafnir’s Talon
    -Frost Cape
    -Spear of Longinus
    -Gaia’s Standard (or Medallion of Troy, Hearcules’Madness or Blade of Eternity)
    Scorching Wind gives him more Attack Speed and Bonus Magical Damage on each of his basic attacks, Fafnir’s Talon gives bonus damage based on the percentage of his enemies’health, Frost Cape will give him disability, since he only have his 1st skill to slow the enemies, Longinus and Gaia (no need to mention)

  7. Kyotaro’s Build:
    Scorching Wind, War Boots, The Beast, Clavis Sancti,Fafnir’s Talon, Fenrir’s Tooth.
    (A more assassin-like approach; a “Hail-Mary Attempt” build.)