Arena of Valor (AoV) - Wukong Hero Guide

A guide to Arena of Valor's Wukong, the Monkey King. Wukong is a tricky hero who uses his abilities to jump around the battlefield and pick off squishy targets with his staff.

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Arena of Valor Wukong

Wukong Overview

Wukong is an assassin/warrior hero who is able to jump in and out of fights with his deceptive abilities. He can deal huge amounts of damage through critical strikes. His abilities grant him invisibility, extra mobility, and crowd control, all of which nice tricks to allow Wukong to slip in and out of battles or trap enemies.


  • Great Ganking Capability – Wukong’s abilities allow him to easily creep up to squishy targets and burst them down. These can additionally help him escape after the kill or when enemy reinforcements arrive.
  • Very Mobile – Wukong is a very sticky hero in the sense that he can catch up to and stay on top of heroes with his abilities. Wukong has a total of three movement abilities, including his passive.
  • Slippery – Wukong’s two basic abilities allow him additional mobility. He can be very difficult to catch up with in a chase as a result. In addition, the invisibility he gains from both Monkey Business and Shadow Clone, the monkey king can evade pursuers much more effectively than his peers.


  • Unreliable – Wukong relies heavily on his critical chance in order to tear down foes. Should he fail to get critical strikes early game, he can fail his assassinations and thereby lose out on early gold he desperately needs.
  • Squishy – Assassin heroes like Wukong are squishy, especially when caught outnumbered. Wukong making a mistake may spell disaster for him and cost him his life.

Hero Basic Strategy

Laning Strategy

  • Wukong should always start in the jungle. The utility of his abilities gives him incredible ganking potential that is wasted when laning.
  • Initiate on monsters with Great Sage to hurry your passage through the jungle and gain some added durability against their attacks. While neither give damage directly, both of Wukong’s skills should be used off cooldown when fighting to benefit from God of War.
  • As soon as you get your ultimate, gank the lanes as often as possible. Sneak towards the enemy heroes with Shadow Clone and strike with the extended range of God of War.

Leveling Progression

  • Great Sage should be your top priority when leveling due to its low cooldown and defensive boost. The cooldown decreases every level as well, allowing you to spam the ability both offensively and defensively.
  • Shadow Clone is a useful skill both for fights and for ganking, but has a long cooldown and lacks some of the utility of Great Sage.

Battle Strategy

  • Ganking – When ganking, maximize the one second invisibility of Shadow Clone to get close and strike with God of War’s extended range. Every ability cast should be followed by an auto attack empowered by God of War. Trap the opponent in place with Monkey Business before another attack. Finish your burst combo with Great Sage and a last normal attack.
  • Solo Battles – A one on one encounter is all about timing your abilities to make use of your God of War as much as possible. The movement enhancing effects will keep you on your target so that they cannot escape. Additionally, they can be used to juke around any skill shots your enemy might use to try and stop you. Same as with ganking, your combo is to approach with Shadow clone, normal attack, God of War, normal attack, Great Sage, normal attack.
  • Team Fights – Your goal in a team fight is to get behind the enemy frontlines and focus on their squishier heroes like marksmen and mages. Don’t try to initiate the fight, instead letting your tankier allies go in first.
  • Escaping Fights – Wukong won’t have much of a problem escaping a bad fight with his abilities. Make use of the brush and walls. One way to confuse enemies is to run into a bush and immediately use Shadow Clone before running off in another direction.


Arena of Valor God of War God of War – Passive – Each time Wukong uses an ability, his next normal attack is enhanced and deals an additional 330 (+14/level) (+1.0 AD)ˀ physical damage Wukong also tumbles toward the target. Wukong’s staff grants 15% critical chance permanently.
  • This is Wukong’s main damaging ability. Be sure to always weave auto attacks in between ability uses.
  • This passive has no cooldown. It always activates after using an ability.
  • Wukong’s enhanced attack affects all enemies between him and his target.
  • God of War’s enhanced damage affects towers.
  • God of War’s bonus damage is factored into the critical strike, making it one of the only abilities that improves critical damage.
Arena of Valor Shadow Clone Shadow Clone – Wukong temporarily disappears and gains 40% movement speed for 1 second.
  • This is a great ability for fooling your enemies when escaping and ganking. This ability is very effective if you first use it inside a bush.
  • You can use Great Sage without dispelling the invisibility, making it a great mobility combo.
  • The invisibility effect is dispelled when Wukong attacks a unit.
  • The speed boost stacks with that of the hero altar. Casting when leaving the base can make returning to lane much faster.
Arena of Valor Great Sage Great Sage – Wukong tumbles towards the specified direction, gaining 100/120/140/160/180/200 armor and magic defense for 3 seconds.
  • This ability can jump through walls. Mix it with Shadow Clone and you can easily surprise enemies when ganking other lanes.
  • Great Sage is also a great ability when entering team fights due to the boost in armor and magic defense.
Arena of Valor Monkey Business Monkey Business – Wukong unleashes the inner Chi, knocking nearby enemies into the air, dealing 150/190/230 (+0.5 AD) physical damage and stunning them for 1 second. It can be used again within 5 seconds, to make Wukong disappear and increase his movement speed by 40% for 1 second.
  • Monkey Business only covers a small area of effect, so use it after closing any gaps between you and your target.
  • This ability can hit multiple enemies, but the small area of effect makes it difficult. Surprise enemies by using your gap closers first and don’t forget to auto attack before stunning in order to utilize your passive.

How to Counter Wukong

  • Avoid wandering around alone when Wukong’s whereabouts are unknown. He can approach without detection due to his stealth.
  • Even if he is slippery, Wukong has very low defenses. Managing to get the drop on him or stun him will allow for a very easy pick off.

Hero Item Build

Jungle AD Build
Arena of Valor SoulreaverSoulreaver Arena of Valor Hermes' SelectHermes Select Arena of Valor Claves SanctiClaves Sancti
Arena of Valor Slikk's StingSlikk’s Sting Arena of Valor Omni ArmsOmni Arms Arena of Valor MuramasaMuramasa
Jungle AD Build
Arena of Valor SoulreaverSoulreaver Arena of Valor Hermes' SelectHermes Select Arena of Valor Claves SanctiClaves Sancti Arena of Valor Slikk's StingSlikk’s Sting Arena of Valor Omni ArmsOmni Arms Arena of Valor MuramasaMuramasa

More Wukong Item Builds

Hero Arcana

  • Wukong is best built with critical strike for additional consistency. Atrocity, Tyrant, and Skewer are the best ways to get him a high, early critical rate so that he can snowball.
  • You can alternatively take more standard AD arcana, such as sets of Onslaught, Guerrila, and Skewer.

Hero Counters

Arena of Valor Tank Tank

Unless you are far ahead in terms of items and levels, it’s not wise to go after tanks. Focus on squishier foes instead. Tanks have a ton of armor and control abilites take can stop Wukong in place. A bit of armor pierce can go a long way in countering their defenses if needed.

Arena of Valor Warrior Warrior

Wukong’s results will vary depending on the warrior. Some can be rather tanky, and therefore should generally be avoided. If Wukong can’t take the opponent out in one combo, he’s going to have a very hard time in the following fight. If the warrior is squishier, however, getting the jump on them can lead to an easy kill.

Arena of Valor Assassin Assassin

Dealing with another assassin can be very unpredictable. This will all depend on which player has a lead in items and who is better able to get off their combo first. The best way to get a lead on an assassin in a fight is to use Monkey Business the moment they close in on you. You can also simply try to stealthily approach using Shadow Clone.

Arena of Valor Mage Mage

Mages have immense magic damage at their disposal that can be used to quickly kill Wukong. That said, they are usually very dependant on keeping far from their foes, very squishy themselves. If Wukong can get up on top of a mage, it will generally result in him scoring a kill.

Arena of Valor Marksman Marksman

Wukong can stomp out marksmen without much difficulty. He can get close with Shadow Clone and Great Sage, eliminating their range advantage. He can also stop them from escaping with Monkey Business. The only way Wukong will lose this match up is that if the marksman’s level is far higher than his or if the marksman has
teammates with him.

Arena of Valor Support Support

Supports are also easy targets for Wukong unless they are travelling with their teammates. Never engage a support who is with their carries, as you need to focus on the higher priority targets first.

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