Arena of Valor (AoV) - Wisp Hero Guide

A guide for Arena of Valor's Wisp, The Firecracker. Wisp uses an arsenal of bombs to destroy her enemies from afar, raining down explosive hellfire from the skies.

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Arena of Valor Wisp


Wisp is a marksman who bombards enemies with a range of different bombs. She can sweep in and out of combat on her YOYO unit, hitting enemies with rounds that explode on hit and rolling bombs that will stun those caught in their blast. If that isn’t enough, she can destroy enemies from grest distances with a sustained bombardment of munitions.


  • Critical Abilities – Each round from her ultimate, Shock and Awe, is able to critically strike enemies. In addition, the additional damage that Wisp gains from Loose Cannon contributes to the final damage of a critical strike. These two abilities make her critical strikes extremely potent and able to blast through the enemy’s HP.
  • Long Range Ultimate – Shock and Awe has an exceptional range of 1100 units. As such, Wisp is able to contribute to fights from an extremely safe range, not having to worry about her health as a result.
  • Mobile – Loose Cannon provides Wisp with both a way to chase enemies and escape fights. Mobility is an extremely valuable tool for squishy damage dealers, especially when the protective front line fails.


  • Awkward Poke – Unlike most other marksmen, Wisp lacks a reliable way to harass enemies. Her primary poking tool, Barrel Bomb, requires precise aim for maximum effect and has both a cooldown and mana cost that prevents regular spamming of the ability.
  • Ability Reliant – A lot of Wisp’s damage comes from her abilities, Loose Cannon in particular. Loose Cannon, however, is also her primary means of chasing or escaping. Players will regularly be torn between using the ability to move around or strictly for the extra damage, as many times doing it for one will leave it unavailable when needed for the other.

Hero Basic Strategy

Laning Strategy

  • You will want to go to the Abyssal Dragon lane in order to secure as much gold as possible. Wisp will want to build up her critical rate quickly in order to maximize her damage potential. Conserve your mana, saving abilities for dire situations in order to stay in the lane.
  • If you can see that enemies are off in other lanes or re-spawning, use Loose Cannon to quickly clear a minion wave and push down the enemy turret.

Level Progression

  • Take Loose Cannon first and prioritize it over Barrel Bomb. The additional damage it provides your normal attacks – particularly with crit and splash damage – is more important than the damage and CDR upgrades that Barrel Bomb provides.
  • Take Shock and Awe whenever it is available. The ability is exceptionally strong so having it stronger and available more frequently will always be a good choice.

Battle Strategy

  • Solo Fights: Start the fight by rolling a Barrel Bomb at the opponent, jumping towards them after they are stunned. Pelt the enemy with enhanced attacks, walking in between each as to prevent their escape. As they start to escape, maintain the chase with Loose Cannon if they are still high on health, or finish them off with Shock and Awe.
  • Team Fights: Wisp is going to want to aim for clusters of enemies as to take advantage of the splash that her bombs offers. Stay away from enemy damage dealers with the dash provided by Loose Cannon, stunning those that you can with Barrel Bomb. If low on health, get some distance from the fight and bombard the enemies with Shock and Awe.
  • Escaping Fights: Use Loose Cannon to jump away from pursers as you escape. This can go over walls, so be sure to leap through boundaries to get as much distance from your pursuer as possible. Well aimed Barrel Bombs can additionally slow enemies as they pursue you. Use tower bases and walls to better control where the bomb detonates.


Arena of Valor IgnitePassive – When Wisp’s HP reaches 0, she ejects all of her remaining bombs, dealing 400 (+65 per level) physical damage . If multiple bombs damage the same enemy, subsequent bombs only deal 50% damage.
  • If all hope is lost, leaping in front of an opponent’s escape route right before dying can help your allies secure the kill and avenge your death.
Arena of Valor Loose Cannon – Wisp charges forward and enters barrage mode, firing bombs with her normal attacks for 5 seconds, each bomb dealing 75/100/125/150/175/200 (+0.9 AD)ˀ physical damage to the target and surrounding enemies. Also increases Wisp’s attack speed by 10% while active.
  • Avoid spamming this ability too frequently, as it is also your primary means of escaping fights.
  • Just like with Violet, remember to only leap sideways or backwards when using Loose Cannon for its damage buff. Leaping forward is a quick road to death.
  • Loose Cannon is Wisp’s primary damage-dealing ability. If your goal is to deal as much damage as possible, use Loose Cannon instead of Shock and Awe
  • Aim for enemy clusters to maximize damage, as even the splash damage can result in critical hits
Arena of Valor Barrel Bomb – Wisp lights the fuse and rolls out a barrel bomb. The bomb deals 200/240/280/320/360/400 (+0.6 AD) physical damage to enemies along its path and slows their movement speed by 30% for 1 second. The bomb explodes when it reaches the target destination or runs into an obstacle, dealing 300/360/420/480/540/600 (+0.9 AD) physical damage to enemies in the surrounding area and stunning them for 1 second. Damaging an enemy hero will reduce the skill’s cooldown by 3 seconds. Deals 60% damage to buildings.
  • Barrel Bomb will explode when coming in contact with walls or other impassable terrain. Use this to your advantage by leading enemies near walls before stunning them.
  • Try to aim Barrel Bomb so that it detonates right after passing through an enemy hero. This will cause them to be damaged by both the pass through and detonation damage.
  • For quick reference when judging distance, Barrel Bomb will explode just beyond Wisp’s max attack range.
Arena of Valor Shock and Awe – Wisp bombards the target area 6 times, dealing 200/275/350 (+0.5 AD) physical damage each time. The damage from bombardment can critically hit and deals 50% additional damage. This ability must be channeled and has a maximum duration of 3 seconds. Moving or using another ability after 0.6 seconds of channeling will interrupt this ability. Targets in the area will receive a 20% decrease in movement speed.
  • Hiding in the bush down the river from the Dark Slayer puts Wisp in the perfect position to contest the creature with this strong ability.
  • Use Shock and Awe to cut off the route of fleeing enemies.
  • As this is a channel, make sure you are not in danger of being disrupted while casting Shock and Awe. Hiding around barriers or in bushes is a good way to stay safe when channelling.

How to Counter Wisp

  • Wisp is reliant on her abilities to amp up her damage, most specifically Loose Cannon. Save hard control abilities for after she dashes so that she can’t take advantage of the damage period.
  • Barrel Bomb is not very effective against enemies up close. Stick next to Wisp and avoid impassable terrain to avoid getting stunned
  • While Wisp’s ultimate is powerful, it can be disrupted. Stun Wisp as soon as you can if you see her channeling.

Item Builds

Critical Bombardier
Arena of Valor Claves SanctiClaves Sancti
Arena of Valor War BootsWar Boots
Arena of Valor RankbreakerRankbreaker
Arena of Valor Slikks StingSlikk’s Sting
Arena of Valor Devils HandshakeDevil’s Handshake
Arena of Valor Fenrir's ToothFenrir’s Tooth
Critical Bombardier
Arena of Valor Claves SanctiClaves Sancti
Arena of Valor War BootsWar Boots
Arena of Valor RankbreakerRankbreaker
Arena of Valor Slikks StingSlikk’s Sting
Arena of Valor Devils HandshakeDevil’s Handshake
Arena of Valor Fenrirs ToothFenrir’s Tooth

More Wisp Item Builds

Hero Arcana

  • Wisp can benefit from a set of critical arcana to get her rates high faster and closer to 100% late game. Atrocity, Tyrant, and Skewer will boost her critical rate by 20% while helping her tear through enemy armor.
  • A more standard marksman set of arcana can also benefit Wisp well. Onslaught, Guerrilla, and Skewer will beef up her bombs so that they hit harder, faster, and rip through enemy armor.

Hero Counters

Arena of Valor Tank Tank

Keep distance from tanks to avoid their control abilities. Wisp will not generally be targetting tanks over more important targets like marksmen or mages, so should keep her distance from them instead. If a tank is becoming a big problem in lane, focus on some armor pierce to cut through their defenses.

Arena of Valor Warrior Warrior

Warriors should be kept at arms length, they both durable enough to take some damage and holding enough damage of their own to be a threat. Use Loose Cannon to keep your distance in fights, preferably keeping an allied tank between the warrior and yourself.

Arena of Valor Assassin Assassin

Jump away from the assassin with Loose Cannon as soon as they try to get on you. Assassins are the biggest threat to Wisp’s life and should thereby be regularly avoided. Only try attacking when they are busy with another teammate or when your team outnumbers the assassin.

Arena of Valor Mage Mage

Mages can deal high amounts of damage and control effects so shouldn’t be taken lightly. They are generally rather squishy, however, and should thereby be rather vulnerable to Wisp’s critical strikes.

Arena of Valor Marksman Marksman

Enemy marksmen should be your first targets in fights. Their damage is the core to a team’s offense and thereby should be dealt with as soon as possible. Stun from a range with Barrel Bomb before bursting through their health with critical bombs.

Arena of Valor Support Support

While unable to do much damage, Supports can mess Wisp up with their control abilities. Avoid them, focusing instead on damage dealers before cutting them down.

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