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Information for Dagger, a usable item in Arena of Valor (AoV). Included are its effects, unique passives and/or actives, price, and item tree. We also measure effect ranges, explain any ambiguous effects, and give our recommendations on how to use the item.

Dagger Details

Arena of Valor Omni Arms
Type Arena of Valor Attack Damage Attack
Price Arena of Valor Gold Coin 290
Tier 1
Attack Speed +10%
Gold Efficiency 100%
Unique Passive(s) None

A simple attack speed boost, Dagger can provide heroes an avenue of harassing enemies or marksmen some additional ability to kite. Heroes that specialize in on-hit effects are particularly fond of Dagger, as it allows them to apply the effects much more regularly. Similarly, heroes like Valhein and Yorn who have effects that occur every X auto attacks benefit more from attack speed than other heroes.

Recommended Heroes and/or Situation:

Marksmen are the most likely to benefit from Dagger, they needing the attack speed to maintain their DPS. Some other heroes can benefit as well, on-hit effect centric heroes as mentioned before as well as any whose abilities decrease with each successful hero attack.

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Item Tree

Crafts into


Arena of Valor Arcane hammer
Arcane hammer
Arena of Valor Tempest Blades
Tempest Blades
Arena of Valor Shuriken
Arena of Valor blitz blade
Blitz Blade
Arena of Valor War Boots
War Boots
Arena of Valor Storm's Tempest
Storm’s Tempest

Item Tree

Arena of Valor Dagger

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