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Wiro Item Builds Guide for Arena of Valor (AoV). Each build is geared toward a different play style, so choose one that fits your personal preference.

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Wiro Sableng Item Builds

Arena of Valor Wiro Sableng

Item Guide

Core Items

These items are necessary in order to play Wiro Sableng optimally. Only diverge from a core item if you are a very experienced player or you have a very good reason for doing so.

Arena of Valor Frost Cape
Frost Cape
With 212 Axe being rather spammable, on after-ability item is a given. We chose Frost Cape for some additional crowd control on top of Wiro’s already heavy arsenal. That said, Omni Arms is a perfectly solid pick as well and can be chosen when players are looking for some additional lethality.

Optional Items

Arena of Valor Mantle of Ra
Mantle of Ra
While a good choice on most warriors, Wiro likes to get right up on his opponents with his abilities and thereby can benefit particularly well from the burning aura. Tornado Fist pins him to an opponent while pushing and Sun Ray Fist encourages close proximity to targets. The stats additionally hit the mix of offense and defense that Wiro strives for.
Arena of Valor Fenrir's Tooth
Fenrir’s Tooth
When going for damage, Fenrir’s Tooth is a great way to round out Wiro’s build. The item makes him much better at finishing opponents off with its passive, not to mention the large amounts of attack damage that it provides. Buy Fenrir’s Tooth if the team seems sufficiently tanky already and you want to help beat down enemies instead.
Arena of Valor Leviathan
Wiro can be used in the jungle, however can benefit from Leviathan when in the side lane as well. A double burn, when stacked with Mantle of Ra, is always nice. In addition, the stats that Leviathan provides will singularly make Wiro rather durable, something very important to those who go deep into fights as he does.
Arena of Valor Medallion of Troy
Medallion of Troy
One of the highest values when it comes to trading gold for stats, Medallion of Troy is a wonderful choice when looking for magic defense. The item additionally lowers the wearer’s cooldowns, allowing Wiro to swing his ax more heavily and stun more frequently.
Arena of Valor Hyoga's Edge
Hyoga’s Edge
Hyoga’s Edge offers some nice defensive stats along with a very useful passive. The item grants a speed boost whenever the user attacks while additionally slowing the target. Already packing large amounts of crowd control, this can make Wiro almost impossible to escape from.
Arena of Valor The Aegis
The Aegis
The Aegis is an incredible value when looking to stave off physical attackers. Offering high amounts of mana, armor, and cooldown reduction, Wiro will be able to safely rush into enemies with his abilities as he tears up the opposition. The slow that The Aegis provides when hit will allow Wiro to quickly retaliate when struck and defend against being kited.

Sample Item Builds

This build mixes attack and defense to make Wiro into a force that can dive into enemy teams and rough them up from within. Mantle of Ra, Spear of Longinus, and Frost Cape all offer a combination of offensive and defensive stats well suited to a warrior. Medallion of Troy gives the fighter some coverage against magic users while additionally bringing him up to 35% cooldown reduction, just short of maximum.

While a capable brawler, Wiro can also use his substantial crowd control to act more as a tank than. When doing so, it is better to build him completely focused on durability so that he can intercept as much damage as possible. Each item here strengthens Wiro’s defenses, several additionally giving him some additional utility along the way. Between his natural crowd control and the combined slows of Frost Cape and Hyoga’s Edge, enemies will have great difficulty fleeing from the crazed warrior and his team.

A common tactic for brawlers is to stack Leviathan and Mantle of Ra to get heavy amounts of aural damage with their passives. Wiro’s penchant for getting close to enemies and sticking to them make this a very good strategy for him. This also grants quite a bit of survivability, allowing Wiro to focus on more offensive items. Omni Arms and Muramasa will up Wiro’s offensive potential, causing his attacks to land with devastating force. Blade of Eternity is a particularly interesting item on him, working with his passive to make him extremely hard to take down.

Send us your builds!

Have a build you want to share? Think you have a build that’s better than what we have listed? Put it in the comments, along with any (optional) explanations for how it works. If we like it, we’ll include it in our sample builds section – just let us know what name you want us to refer you as. For example: “ALG Rest’s Super Duper Support Build.” Feel free to include any social media accounts you want us to link to.

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  1. why Gaia standard is not included in this build? the passive Gaia when being attacker especially when Wiro active the passive state is possible right?

    • Personal Semi-tank build
      1. Mantle of Ra (Who would’ve guess?)
      2. Sonic Boots (gives you a better chance of resurrection when you don’t need tenacity in this state)
      3. Spear of Longinus (Mantle and Wiro’s Passive stack Longinus very quickly)
      4. Medallion of Troy (Gaia doesn’t give cdr)
      5. Aegis (prevents you from being kited, give max cdr and more mana)
      6. Blade of Eternity (why have 1 resurrection when you can have 2)
      10 Blitz
      5 Benevolence
      5 Guerilla
      10 Skewer
      (Gives you enough attack speed to activate your s1 noticeably quicker)
      ~Lokkheim Primary
      Bone Cutter
      Desperate Duel
      ~2 Afata Side
      River Treader
      Nature’s Gift

    • I’d say Bruiser build is better, cause Wiro has a potential to become a good damage dealer mid-game. But, if you already have a warrior on slayer lane, it’ll be more useful for your team if you go for Full Tank build.