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Tel'annas Item Builds Guide for Arena of Valor (AoV). Each build is geared toward a different play style, so choose one that fits your personal preference.

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Tel’Annas Item Builds

Arena of Valor Tel'Annas

Item Builds List

Core Items

These items are necessary in order to play Tel’annas optimally. Only diverge from a core item if you are a very experienced player or you have a very good reason for doing so

Arena of Valor Claves Sancti
Claves Sancti
Claves Sancti is a strong item for Tel’annas, or any marksman for that matter. It provides a powerful combination of attack damage and critical chance along with a number of power passives that increase the damage that the wielder does with each critical hit as well as increase the wielder’s movement speed each time one lands.
Arena of Valor Slikk's Sting
Slikk’s Sting
Slikk’s Sting further empowers Tel’annas’ normal attack firepower and is a perfect follow up to Claves Sancti. It raises her attack speed, movement speed, and critical strike chance while also providing invaluable resistance whenever a critical strike lands. This is a very valuable effect which can be a huge help in escaping fights or keeping up an assault on enemies during a chaotic team fight.

Optional Items

Offensive Item Choices

Arena of Valor Muramasa
When the enemies are stacking armor or heavy on tanky enemies, Muramasa will ensure that your attacks are never completely negated. The armor pierce it offers raises in effectiveness the more armor that the target has. The cooldown speed it additionally offers is a nice addition, helping Tel’annas use her abilities even more frequently.
Arena of Valor Fafnir's Talon
Fafnir’s Talon
Fafnir’s Talon takes a different approach to amplifying damage, helping counter enemies who stack health items. Each of Tel’annas’ shots gains an additional bit of damage based on the enemy’s current health. In addition, it provides attack damage, attack speed, and life steal, making it all around great addition to a marksman’s offensive arsenal.
Arena of Valor Fenrir's Tooth
Fenrir’s Tooth
Fenrir’s Tooth dramatically raises the wielder’s attack damage, especially when attacking low-health targets.
Arena of Valor Bow of Slaughter
Bow of Slaughter
As an immobile marksman, Tel’annas can use Bow of Slaughter to recover or sustain herself in fights where fleeing is not an option. While offering a small amount of lifesteal passively, the active ability it provides will raise the wielder’s lifesteal to a full 100%. This can easily keep Tel’annas up and fighting in rough situations.
Arena of Valor Devil's Handshake
Devil’s Handshake
While not as important as Claves Sancti, Slikk’s Sting, or even Bow of Slaughter, Devil’s Handshake can be a nice way to pump up Tel’annas’ critical rate even further. All four items together will bring her to 90% critical rate, ensuring that (almost) every shot devastates when it lands. Beyond that, the stacks that Devil’s Handshake generates will give Tel’annas an immense amount of attack speed once fully stacked.
Arena of Valor Blade of Eternity
Blade of Eternity
As the game progresses, Tel’annas will find herself having a harder and harder time staying up in fights. Ancestral Glory alleviates this problem, picking her up after she falls two times in a match. In addition, the item provides a decent amount of armor as well as a 10% boost to all damage done, giving the archer some additional offensive and defensive potential as well.

Boots Upgrade

Arena of Valor War Boots
War Boots
If you are able to properly keep your distance from enemies, War Boots is the way to go. As the only option that ups her damage potential, they are some of Tel’annas’ favorites.
Arena of Valor Gilded Greaves
Gilded Greaves
If regularly suppressed, Gilded Greaves will alleviate some of the pressure put onto their wearer. These are important if the enemy team has a large amount of crowd control and are regularly targeting you.
Arena of Valor Sonic Boots
Sonic Boots
If having trouble with an enemy marksman, Sonic Greaves can give Tel’annas an edge by dampening their damage.

Sample Item Builds

Here we try to build up Tel’annas’ damage potential so that each shot lands with devastating force. Between the critical damage, on hit bonuses, and armor pierce provided, Tel’annas will land devastating blow after devastating blow when engaged with her opponent. We finish with Fenrir’s Tooth, it both pumping up the strength of each arrow and ensuring that low health enemies don’t walk away from fights.

This build leads Tel’annas to shooting out a constant barrage of critical strikes rather than the slower, heavier volleys of the previous build. As mentioned earlier, Claves Sancti, Slikk’s Sting, Bow of Slaughter, and Devil’s Handshake together will bring Tel’annas’ critical rate up to 90%, 100% if she is holding critical arcana as well. Guaranteeing critical shots is nothing to sneeze at, especially since this will also lead her to always benefit from the on-crit effects offered by Claves Sancti and Slikk’s Sting. Many of the items offer movement speed bonus as well, giving the marksman a bit of mobility both in fights and away. Muramasa is our safeguard against tanks, the lower amounts of attack damage that this build sports needing some assistance when dealing with heavily armored foes.

With the rise of the ADC jungle, the idea of jungle Tel’annas has become less farfetched. She has a decent clear speed and Arrow of Chaos and Eagle Eye together give her some decent ganking potential. Furthermore, Eagle Eye, Penetrating Shot, and the Might Buff together allow Tel’annas to dish out tremendous amounts of slow. We went with Scorching Wind so that we could focus completely on damage after that. Scorching Wind, Slikk’s Sting, War Boots, and Eagle Eye together will give the archer +150%, bringing her near the 200% cap after her natural 42% at level 15. For damage, we have Claves Sancti for beefy critical strikes, Muramasa to cut through enemy armor, and Fenrir’s Tooth for raw damage and finishing potential.
With this build you get the max attack speed, critical chance, and, by activating Bow of Slaughter, the max lifesteal. Even if you don’t activate Bow of Slaughter, you get pretty good lifesteal. The combination of the high critical chance and the max attack speed you gain with Eagle Eye makes it easy to kite and easy to keep yourself alive during the mid to late game. Fafnir’s helpes to melt tanks and Devil’s Handshake ensures that you keep your attack speed up without Eagle Eye and gain the max critical chance to become a late game monster.
A fairly standard build from Uddy that hits a lot of stat caps. This is particularly good against health stacking heroes or squishy foes due to its lack of armor pierce. That said, each arrow will land with devastating force and come at a rapid pace.

[Added 10/20/2018]

With the new changes to Tel and the ability to critical hit with magic damage, we revise part of her build to maximize the amount of magic damage dealt. Blitz Blade and War Boots are there to provide adequate attack speed, while Claves Sancti and Bow of Slaughter cover the critical chance while adding attack damage (remember, the more attack damage built, the more magic damage you’ll do with Eagle Eye). Finally, we forego any armor pierce to focus fully on delivering magic damage, adding Fenrir’s Tooth and Blade of Eternity to finish off the build.

Send us your builds!

Have a build you want to share? Think you have a build that’s better than what we have listed? Put it in the comments, along with any (optional) explanations for how it works. If we like it, we’ll include it in our sample builds section – just let us know what name you want us to refer you as. For example: “ALG Rest’s Super Duper Support Build.” Feel free to include any social media accounts you want us to link to.

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    • I use rampage, gurilla, and skewer. Gives her more damage when low leveled so enemies are a bit more scared of you. At higher levels and mixed claves sancti, she can do a crap ton of damage. you could also go onslaught, gurilla, skewer. gives her more armor pierce.

  1. So, I got this build from a streamer called KeaGirl, She runs War Boots, Clave’s, Biltz Blade, Rankbreaker, Hyogas, Frost Cape with unknown arcana. The build (like tel) is vulnerable early game, as it focuses on building her much like Solo lane Valhein, with tel abusing slows as much as possible in conjunction with her large range/slowing. This makes tel extremely hard to catch if she spots you first, notably pairing well with abilities that provide visibility, as she will almost instantly cripple her foes with slows while also being moderately sturdily built. It takes rather mobile assassins to catch, let lone kill, her with this build, with Claves, Blitz, Hyoga’s, and Rankbreaker all increasing her movement speed and Forst cape, Eagle Eye, and Hyoga’s all reducing the enemy’s movement speed. It is a truly powerful build that allows tel to get involved in team fights without being extremely easy to pounce on, and is a very powerful solo lane build if tel builds Hyoga’s earlier on. She never gave it a build, so just call it “KeaGirl’s Solo Slow-mo” build if you decide to put it up.

  2. Hi admin team
    Thanks for the new best build for max damage based on new update.
    Given new update, Whats the best level 30 selection arcana for telannas to achieve max damage?

        • Updated Tel’annas’ builds based on what I think is best given her current state. It’s much harder now, as the attack damage/magic damage mix gives her a rather interesting item dynamic. Items like Fafnir’s Talon, Enchanted Kicks, or Rankbreaker could also do well on her, so experiment with those as well. Arcana stays the same, though she could additionally benefit from Flurry instead of Skewer.

  3. Here’s what I currently use and forever loved build for Tel’Annas.
    I call this “Unlimited Crit and Slow”

    War Boots -> Claves Sancti -> Devil’s Handshake -> Hyoga’s Edge -> Bow of Slaughter -> Slikk’s Sting

    With this build; in the early game you get increased attack-speed due to the passive effect of Devil’s Handshake and a pretty “Alright” Damage with Claves alone., although you must play safely in lanes because you may have a wide chance to screw the build up / Useless in team fights if you’re gold gapped. I recommended Hyoga’s Edge as its fourth item due to its stable survivability and from its Unique Passive – Biting Cold; mix it up with Tel’Annas’s Passive from the first 6% x5 (30%) Her second (40%) and Hyoga’s Passive (25%) combined (95% Movement speed reduction) ((If that is possible)) not only that, Hyoga’s give you an increased 10% movement speed this is exceptionally great for kiting. Bow of slaughter giving you some life steal, and a huge boost when using its active. Slikk’s Sting giving you some resistance (35%) whenever it crits which makes it the final item.

    Once you have finished the build itself, feel free to take out the boots and build Fenrir’s Tooth to turn you into a glass cannon, or Muramasa if the enemy tank is a real problem.

    Note: You can switch out Slikk’s Sting and Devil’s Handshake if you’re in a match full of CC heroes.

  4. Here is my favorite build for Tel’Annas
    Claves Sancti -> War Boots -> Slikk’s Sting -> Bow of Slaughter -> Fafnir’s Talon -> Deviel’s Handshake

    With this buold you get the max of atk-speed, crit-chance, and by activationg Bow of Slaughter the max lifesteal. Even if you don’t activate Bow of Slaughter you got pretty good lifesteal. The combination of the high crit chance and the max atk speed you gain with Eagle Eye, makes it easy to kite and easy to keep yourself alive during the mid to late game. Fafnir’s helpes to melt tanks and Devil’s Handshake enssure, that you keep you atk speed up without Eagle Eye and gain the max crit chance to become a late game monster.

    I’ll call it Atk-Speed-survial build 😀

      • I’m sorry it took so long to reply; we’ve been busy with the recent patch and the new tier list. I have updated Tel’annas’ attack damage centric build on her page and her hero page’s arcana to what I think would be the best choices when it comes to straight damage in fights.

          • The arcana we chose are Rampage x 10, Guerilla x 10, and Skewer x 10. A case could also be made for Blitz as your red arcana as well.

          • So the above is for max damage arcana?
            Why stab? Its a level 1 arcana. Why not skewer?
            Can you pls check and confirm max damage arcana for telannas? Thanks 🙂

          • And for max damage telannas arcana
            Red- why not atrocity/obliterate/onslaught/blitz?
            Purple – why not assasinate?

          • Atrocity doesn’t offer the same value as Rampage, making it a poor choice. The same can be said about Obliterate in comparison to Onslaught. This leaves Onslaught, Blitz, and Rampage. I would lean towards Blitz and Rampage, as while Onslaught is great for an all around arcana, it doesn’t have the same focus on what Tel’annas focuses on: auto attacks. I chose Rampage due to it being much harder to hit the critical cap than the attack speed cap, especially for Tel’annas. Assassinate is a fine choice for purple, just a matter of choice. While I mentioned earlier that Tel’annas has a decent time hitting the attack speed cap, this allows her more flexibility in focusing on damage items.

            As for earlier posting stab instead of skewer, it was just a typo on my part.

  5. Sorry 2 questions
    1. Any update to tellannas max damage build?
    2. Whats the best level 30 selection arcana for telannas to achieve max damage?

  6. you’d be surprised at Tel’Annas Jungle, look at Darkbreaker’s most recent (or 2nd most recent?) video, lol, he won when there was a Murad, Super, and Zanis on the other team

  7. Hi!

    I have a doubt about the Glass Cannon item build.
    If I’m rigth it gives you a full +115% atack speed, for a 215%, plus the +35% increase of Eagle Eye, but there is an AS cap of 200%, so this item build seems to be redundant.

    Am I wrong?

    Thanks and good job!

    • Thanks for commenting! Heroes start at 0% attack speed, not 100%, so there’s room for adding +200% before hitting the maximum.

      • I got it wrong, then! Thx for the answer 🙂

        Btw, what do you think about the double Slikk’s Sting?

        • Double Slikk’s Sting doesn’t apply the 250% damage unique passive twice, so you’re better off getting Devil’s Handshake to add its unique passive as well.

          • Sorry, I didn’t explain myself properly.
            The question was about claves + Slikk’s + devil’s + 2nd Slikk’s.
            It would give only +100 atack, but a 80% critical chance (96 with arcana), plus the +90 atack speed, and +15% movement bonus.
            You could add a Fenrir’s to further empower those criticals or go for the life steal with the beast.
            Is it absurd?

          • You already get 70% crit chance with Claves/Slikk’s/Devil’s, so going to 90% isn’t really worth it, especially because you’ll only have added 100 attack damage through 5 items (including boots) – so your crits won’t even be doing that much damage. Better to empower your crits with armor pierce like Muramasa (which gives CDR too) or just max AD with Fenrir’s Tooth. Omni Arms is also a good all-around item, while Death Sickle can keep you alive if you get jumped.