Arena of Valor (AoV) - Omen Hero Guide

A guide to Arena of Valor's Omen, the Insatiable. Omen is a terrifying warrior who can rip through any enemy who wanders too close with his chain sword.

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Arena of Valor Omen


Omen is a warrior hero who excels when fighting heroes up close and one on one. He rips through enemy heroes and towers with his chain sword, unleashing quick bursts of damage after he gets a chance to warm up to a fight. As long as he can keep close to his enemy, Omen can be an exceptionally deadly force.


  • Decent Damage and Durability – Omen’s kit grants him great damage without sacrifice to his survivability. This makes him a fearsome duelist, able to take considerable amounts of damage as he rips away his target’s health. His damage additionally makes him great at tearing down towers very quickly.
  • Moderate Control – Both Death’s Beckon and Death’s Embrace help Omen corral enemies with his chain sword. This is important for the warrior, as he needs to stay close to his enemies to affect them.
  • No Mana – Unbound by the limits that mana brings, Omen will be constantly able to use his abilities. This is doubly important for him, as his passive will keep his abilities regularly refreshing.


  • Requires Wind-up – Omen needs to attack a few times to get going in a fight. As such, his damage is better suited to longer fights than quick bouts. He may have trouble with burst mages and assassins when caught off guard (read: Untouchable is on cooldown) as a result.
  • Ineffective in Team Fights – While Omen is very strong when fighting people one on one, he suffers when dealing with multiple enemies at once. Without any AoE abilities

Hero Basic Strategy

Laning Strategy

  • Omen is best suited to the Dark Slayer lane. His durability and lack of mana make him great as a solo laner.
  • Omen can also be a competent jungler, his abilities great at keeping enemies locked in an ambush.
  • Save Untouchable for whenever you and the lane opponent scuffle. The damage reduction and reflect that it offers will help you come out on top and keep you in the lane.
  • Pace out your hits in order to make use of your passive as often as possible. The strikes do not have to all be on the same foe.

Level Progression

  • Start with Untouchable. You won’t be able to trade damage without it, and your passive is enough to clear the initial wave or monsters if you’re jungling
  • Continue prioritizing Untouchable over Death’s Beckon throughout the game. Any Omen build will focus on attack speed first, meaning you’ll be squishy for a while.
  • Level Death’s Embrace whenever it is available. This is an amazing ability that will keep your enemies right next to you.

Battle Strategy

  • Solo Fights: Pull the enemy in close with Death’s Beckon and start to throw out some normal attacks. Use Untouchable to offset some of their retaliation and help you along to a full stack of Thirst. If they try to escape, use Death’s Embrace to keep them nice and close.
  • Team Fights: Find a target, preferably one that’s nice and squishy, and use Death’s Beckon to drag them to you. If they are a mobile foe, use Death’s Embrace to prevent escape. Shield yourself with Untouchable and start to whip them with your sword. Pull them back to you as Death’s Beckon comes off cooldown and protect yourself with Untouchable whenever it is available. Do your best to stick to the back or sidelines of a fight in order to avoid focused fire.
    • Prior to both solo and team fights, try to find minions or monsters to build up Thirst points on before heading into battle. Having Thirst available immediately will make a huge difference.
  • Escaping Fights: For how strong Omen is in a fight, he has very little when it comes to escaping. The only option you have is to shield yourself with Untouchable and try to shuffle away. Oftentimes, you’ll find that trading damage is more effective for your team than running away.


Arena of Valor Thirst ThirstPassive – Every time Omen hits an enemy with a normal attack, he gains one Thirst point. After reaching five points, Omen increases his movement speed by 60 (+2 per level) and his attack speed by 25% (+1.8% per level) for 5 seconds. His strengthened normal attack will also deal 60 true damage and reduce the cooldown for Death’s Beckon and Untouchable by 1 second.

Omen’s 3rd normal attack triggers a second hit that deals 50% damage. The counter is reset after reaching 5 points of Thirst and after coming out of Thirst.

  • Reflecting an attack with Untouchable also grants a charge of Thirst.
    • Use Untouchable at the first opportune moment: Thirst reduces Untouchable’s cooldown AND Untouchable adds Thirst points. Therefore, whether you’re attacking or getting attacked, the faster you use Untouchable, the quicker it will be back up
  • The additional hit on every third attack also grants a charge of Thirst.
  • Skilled opponents will wait until Thirst procs before they use their CC abilities, denying Omen CDR on two abilities, as well as any additional benefits like life steal. Against said players, try to bait out CC before attacking and triggering Thirst.
  • Once Thirst is activated, there is a slight delay before Omen attacks again. Move to prevent the delay from occurring (see below):
Arena of Valor Death's Beckon Death’s Beckon– Omen uses his blade to pull all enemies in front of him closer, dealing 200/240/280/320/360/400 (+0.8 AD)ˀ physical damage and slowing their movement speed by 25/30/35/40/45/50%.
  • All pulled enemies will be brought right in front of Omen regardless of their previous range.
Arena of Valor Untouchable Untouchable – Omen enters a state of heightened awareness and gains 50/54/58/62/66/70% damage reduction, while increasing his movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds. In this state, Omen can reflect normal attacks, dealing physical damage to the attacker, decreasing their movement speed by 30%, and adding any bonus normal attack effects from Omen’s equipped items or buffs. Each attacker can only have their attacks reflected once.
  • Don’t feel limited to only using this against auto attacks. The large damage reduction it provides can help Omen survive the spells of assassins and mages as well.
  • The reflected attack is treated as if Omen attacked in almost every way. Life steal and critical hits are the only effects that do not apply.
  • Do not try to close the gap between you and your opponent using Untouchable, unless you have 4 Thirst points built up already. Without Untouchable, not only does Thirst take longer to build up, but you’ll have less opportunity to lower the cooldown on the next unstoppable without Thirst being active.
  • Does not reflect minions or monsters’ attacks.
Arena of Valor Death's Embrace Death’s Embrace – Omen rushes forward and deals 400/500/600 (+1.2 AD) physical damage to the first enemy hero he runs into. He then summons a plasma sword that curses the target for 5 seconds. While cursed, the target deals less damage with attacks and cannot leave the sword’s area.
  • The affected enemy cannot leave the area with movement abilities.
  • Death’s Embrace can be used as an initiation; just be careful not to run into an entire team by yourself, unless your team is right behind you to clean up

How to Counter Omen

  • Stay out of Omen’s range. He is extremely strong up close but lacks a reliable gap closer. Move to the side if you see him rushing towards you with his ultimate.
  • Try to stun Omen once he gains full Thirst stacks. His whole kit revolves around his passive – including CDR for his first and second abilities. Cutting his Thirst time will render him nearly useless.

Item Builds

SG Recommended Build
Arena of Valor Fafnir's TalonFafnir’s Talon Arena-of-Valor-GILDED-GREAVESGilded Greaves Arena of Valor Spear of LonginusSpear of Longinus
Arena of Valor Omni ArmsOmni Arms Arena of Valor Hyogas EdgeHyogas Edge Arena of Valor Mail of PainMail of Pain
SG Recommended Build
Arena of Valor Fafnir's TalonFafnir’s Talon Arena-of-Valor-GILDED-GREAVESGilded Greaves Arena of Valor Spear of LonginusSpear of Longinus Arena of Valor Omni ArmsOmni Arms Arena of Valor Hyogas EdgeHyogas Edge Arena of Valor Mail of PainMail of Pain

More Omen Item Builds

Hero Arcana

  • Omen benefits heavily from attack speed, reduced cooldowns, and survivability. Attack damage enhancements as well as pierce are also welcome additions to his kit, allowing each hit and reflected attack to strike harder. An example of a fully offensive arcana build would be Onslaught, Guerilla, and Skewer.
  • Conversely, an example of building more defensively would result in arcana like Indomitable, Benevolence, and Crusader.

Hero Counters

Arena of Valor Tank Tank

Omen can handle tanks rather well if one on one combat, but should not focus on them too long in team fights. The true damage that Thirst provides will allow him to rip through their armor. If they try to counter this with health, an item like Fafnir’s Talon will help do them in. Don’t waste your ultimate on tanks, as they generally can be kept close with Death’s Beckon alone.

Arena of Valor Warrior Warrior

A trickier fight, but still one that Omen can survive. Use Untouchable whenever possible to reflect their damage back on them. If possible, save this for a telegraphed, enhanced attack like Arthur or Zanis’ rush abilities.

Arena of Valor Assassin Assassin

Use Untouchable to survive an assassin’s initial burst and you’ll have it made. Most won’t be able to keep up a fight after their combo, so punish them with your auto attacks, holding them close with Death’s Beckon. If the assassin is more mobile like Zill or Zuka, trap them with Death’s Embrace.

Arena of Valor Mage Mage

Mages will be one of Omen’s biggest problems, as they can burst from a range. Harassing mages will be more of an issue than burst ones, though, as Untouchable can help you through burst damage. Try and rope them in with Death’s Beckon, using Death’s Embrace if they are a flee risk. In general, find a way to close the gap, then stick close and let loose your normal attacks.

Arena of Valor Marksman Marksman

Despite his mobility problems, Omen is a great counter for marksmen. Use Death’s Beckon to rope the marksman close and destroy them with normal attacks. Counter any poking they might try with Untouchable. Death’s Embrace should be used on them before anyone else, as marksmen will always be your top priority target.

Arena of Valor Support Support

Support heroes can give Omen trouble, their control abilities keeping him away from his prey. Avoid their stuns whenever possible, picking up Enchanted Greaves if they are too big of a pain. Supports aren’t a huge priority in fights, however, so go for the carry first.

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