Arena of Valor (AoV) - Antaris Battlefield Redesign

The map of Arena of Valor is getting a huge visual and functional overhaul. We sneak a peek at the visual changes as well as some changes coming to epic creatures.


Some big changes are coming to Arena of Valor and Tencent has finally started spilling the beans about the coming changes. First seen on the test server and then teased during the AWC, Antaris Battlefield is getting a huge face lift to bring it more on par with Arena of Valor’s Chinese counterpart. Not only that, but the epic creatures in the game are getting some pretty big changes along with their new models, undoubtedly shifting the game’s flow in the process. Thanks to Reddit user Sylpheez, we have all the upcoming changes right here for you.

Map Visual Update

After word got out about King of Glory’s beautiful arena, Arena of Valor fans were quick to start asking Tencent when it was going to be their turn in the dazzling spotlight. Well, that time is now, the whole of Antaris Battlefield getting updated into a much brighter and more vivid arena. Among features to receive a visual overhaul are both teams’ cores, the towers, and each of the jungle monsters. This is all through the use of style rather than the increase of fidelity, so owners of lower-end devices shouldn’t need to worry about a sudden increase in system requirements.

Epic Creatures

The Dark Slayer

No longer a Gorilla chained in place, the new Dark Slayer is a towering demon, rising from the ground to hold absolute control over his cave. With the new design comes a few new mechanics, the beast taking a slightly different role in the match.

Rather than spawning at the 6-minute mark, the Dark Slayer enters the battlefield at the 8-minute mark and re-spawns 5 minutes after being slain. It still grows in power over time, now capping in strength at 11:30. The creature offers different rewards to its slayers as well, the previous large damage buff now gone.

The slaying team will receive a healing buff much like before, regaining 1% HP and mana every second for 90 seconds. On top of this, slayers will benefit from 20% increased movement speed for 9 seconds. Finally, the slaying team will now be able to summon a new, friendly creature to fight for them and help them siege towers: the Sky Dragon.

The Sky Dragon

The Sky Dragon isn’t found on the field normally, only appearing when summoned by players. The beast will move down the lanes and siege towers from outside their range, dealing significant amounts of damage each time it attacks. As the main replacement for the previous Slayer buff, the Sky Dragon offers defenders a bit of counter play by being vulnerable itself while simultaneously holding more siege potential than the previous damage bonus. The Sky Dragon isn’t in top form when it first spawns, however, needing 10 seconds after summoning to reach its full strength.

The dragon can be summoned anywhere and will attack towers based on how close they are to its spawn location. The dragon will attack towers from outside their range and does the same amount of damage to towers without regard to minions being present or not. This comes at a price, however, as the dragon’s HP will fall as it attacks towers, naturally dying at 0. In addition, while the Sky Dragon is on the field, all minions will have increased stats:

  • +400 magic defense
  • +25% max HP
  • +10% attack damage
  • +10% movement speed
  • +10% size

The Abyssal Dragon

Previously, the Abyssal Dragon would lose value as the match went on. Only offering gold and experience to the killers, it held very little importance in the late game. This changes now, the dragon evolving at the 10-minute mark and its rewards changing with it. Each member of the slaying team will receive a buff corresponding to their class:

  • Tank: Immortal Body: Restore 1% HP every second.
  • Warrior: Violent Fist: 50 (+0.1 AD) attack damage increase.
  • Assassin: Soulreaver Blade: 100 armor pierce, 75 magic pierce, and +20 movement speed.
  • Mage: Eyes of Chaos: 75 (+0.15 AP) ability power increase.
  • Marksman: Arrow of the Stars: +10% critical chance and +15% armor pierce
  • Support: Brave Heart: Nearby allies recover 100 HP and 50 mana every 5 seconds.

In addition, one hero will be able to pick up the Gift of Darkness, a buff which acts similarly to Death Sickle. Upon receiving fatal damage, the hero will be invincible for 0.5 seconds and gain 1000 (+0.1 HP) health.

Rather than following the same two minute re-spawn timer of its weaker self, the stronger abyssal dragon takes five minutes to re-spawn. In addition, it increases in strength until the 13-minute mark, much harder to slay than its former incarnation.

The Spirit Sentinel

The smallest of mechanic changes in the bunch, the spirit sentinel’s buff will now provide 20% of its 60% movement speed boost (20% total, not 20% of 60%) while in combat, the other 40% only available while outside of combat. Also, the dragon heals for a flat amount of 50 HP a second rather than 2% of the wielder’s life.

Abyssal Curse

To prevent teams from snowballing too heavily from the creatures, killing either the Abyssal Dragon or the Dark Slayer will afflict the slaying team with a de-buff called Abyssal Curse. This halves the amount of damage that the hero deals to epic creatures for 180 seconds, making it rather hard to capture both rewards at the same time.

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