Arena of Valor (AoV) - AoV International Championship (AIC) 2017 Results: News

The Arena of Valor (AoV) International Championship Asia 2017 was held on November 25-28 2017 in Seoul, South Korea, with a whopping $500,000 USD prize pool.

AoV International Championship (AIC) 2017 Results

Tencent recently held the inaugural Asian leg of its Arena of Valor (AoV) International Championship in Seoul, South Korea on November 23-26, 2017. The international tournament consisted of teams from South Korea (5 teams), Vietnam (2 teams), Taiwan (2 teams), Thailand (2 teams), and Indonesia (1 team) all competing for a total prize value of an incredible $500,000 USD. There were also guest teams for exhibition matches coming from North America (1 team), Europe (1 team), and South East Asia (The Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore – 1 team).

AOV International Championship (AIC) 2017

AIC 2017 – Asia Leg

Because each country has their own respective updates, the chosen patch to standardize the whole international championship was the Marksman Era – an update that enhanced the survivability of the Marksmen heroes in AoV. For both championship and exhibition matches, each team was given two ban opportunities for their opponents. There were 55 heroes made available in the tournament, excluding Superman, Xeniel, Kil’Groth and Moren.


AOV International Championship (AIC) 2017 - Teams

AIC 2017 Teams

Team Match / Bracket Representation
Team CL Group A South Korea
MVP Group A South Korea
proArmy Group A Vietnam
EVOS Group A Indonesia
Day5 Group B South Korea
AIN Group B South Korea
S.T Group B Taiwan
ALPHA Red Group B Thailand
Team Olympus Playoff South Korea
SMG Playoff Taiwan
GameTV Playoff Vietnam
Monori Bacon Playoff Thailand
Team Liquid Showmatch North America (USA & Canada)
SK Gaming Showmatch European Union
KR All-Star Showmatch South Korea
Black Ananas Showmatch China
SEA Monsters Showmatch South-East Asia (The Philippines, Malaysia, & Singapore)


Match Tournament Style Series
Group A Stage Single Elimination Best of 3
Group B Stage Single Elimination Best of 3
Quarter Final (Playoff) Single Elimination Best of 3
Semi-Final (Playoff) Single Elimination Best of 3
Grand Final Single Elimination Best of 5
Show Match Single Elimination Best of 3

Overall, there were eight teams seeded to the group stage bracket. Each stage bracket consisted of four teams each in Group A and Group B, and was represented by at least one country. The top four winners overall from the group stage advanced, while the bottom 4 teams were eliminated. In the playoff stage, 4 playoff bracket teams waited to compete against advancing group stage winners.

Day 1: Group A Stage Bracket

The Group A division of the AoV International Championship was held last November 23rd (Thursday):

Match Teams Result
Group A Stage #1 Team CL (KR) vs EVOS (ID) 2-0
Group A Stage #2 MVP (KR) vs proArmy (VN) 1-2
Group A Stage #3 Team CL (KR) vs proArmy (VN) 0-2
Group A Stage #4 EVOS (ID) vs MVP (KR) 0-2
Group A Stage #5 Team CL (KR) vs MVP (KR) 2-0

Day 2: Group B Stage Bracket

The Group B division of the AoV International Championship was held last November 24th (Friday):

Match Teams Result
Group B Stage #1 Day5 (KR) vs ALPHA Red (TH) 0-2
Group B Stage #2 AIN (KR) vs S.T (TW) 0-2
Group B Stage #3 ALPHA Red (TH) vs S.T (TW) 0-2
Group B Stage #4 Day5 (KR) vs AIN (KR) 2-1
Group B Stage #5 ALPHA Red (TH) vs Day 5 (KR) 2-0

Day 3: Playoff Stage Bracket

The playoff stage of the international championship consisted of the top 4 teams coming from the group stage bracket (determined based on their overall wins). They squared off against the waiting playoff bracket teams last November 25th (Saturday):

Match Teams Result
 Quarter Final #1 Team Olympus (KR) vs ProArmy (VN) 1-2
 Quarter Final #2 GameTV (TH) vs Team CL (KR) 2-1
 Quarter Final #3 Monori Bacon (TH) vs S.T (TW) 1-2
 Quarter Final #4 SMG (TW) vs ALPHA Red (TH) 2-0
Semi-Final #1 ProArmy (VN) vs GameTV (TH) 0-2
Semi-Final #2 S.T (TW) vs SMG (TW) 0-2

Day 4: Show Match and Finals

The show match and finals were held last November 26th (Sunday). Prior to the international championship, there was an invitational show match between the new AoV region representatives. These teams came from North America (USA & Canada), Europe, China, and South East Asia (PH, MY, &  SG). In addition, a mixture of AoV players from the different Korean teams also joined the show match.

Match Teams Result
Show Match #1 Team Liquid (NA) vs SK Gaming (EU) 0-2
Show Match #2 KR All-Star (KR) vs SEA Monsters (PH, MY, & SG) 2-0
Show Match #3 Black Ananas (CH) vs SEA Monsters (PH, MY, & SG) 2-0
Show Match #4 KR All-Star (KR) vs Black Ananas (CH) 2-1
Finals GameTV (TH) vs SMG (TW) 1-4

AIC 2017 Champion

The international championship finals match was held after the show matches. Taiwan’s SMG dominated the competition with a 4-1 score:

AOV International Championship (AIC) 2017 - Champion SMG

AIC 2017 Champion SMG (TW)

Final Standings and Prizes

Here’s a final list of the prizes and standings:

Place Team Representation Prize
1st SMG Taiwan 200,000 USD
2nd Game TV Vietnam 100,000 USD
3rd proArmy Vietnam 40,000 USD
4th S.T. Taiwan 40,000 USD
5th Team Olympus South Korea 15,000 USD
6th Team CL South Korea 15,000 USD
7th ALPHA Red Thailand 15,000 USD
8th Monori Bacon Thailand 15,000 USD
Show Match Winner 1 SK Gaming European Union 10,000 USD
Show Match Winner 2 Korea All-Star South Korea 10,000 USD
Show Match Winner 3 Black Ananas China 10,000 USD

The final day of the championship can be viewed below:

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