Arena of Valor (AoV) - What are Units? Measuring Distance in Arena of Valor

A look into units in Arena of Valor, the way that length is measured in game. Units are not clearly explained within the game and thereby can take awhile for a new player to get used to.

When looking at movement speed or ranges, players will often find distances in the game measured in “units.” Units are the main form of measurement in several MOBAs, including genre titans League of Legends and Dota 2. However, these are not clearly defined and can be difficult for new players to grow accustomed to.

So How Big is a Unit?

Think of a unit as a centimeter, at least in comparison to heroes’ proportions. This would make 100 units a meter in length, or about 3.3 feet.

range comparison
Different unit measurements. The innermost ring is 200 units and each subsequent ring is 100 units further

The mid lane tier one and two towers make a good point of reference as well. These towers stand 1600 units apart. Therefore, an aura with a range of 800 would extend half the distance between the two, 400 a fourth, et cetera. Keep in mind that the game’s camera views the battlefield at an angle, so the distance between a set amount of units will seem shorter the further away it is.

How is this Useful?

Units come up most commonly when measuring movement speed. Speed is measured in units per second, so being able to translate this into real-world units will allow players to better grasp the hero’s speed and how it is affected by various items. Butterfly has a movement speed of 400, meaning that she travels 400 units, or four meters, in one second.

Knowing units also helps in understanding item and ability ranges. For example, Soaring Aura lists its aura’s range as 800 units. 8 meters or about 26 feet are much easier concepts to grasp than units, painting a much clearer picture of the item’s range.


How They’re Written in our Hero Pages

Under the ability descriptions and videos on every hero page are the ability mechanics that we’ve tested. First and foremost are the ranges of the abilities, so you know how far they can travel, whether you’re playing with or against that particular hero. Of note here is the difference between the range shown on the ability indicator, and the effective range – how far away you can be and still reach an enemy. For example, the center of Aleister’s Matrix of Woe can reach to 900 units, but because the radius of the ability is 300 units, you can effectively damage an enemy from 1200 units away. Similarly, Veera’s Hell Bat seems to reach to 800 units, but the size of the bat pushes the effective range to 1000 units (this is why Krixi’s Mischief always seems to connect even though you think you’ve dodged it).

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