Arena of Valor (AoV) - Garena Releases SEA (MSP) Hero Win Rates for Season 2

Arena of Valor publisher Garena released the win rates of the top heroes in each tier, from Bronze to Master. We take a look at the lists and see if there are any big surprises.

AoV Season 2 Win Rate

Garena Releases Top Heroes’ Win Rates for Season 2* (Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines)

*MSP’s Season 2 time frame is the same as Europe/Americas Season 5

Garena announced last week in a Facebook post the ten heroes with the highest win rates at each rank for the past season. There are some common picks that we expected to see while other heroes who made the list were a bit surprising.

Here is a quick rundown of the heroes included in each tier.

Bronze Tier

Alice had the highest win rate in the bronze tier with a whopping 59.12% win rate – the highest for any hero at any tier. This support hero has a lot of utility and crowd control, potentially making it difficult for newer players to find a way around her play style.

Heavy auto-attacker Slimz took the second spot while Xeniel, a high tier support/tank hero, was third.

Silver Tier

Alice and Slimz maintained their first and second spots, respectively. Chaugnar, another high tier support, replaced Xeniel in the third spot.

The heroes included here are mostly the same compared to the bronze tier, with the exception of Omega. It appears that some players are taking advantage of the lack of map awareness of their opponents in Silver, split-pushing their way to that sweet 53.5% win rate.

Gold Tier

Chaugnar finally tops the gold tier while Azzen’Ka now sits in the second spot right before Alice. Most of the heroes present in the gold tier are either mage or support heroes. Slimz is the only glaring exception.

Platinum Tier

The higher the tier, the more meta heroes we see in the list.

Zephys and Lu Bu are now in the eighth and ninth places, respectively. Two support heroes, Chaugnar  and Xeniel, top the rankings while the solo-queue assassin Butterfly finished in third.

Diamond Tier

The diamond tier is where most of the dedicated players are. Many of them are comparatively skilled and have a clear understanding of different heroes and how to maneuver against them.

Xeniel and Chaugnar are fully capable of carrying teams in Diamond, particularly with reasonably competent teammates. The Joker and Yorn stand out here, as The Joker is a strong, but somewhat difficult hero to control. Similarly, Yorn being readily available early as a playable character belies the proper positioning and game sense needed to take advantage of his considerable damage.

Master Tier

The best of the best are in the master tier, home of many professionals.

Xeniel once again finds himself at the top, his global presence and ability to erase allies’ mistakes being invaluable. Lu Bu sits at second, his strong dueling capability in the Dark Slayer lane often forcing rotations out of the opposing team.

Though Kriknak saw a resurgence at the tail end of last season, his appearance here is slightly surprising. The most surprising hero here, however, is Aleister. Our guess is that only the most skilled and meta-knowing players even bother to use him, as he can be quite potent in the following conditions: 1) The opposing team has a dive composition that needs shutting down and 2) The player who picks Aleister is part of an organized team.

What are your thoughts on the win rates of the top heroes in the Valiant server? Anyone surprise you?

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