Arena of Valor (AoV) - Global Ban Pick rule set for Arena of Valor World Cup 2019

A new rule has been implemented for the upcoming Arena of Valor World Cup 2019: the Global Pick Ban system. This was done in order to make more dynamic matches.

Tencent and Garena have released a new Global Ban Pick system for the upcoming Arena of Valor World Cup 2019. This new rule was implemented following the hugely successful 2018 AoV World Cup which garnered the highest views for a mobile esports tournament to date.

Arena of Valor - Global Ban-Pick System

What is the Global Ban Pick Rule?

The Global Pick Ban rule prohibits teams from using the same hero more than once in series. Heroes that were used in a previous match will automatically be banned and cannot be used by either team for the following matches of the series.

Arena of Valor - Global Ban Pick Rules 1

Arena of Valor - Global Ban Pick Rules 1

The Global Ban Pick will be applied from the Knockout Stage of AWC 2019 onward. However, Tencent and Garena also stated that the Global BP ruling will be lifted during the AWC 2019 for Match 7, where Global BP will be replaced with regular tournament Ban Pick rules. Previous heroes played by the team in Matches 1 – 6 can be picked again for Match 7 only.

Reason for the Global Ban Pick System

Tencent and Garena implemented the Global Ban Pick system in order to promote more dynamic and team-oriented gameplay in AOV esports. This way, teams will not take full advantage of the current meta and instead rely more on team cohesion and strategy to win games.

“This new mode values professional players who are more versatile and adaptable and adds to the importance of group communication and synergy during ban pick phases. Audience of AWC 2019 can benefit by learning how to play new heroes as they watch the match progress, or find new strategies by observing new hero draft combinations.” (Tencent and Garena, 2019)

Arena of Valor is the first esports game to incorporate a Global Ban Pick system in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. They hope to further catch the attention of and cultivate more competitive mobile MOBA players.

Vietnam welcomes Arena of Valor World Cup 2019

The AWC Management Committee also announced that the Arena of Valor World Cup 2019 will take place in Vietnam.

Arena of Valor - AIC 2019 Host Country

Vietnam was chosen as the venue because its esports scene has been steadily on the rise. It is additionally considered to be one of the biggest esports regions in Southeast Asia. Tencent and Garena were also quick to mention that the succeeding information about the AWC 2019 will be available through local official AoV channels.

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  1. 2 thoughts :
    – For match 6, there will be 58 heroes banned (5*10 from previous games + 8 from normal ban system). Over 80 heroes. Equalizing heroes would be better than making a so aggressive ban system.
    – The first 8 heroes banned for match 1 will probably be banned for the following games too.

    Perhaps, ban only the previous game heroes (rather than all previous games heroes) might have been a good compromise.

    • Not actually, I think only the team that was playing the hero before is banned from picking it again. The other team should be able to pick that hero. So it’s 5*5 + 8 = 33.