Arena of Valor (AoV) - Tencent Automates Hacking Detection

Tencent recently revealed that they will be automating their detection of map-hacking software and the bans associated with it.

Hacking Bans Go Automated

An update on Tencent’s ever vigilant war on hackers. Community Manager Nick Zazzer announced on Reddit that they will be setting up a system to automatically detect and ban players found using map hacking software.

Hi everyone,

If you’ve been following in the past month, we have taken a vigilant stance against accounts that have been found to use map hacks or other exploits. While developing a fix at the source will take some more time, we will be switching to banning in real-time using automated detection.

You can find that news and this week’s list of banned IDs here:

I would like to pose a question to the community: with the real-time banning, would you still like to see weekly lists of the accounts banned?

Note: this would not prohibit us from sharing newsworthy status updates on our progress of eliminating these hacks.

Thanks for your input and continued support of Arena of Valor.

This should greatly increase the rate at which hackers are dealt with and increase the risk of hacking in general. There exists the possibility for concern about the possibility of false positives arising, no system perfect. That said, Nick Zazzer has stated before that each ban is open to private discussion. However, it is highly unlikely that Tencent will revert their decision should the hacking be verified.

State of the Problem

Each week, a new list of banned accounts has been put out for public viewing. Each week, the number of banned players has been consistently decreasing, implying that would-be hackers are being dissuaded by the risk of being banned. We have covered two such waves of bans both for the week of March 6th and March 15th.

In the first incident, a team was banned from an ongoing SEA tournament. This was the first public announcement regarding map hacks resent in the game. Many were unaware that the game could even be hacked at that point. In addition to the map hacks was an exploit found that allowed the exploiter free vouchers. The hackers and exploiters were given 48 year bans for their abuse of third party software to get an unfair advantage in game.

The next week, an announcement was made that similar bans had been made on the NA and EU servers. This came after a public complaint from high-ranking player MVP. MVP claimed that he was harassed by Ass_Dave – another high-ranking player – along with a number of other players. He further claimed that his harassment and resulting false reports is what led to his ban. Tencent came out with a list of banned player IDs, stating that the offenders were guilty of using map hacks. Since this time, Tencent has come out every week with lists of players banned due to similar hacks with the list of offenders growing shorter and shorter.

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