Arena of Valor (AoV) - Max, the Wunderkind, Available on Europe and Americas Servers (Hero Release)

Max the Wunderkind was stealth released today to the Europe and Americas servers. He is a tank/warrior class hero whose damage resistance and passive true damage make him a fearsome bruiser.

Max the Wunderkind Available in Europe and Americas

Arena of Valor Max

Update: The following was announced on the official Arena of Valor Discord:

On the Max bug:
1. There is currently a bug in the SA/NA regions that allow players to buy Max but on EU they cannot buy him yet. 2. Because of this bug, there will be an emergency update in the NA/SA regions, once the update finishes Max will not be able to bought until the 16th, but the players who already bought him will be able to use him.

Max the Wunderkind, a new Tank/Warrior class hero, is suddenly available on the Europe and Americas servers. There was no official announcement or release from Arena of Valor, other than this teaser about five hours before the writing of this article:

Over the past month, heroes have been released to the Americas servers without much fanfare, typically behind other heroes being released on multiple servers. Tulen was seemingly stealth-released behind TeeMee while Aleister was on the front page, then Ryoma was released on the same day as Omen.

The difference this time is that Max is a completely new hero to all English-speaking servers, so the sudden, nearly unannounced release is surprising, to say the least. Max is currently displayed on the main menu screen on the Europe server, while Lauriel is still the cover girl for the Americas after making her debut on Friday.

Was Max the Hero Tencent was Teasing?

Both Koolio and SunBros released videos last week with speculation that a global hero would arrive. Max seems to fit the bill, though he is not available on Southeast Asia’s Valiant server (Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore). Tencent’s plans for hero releases do not seem to align with some of their publishers’, as the Garena-managed Valiant server is falling behind the Americas on hero count despite Arena of Valor’s release there being two months earlier.

Max’s Teaser & Lore

Based on Max’s lore, he is an orphaned boy who rummages Moren’s junkyard for a living, making use of the Technowiz’s old and disposed inventions for his survival. Moren saw his potential and took him under his wing. One of Max’s inventions later on was TeeMee’s magical armor, enabling them to resurrect a fallen ally.

Max’s Abilities and Rating

Here is an overview of Max’s abilities:

Passive – Static Shock

Every time Max damages an enemy, the enemy gets shocked, causing them to suffer 30 (+4 per level) (+0.22 AD) true damage per second and have their health regeneration reduced by 25% for 3 seconds.

Ability 1 – Bionic Blender

Max spins his robot arms around, dealing 300 (+0.9 AD)  physical damage to enemies. Every time he hits an enemy, he increases his movement speed by 10% (up to a maximum of 50%) for 4 seconds.

Ability 2 – Smooth Moves

Max rushes towards his target and flips over them, landing on their opposite side. Once on the other side, Max activates a magnetic force field that reduced Max’s damage taken by 15% for 3 seconds. This ability can be used again within 4 seconds.

Ultimate – Liftoff

Max fires trackers that attach to all enemy heroes for a short time. The trackers allow allies to see the enemies’ locations and interrupt enemy recall actions. While the trackers are active, Max can then select an enemy to track and ram into by holding down the ability button. Ramming into the enemy deals 600 (+1.0 AD) physical damage and knocks them back. If Max takes too long to select an enemy, then he will have to fire the trackers again. When Max lands, he activates a magnetic force field that reduces his damage taken, increases his resistance by 30%, and shocks all nearby enemies. Pressing the ability again while Max is tracking an enemy will cancel the attack making Max land immediately and activate his force field.

We will continue to update Max’s hero page with ability ranges, mechanics, and more throughout the day.

How Strong is Max?

If Taiwan’s Arena of Valor professional league, the GCS, is to be trusted, Max appears to be one of the strongest heroes in the game. Three days ago, Max was banned in the first four games of the day before being picked in the final game (AHQ, the team who picked him, won that game and the match).

Based on our admittedly limited playtesting his passive ability and incredible resistance seem to be the keys to his strength.

Max’s Hero Spotlight

Future Hero Release Speculation

Max was made available to the Taiwan server about four weeks ago, with Liliana arriving two weeks later. Wisp is the next hero to arrive in Taiwan, meaning Liliana the nine tailed fox, will likely be the next heroine made available to Europe and the Americas. Meanwhile, Southeast Asia gets to cry in the corner (though they are expected to receive Lauriel soon).

The following is a hero availability chart for English servers. For a full list of hero availability, click here.

Europe SEA (SG/MY/PH) Americas India
Airi Airi Airi Airi
Aleister Aleister Aleister Aleister
Alice Alice Alice Alice
Arduin Arduin Arduin Arduin
Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur
Arum Arum Arum Arum
Astrid Astrid Astrid Astrid
Azzen’Ka Azzen’Ka Azzen’Ka Azzen’Ka
Baldum Baldum Baldum Baldum
Batman Batman Batman Batman
Butterfly Butterfly Butterfly Butterfly
Chaugnar Chaugnar Chaugnar Chaugnar
Cresht Cresht Cresht Cresht
Diao Chan Diao Chan Diao Chan Diao Chan
Fennik Fennik Fennik Fennik
Gildur Gildur Gildur Gildur
Grakk Grakk Grakk Grakk
Ignis Ignis Ignis Ignis
Ilumia Ilumia Ilumia Ilumia
Jinnar Jinna Jinnar Jinnar
Kahlii Kahlii Kahlii Kahlii
Kil’Groth Kil’Groth Kil’Groth Kil’Groth
Kriknak Kriknak Kriknak Kriknak
Krixi Krixi Krixi Krixi
Lauriel Lauriel Lauriel Lauriel
Liliana Liliana Liliana Liliana
Lindis Lindis Lindis Lindis
Lu Bu Lu Bu Lu Bu Lu Bu
Lumburr Lumburr Lumburr Lumburr
Maloch Maloch Maloch Maloch
Max Max Max Max
Mganga Mganga Mganga Mganga
Mina Mina Mina Mina
Moren Moren Moren Moren
Murad Murad Murad Murad
Nakroth Nakroth Nakroth Nakroth
Natalya Natalya Natalya Natalya
Omega Omega Omega Omega
Omen Omen Omen Omen
Ormarr Ormarr Ormarr Ormarr
Peura Payna Peura Peura
Preyta Preyta Preyta Preyta
Raz Raz Raz Raz
Rourke Rourke Rourke Rourke
Roxi Roxi Roxi Roxi
Ryoma Ryoma Ryoma Ryoma
Searcy Searcy Searcy Searcy
Skud Skud Skud Skud
Slimz Slimz Slimz Slimz
Superman Superman Superman Superman
Taara Taara Taara Taara
TeeMee TeeMee TeeMee TeeMee
Tel’Annas Tel’Annas Tel’Annas Tel’Annas
Thane Thane Thane Thane
The Flash The Flash The Flash The Flash
The Joker The Joker The Joker The Joker
Toro Toro Toro Toro
Tulen Tulen Tulen Tulen
Valhein Valhein Valhein Valhein
Veera Veera Veera Veera
Violet Violet Violet Violet
Wisp Wisp Wisp Wisp
Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Wonder Woman
Wukong Wukong Wukong Wukong
Xeniel Xeniel Xeniel Xeniel
Yorn Yorn Yorn Yorn
Zanis Zanis Zanis Zanis
Zephys Zephys Zephys Zephys
Zill Zill Zill Zill
Zuka Zuka Zuka Zuka
Total: 62 Total: 51 Total: 54  Total: 37

Arena of Valor Overview

Arena of Valor is a massively popular mobile Multiplayer Online Battle Arena which features intense player-versus-player combat similar to genre titan League of Legends. The game is the world’s highest-grossing mobile game app, first launching its beta version in China on November 26, 2015. The game is currently playable in Europe, North America, South America, India, and parts of East and Southeast Asia, and has a monthly active player base of 200 million users as of 2017.

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Players can download the game from the Apple Appstore or Google Play Store.

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Maloch arrives when in the Americas? Congratulations on the biggest site in the world !!!

Thank you, Lucas. We currently don’t have any information regarding Maloch’s arrival in Americas.

I wonder what Garena’s plan is.. but whatever it is, right now, it doesn’t seem very beneficial to the SEA player-base.

Hi Cyke! We also wonder what is Garena’s plan right now but it seems they’re prioritizing high tier hero releases in preparation for AWC 2018