Arena of Valor (AoV) - Xeniel, The Immaculate, Brings Down His Divine Light onto the AoV SEA Server

Xeniel, The Immaculate, is a tank-support hero that has heals, shields, & crowd control abilities. He is the first hero to arrive in AoV's SEA server in 2018.

Xeniel, The Immaculate, Brings Down His Divine Light onto the Arena of Valor SEA Server

Arena of Valor Xeniel

Xeniel, The Immaculate, is Arena of Valor SEA Server’s first hero to arrive in 2018. This arch angel-like hero is a hybrid tank-support capable of multiple roles in the game. His kit revolves around heals, shields, and crowd control abilities, allowing his teammates to push and persevere on their respective lanes. He was first playable on Arena of Valor’s Taiwan Server, while he is yet to be made available on the Europe, North America, and Latin America servers.

Xeniel Gameplay

Source: Garena Arena of Valor Facebook

Here is an overview of Xeniel’s ability set in the game:

Holy Brand (Passive) – Every third normal attack, Xeniel deals 4%-8% of his own maximum HP as magic damage (+1% at level 4/7/10/13)

Divine Protection (1st ability) – Xeniel forms an enveloping barrier that absorbs 400 (+0) (+13) (4% of his maximum HP) damage. Xeniel can detonate the barrier after 2.5 seconds by pressing the ability button again, dealing 400 (+0) (+134) (4% of his own maximum HP) magic damage to enemies nearby and reduces their movement speed for 1 second. If the barrier is destroyed by an enemy, then no damage nor movement impairing effects will be dealt.

Malleus (2nd ability) – Xeniel leaps towards the target area, dealing 280 (+0) magic damage to enemies in the area, while also stunning them for 1.25 second.

Angelic Splendor (Ultimate) – Xeniel selects an ally hero to bless with 40% damage reduction for 3 seconds as he soars into the air towards the ally hero’s location at the time of casting. After 2.2 seconds, Xeniel crashes down in the target area dealing 300 (+0) magic damage to nearby enemies, while also healing the ally hero for 15% of their maximum HP and increasing Xeniel’s movement speed by 40% for 3 seconds.

While only his ultimate can actually heal allies, every one of his active abilities are different forms of crowd control. Additionally, both his damage and survivability are affected by his maximum HP, so players can double-dip when they select HP-augmenting items.

When it comes to official tournaments, Xeniel has yet to make an appearance in the professional scene. Keep an eye on our latest hero rankings to see how he rates as he makes his debut onto more servers.

Arena of Valor Overview

Arena of Valor is a massively popular mobile Multiplayer Online Battle Arena which features intense player-versus-player combat similar to genre titan League of Legends. Arena of Valor is the world’s highest-grossing mobile game app, first launching its beta version in China on November 26, 2015. The game is currently playable in Europe, North America, South America, and parts of East and Southeast Asia, and has a monthly active player base of 200 million users as of 2017.

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Players can download the game from the Apple Appstore or Google Play Store.

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