Arena of Valor (AoV) - Top 5 List: Most Difficult Heroes to Play (2/27/18)

We list the top five most difficult heroes to play in Arena of Valor. These heroes can either carry a team or fall flat on their face, depending on the player using them.

Most Difficult Heroes to Play

Arena of Valor comes off as a very simple game because of the streamlined tutorial and the ability to carry games at low ranks with everyone’s favorite tricorn enthusiast. Dig a little deeper, however, and you’ll find intricacies about the game you never knew existed.

The same holds true for the heroes. While there are a handful that can be played without ever turning off auto-aim, some heroes are indeed difficult to play and require dedication and days of practice in order to master. In no particular order, these are some of the harder heroes to play in Arena of Valor.


Arena of Valor Zill

First in our list is the mage assassin, Zill. He is a very strong hero that has the potential to quickly gank lanes and kill enemies without taking any damage with his ultimate. However, he may be difficult hero to maneuver for some players, especially those who are new to the game.

Zill’s passive requires the player to closely monitor the stacks he’s applied to enemies in order to deal more damage to them. Performing the right combinations and knowing the different stacks of his abilities are needed to effectively utilize his passive without wasting an ability. His squishiness is also an issue that needs to be played around, so careful use of his ultimate is crucial.


raz hero guide

Raz is a position-based offensive hero that requires a ton of mastery in order to succeed. His abilities are powerful, to say the least. What makes him difficult is the fact that you need to pick your fights carefully and position yourself so that you get maximum use out of Explosive KO.

His ultimate damages and pushes back enemy heroes, so inexperienced Raz players may push enemies away, allowing them to safely escape. He is also very squishy and prone to burst damage. Raz is a strong hero that is fun to play, provided the player has a clear idea of his kit.



Airi is an warrior/assassin capable of quickly killing enemies who cross her. What makes her difficult to play is not her kit, but her innate squishiness in team fights. Once she gets caught with burst abilities or crowd control, it’s all over for the female assassin.

Airi is very reliant on Shadow to get her out of trouble, as it is her only form of engage or escape. She is basically useless as an assassin when Shadow is on cooldown. What you need in order to master Airi is proper ability management and knowing when to enter and get out of a fight.

Wonder Woman

Arena of Valor Wonder Woman

The difficult part in playing as Wonder Woman is that she has a lot of intricacies in her abilities that may be daunting to some first-time players. One good example is the way Lasso of Truth works. If the enemy has more than 50% HP, Wonder Woman will be pulled towards the hero; if the enemy has less HP, the lasso will pull the enemy towards you. One small miscalculation can either let the enemy escape or pull yourself into the enemy front line, giving them an easy kill.

Her passive and first ability are also difficult to track, requiring you to focus while trying to get by in the laning phase. Mastering Wonder Woman is already a great achievement, as it means that you have a clear grasp of game concepts such as micromanagement and situational awareness.


Arena of Valor Zuka BannerZuka is another warrior/assassin who is known for being extremely mobile, with a total of four dashes and leaps. That said, you may be wondering how a character with such great mobility could be difficult to play?

The problem with him is you need to constantly auto attack right after using one of his abilities to maximize the damage output in a fight. Having a ton of mobility can also take a toll on him, as he only has one crowd control ability – with a slight delay in cast time – and you need to hit an enemy in order to make it work. Being very squishy and vulnerable to burst damage make it even harder to play him, especially because building him tanky nullifies his kit’s strengths.

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    • Murad is hard at first but just keep playing bot match to fully understand him. And Murad is supposed to be used to harass enemies with his tempo turbo. So just keep wall hacking with his 1st and tempo turbo the shit out of enemies, if an opportunity pops up, use his 2nd and tempo turbo the shit out of enemies.

  1. Is this list not gonna be updated? I’ve found both Superman and Murad to be difficult to use because of their win conditions. For Superman, you need to be constantly be moving and your timing for those CC abilities must be in point. For Murad, you have to constantly keep a jungle creep to maintain stacks for his ultimate.