Arena of Valor (AoV) - Premiere Valor League – PVL Day 1 Highlights

Information and some quick PVL Day 1 Highlights

Premiere Valor League - S2 Week 1

Premiere Valor League – PVL Day 1 Highlights

PVL Day 1 saw some competitive AoV teams begin jockeying for position in their respective divisions. Here are some highlights from the games:

INF Outlaws vs Assassin’s Squad

PVL S2 Week 1 Day 1 Match 1


PVL Day 1’s first match began with INF Outlaws versus Assassin’s Squad. INF Outlaws picked a team fight focused composition with Kahlii, Wonder Woman, Lindis, Omen, and Arum while Assassin’s Squad went with a more mobile and single-damage team in Liliana, Tel’Annas, Alice, Lu Bu, and Nakroth.

Both teams opted to invade the jungles and went toe-to-toe in some small skirmishes. Assassin’s Squad’s ASxLeon got first blood, sniping down INFxRoman. FlameJam put INF Outlaws in the KDA boards with a kill but was taken down by xHunterx. Another kill by nahoZ resulted in a 1-3 Assassin’s Squad lead.

Assassin’s Squad got the map locked down for the duration of the early and mid games, securing the Abyssal Dragon. Meanwhile, INF Outlaws were trying to catch up on experience and gold. Assassin’s Squad continued to pressure the towers and bully INF Outlaws away from their lanes.

Ultimately, Assassin’s Squad’s excellent map awareness and rotations proved to be the deciding factor as they steamroll to an impressive 18-1 victory.

Winner: Assassin’s Squad
MVP: ASxLeon (Liliana, 6-0-7)


Assassin’s Squad went with an AOE-engage heavy team of Ryoma, Violet, Annette, Maloch, and Sephera. Meanwhile, INF Outlaws’ team comprised of a 2-tank setup with Cresht, Mina, Riktor, Aleister, and Wisp.

Similar to their strategy in Game 1, Assassin’s Squad used a 4-man invade and stormed INF Outlaws’ Sage Golem with the intention of stealing the blue buff. INF Outlaws were quick to respond and managed to keep their blue buff, but at the expense of a first blood thanks to nahoZ’s Ryoma killing INFxPhoenix’s Mina.

Amid the commotion, INF Outlaws’ Syldra stole Assassin’s Squad’s blue buff. That did not faze Assassin’s Squad, as they got the drop on the INF Outlaws’ Abyssal Dragon lane. NahoZ got a double kill, destroyed the tower, and secured the first Abyssal Dragon for a commanding 4-0 KDA lead.

Assassin’s Squad was again dominating the map in the early to mid game. This effort earned them more kills and excellent positioning for objectives. INF Outlaws tried to take the fight to Assassin’s Squad in the middle lane, but got the losing end of a 1-for-3 trade, further ballooning Assassin’s Squad’s already large lead of 9-1 on top of their gold lead.

With the momentum clearly in their favor, Assassin’s Squad sieged INF Outlaws for a 18-2 clobbering and winning the match, 2-0.

Winner: Assassins’ Squad
MVP: nahoZ (Ryoma, 7-0-4 KDA)

Nontoxic Esports vs INF Army

PVL S2 Week 1 Day 1 Match 2


The second match for PVL Day 1 pitted Nontoxic Esports against INF Army. Nontoxic Esports opted to go for a heavy-hitting mobile composition with Y’Bneth, Moren, Raz, Zuka, and Airi. INF Army went for a more balanced lineup with Liliana, Lumburr, Omen, Lindis, and Amily.

INF Army started the game by invading Nontoxic Esports’ Might Golem. INFxFierce got first blood by taking down NTGxESTEROS while he was scouting in the Dark Slayer part of the river. This led to INF Army securing the first Abyssal Dragon in the early stages of the match. However, Nontoxic Esports’ NTGxXchrono caught a few INF Army players who were trying to steal their Might Golem off-guard and a clash ensued, INFxFierce getting killed.

The mid-game stage got things down to the wire, both teams getting kills and keeping the KDA scoreboard close at 4-3. INF Army had a bit of a gold advantage thanks to securing their second Abyssal Dragon. Following this, INF Army pressured the middle and top lanes and destroyed the tier one towers, gaining further momentum. Nontoxic Esports still wanted to close in the gold advantage, trying to get their first Abyssal Dragon. INF Army was quick to respond and a battle ensued, Nontoxic Esports securing the Abyssal Dragon. However, they were routed 4-1 in the following team fight. This led to a kill score of 5-9 in favor of INF Army after 8 minutes of play.

INF Army’s Flexing found himself trapped in Nontoxic Esports’ base. Before he died, though, he managed to get a triple kill for his team. Meanwhile, Flexing’s teammates continued to storm the other lanes and were successful in destroying the middle base tower. Nontoxic Esports put up a valiant effort in defending their base, but they eventually succumbed to INF Army with a 19-10 Kill score.

Winner: INF Army
MVP: Flexing (Amily, 6-3-5)


INF Army drafted a team that focused on initiations and protecting their carry by choosing Thane, Annette, Sephera, Riktor, and Violet. Nontoxic Esports countered by picking a beefy frontline with high DPS carries in Cresht, Skud, Tel’Annas, Zephys, and Liliana.

Both teams were on the defensive to start the match, with ACkGin managing to pelt NTGxESTEROS’ HP down to dangerous levels. This led to him being unable to defend his tower properly, and was summarily executed by INFxFierce to get the first blood.

Following this, both teams returned to amassing gold and being cautious of ganks and team fights. INF Army managed to pressure the Dragon Lane, netting a kill and the tower after 5:52 of action. This allowed them to secure the Abyssal Dragon and further increase their gold lead. Afterward, INF Army blitzed the top lane and secured more kills, resulting in a 7-2 Kill score and allowing them to destroy Nontoxic Esports’ second tier tower.

INFxGhost went on a tear with Riktor, going for an impressive 7-0-2 KDA as INF Army began to clamp down and slowly control the pace against Nontoxic Esports. However, Nontoxic Esports managed to rally a bit and opted to clash against INF Army in the mid lane after defending their base. INF Army proved to be too much for them, the army almost wiping them out with a 1-for-4 clash in favor of INF Army. INF Army then seized the momentum and closed out their adversaries for a dominating 21-6 win.

Winner: INF Army
MVP: INFxGhost (Riktor, 12-0-3)

BMGaming vs Dino Riders

PVL S2 Week 1 Day 1 Match 3


The third match up for PVL Day 1 is between BMGaming and Dino Riders. BMGaming chose a team with high DPS and good initiates by picking Violet, Baldum, Ryoma, The Flash, and Riktor. Meanwhile, Dino Riders went with a zoning team composition that also has decent single-target lockdowns with Arum, Lindis, Kahlii, Omen, and Tel’Annas.

DR_Tobias was on task with his Arum, making sure to roam and protect DR CL’z’s Kahlii in the middle lane. BMGaming then decides to rotate and pinch down the Dragon Lane, but Dino Riders manages to thwart the advance. This led to BMGaming to secure the first Abyssal Dragon, further increasing their gold advantage. NOt to be deterred, Dino Riders manage to get first blood by killing BMGxTriumph near the middle tower. BMGaming bounces back, however, by getting three kills near Dino Riders’ Sage Golem thanks to a timely ultimate from BMGxTriumph to sway the KDA score 3-1 in their favor.

By the 6:38 mark, BMGaming began to systematically dissect the map and siege the top and Dragon Lanes. This strategy proved to be favorable for BMGaming, as their KDA score ballooned to 15-5 by 8:37. With their backs against the wall, Dino Riders made their last stand against BMGaming, but ultimately, BMGaming wins a fairly lopsided match, 20-8.

Winner: BMGaming
MVP: BMGxMts (Ryoma,5-1-7 KDA)


Dino Riders made adjustments to their lineup for Game 2, opting to go for a duo-tank composition of Baldum, Arduin, Wukong, Lindis, and Kahlii. BMGaming, on the other hand, went for a bruiser/burst team consisting of Annette, Ryoma, Rourke, Tulen, and Omen.

BMGaming caught ALGxBeast at the chokepoint of the Might Golem, which results in a First Blood. Dino Riders then tried to throw down with BMGaming in various areas, but were quickly disposed of; suddenly the KDA score is 7-0 for BMGaming. The horrendous start led to Dino Riders surrendering the game.

Winner: BMGaming
MVP: BMGxTH (Omen, 3-0-1)

Psychotics vs YD Alpha

PVL S2 Week 1 Day 1 Match 4


The final match for PvL Day 1 was between Psychotics and YD Alpha. YD Alpha picked a team that has high damage output with Quillen, Tulen, Wisp, Annette, and Riktor. Psychotics opted for a more balanced composition of Lu Bu, Mina, Liliana, Tel’Annas, and Zill.

YD Alpha got first blood thanks to their 3-man invade at the Might Golem side of Psychotics. This resulted in an early 4-1 Kill score in favor of YD Alpha. YDxMonday’s Quillen ran wild on his way to a commanding 6-1-2 KDA in just under 6 minutes of action; YDxHitmanGM also went 4-0 with Riktor to further put pressure on Psychotics.

In the end, YD Alpha did not let up and had Psychotics on the defensive for most of Game 1. Eventually, Psychotics succumbed to YD Alpha, 22-5.

Winner: YD Alpha
MVP: YDxMonday (Quillen, 8-1-8)


Psychotics opted to go for a split-pushing and team-centric lineup with Slimz, Riktor, Xeniel, Jinna, and Teemee. Meanwhile, YD Alpha chose a gank heavy team comprising of Superman, Grakk, Tel’Annas, Tulen, and Kriknak.

YD Alpha opted to invade Psychotics’ Might Golem again and managed first blood on DSxPlayer2. However, Psychotics returned the favor with PsYSplashy getting a double kill. The early to mid-game saw both teams at each others’ throats, trying to gain an edge by securing objectives and controlling the lanes.

At 7:18, YD Alpha won a crucial clash, allowing them additional lane and objective pressure. After securing the Drake and the Dark Slayer, YD Alpha marched towards the middle lane, aiming to siege the core. After dispatching the remaining defenders, YD Alpha handily sealed the game with a 17-9 thrashing.

Winner: YD Alpha
MVP: YDxHitmanGM (Tulen, 8-0-4)


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