Arena of Valor (AoV) - Premiere Valor League – PVL Day 2 Highlights

Information and some quick PVL Day 2 highlights from their matches.

Premiere Valor League - S2 Week 1

Premiere Valor League – PVL Day 2 Highlights

PVL Day 2 caps off the first week of AoV action. Let’s take a look at the highlights of the matches between highly competitive teams:

Five Kings vs. Team Phoenix


Five Kings Team Phoenix
WoFxBrandon – Riktor Emily – Maloch
vVvMcDull – Annette zorooooo – Cresht
WoFxRaptor – Jinnar WSSxSNOW – Tulen
WoFxUnsaweR- Airi Vvriter – Lindis
GGxHyouka – Wisp raidenKIRITO – TeeMee

Five Kings opted to run a balanced team of Riktor, Annette, Jinnar, Airi, and Wisp, while Team Phoenix chose a dual-tank lineup of Maloch, Cresht, Tulen, Lindis, and TeeMee.

Team Phoenix started off the game by invading the Might Golem and successfully stealing it from Five Kings’ jungler. This allowed Vvriter to have an early advantage while GGxHyouka was left to catch up. A couple of small skirmishes in the early game saw players from both teams narrowly escape with slivers of HP left. A three-man gank from Team Phoenix on WoFxBrandon signaled his team to respond at the Dragon Lane where a clash ensued. First blood went to Vvriter, able to tag WoFxRaptor with ranged attacks. Emily’s Maloch dived in for the save, as Vvriter’s HP was low and Wisp was on the offensive. This proved to be beneficial for Team Phoenix, as Vvriter got a double kill while GGxHyouka’s Wisp finally killed raidenKIRITO’s TeeMee.

The battle continues with each team trading deaths, and when the dust settled, the KDA score was dead even at 3-3, with only a slight gold advantage favoring Team Phoenix. A clash at the Abyssal Dragon pit at 5:43 saw Five Kings sway the tide to their favor by killing Emily’s Maloch and raidenKIRITO’s TeeMee, and securing the first Abyssal Dragon in the game. GGxHyouka and Vvriter threw down near Five Kings’ Sage Golem at around 7:42, where both fell, but the momentum was still with Five Kings. Team Phoenix was quick to rotate to the top lane and thwart Five Kings’ push.

A pivotal clash at 9:10 saw Team Phoenix use excellent positioning and timing to route Five Kings, acing them in the process. Afterward, Team Phoenix managed to destroy the two middle lane towers and poised themselves to get the Enraged Abyssal Dragon. However, Five Kings had already respawned and were on their way to contest the Dragon objective. vVvMcDull’s Annette contested the Abyssal Dragon, and while Vvriter still got the dragon, Team Phoenix was wiped out 3-0 by Five Kings. They then proceeded to take Team Phoenix’s two middle lane towers and were positioning to get the third middle tower. However, Cresht and Maloch were there to successfully defend their base.

Looking to take back momentum, Five Kings’ WoFxUnsaweR began to push the top lane and managed to siege all the way to the second tower. This led Team Phoenix to look for a team fight in the middle lane. They engaged Five Kings, and some masterful positioning from WoFxUnsawer led him to push back Vvriter who was the focal point for Team Phoenix’s damage output. This led to Five Kings routing Team Phoenix again, 13-9, and easily taking down Dark Slayer.

With the Drake at the ready, Five Kings sought to deal the decisive blow and win Game 1 against Team Phoenix. Five Kings summoned the Drake in the middle lane while they pushed the top lane. Team Phoenix defended well thanks to the sheer firepower of Vvriter’s Lindis. Unfortunately, Five Kings were able to shut Vvriter down and destroy both the middle and top towers. Eventually, Five Kings were able to take down the core and take Game 1.

Winner: Five Kings
MVP: vVvMcDull (Annette, 1-1-17)


Five Kings Team Phoenix
WoFxBrandon – Cresht Emily – Tel’Annas
vVvMcDull – Alice zorooooo – Omen
WoFxRaptor – Jinnar WSSxSNOW – Liliana
WoFxUnsaweR- Maloch Vvriter – Zephys
GGxHyouka – Violet raidenKIRITO – Lumburr

Team Phoenix chose to run a team with high single-target damage and excellent engages with Tel’Annas, Liliana, Zephys, Lumburr, and Omen. Meanwhile, Five Kings went with an AD carry lineup with Cresht, Alice, Jinnar, Maloch, and Violet.

Team Phoenix got first blood when Vvriter’s Zephys net a kill against vVvMcDull’s Alice to start Game 2. Another kill for Team Phoenix on GGxHyouka allowed them to rotate and get the first Abyssal Dragon. This resulted in Team Phoenix controlling the tempo with a quick 5-1 Kill score in just under 4 minutes of action.

With momentum on their side, Team Phoenix continued to pressure Five Kings by rushing their middle tower. They managed to pick off GGxHyouka and vVvMcDull and to take down the tower as well. Five Kings went onto the defensive, trying to quell the offense of Team Phoenix. Despite their efforts, they kept coming up short due to the insane burst of WSSxSNOW’s Liliana.

After getting Dark Slayer at 8:58, Team Phoenix was poised to take Game 2. An all-out offense in all the lanes saw Team Phoenix handily defeating and avenging their loss against Future Kings, 16-5.

Winner: Team Phoenix
MVP: Vvriter (Zephys, 4-1-10)


Five Kings Team Phoenix
WoFxBrandon – Riktor Emily – Tel’Annas
vVvMcDull – Baldum zorooooo – Lu Bu
WoFxRaptor – Tulen WSSxSNOW – The Flash
WoFxUnsaweR- Wisp Vvriter – Zephys
GGxHyouka – Kriknak raidenKIRITO – Lumburr

The third and final game between Five Kings and Team Phoenix saw both teams make some adjustments to their hero picks. Five Kings went with a somewhat balanced burst composition while Team Phoenix tweaked their Game 2 lineup while keeping the high initiation theme.

Five Kings started the game with a 4-man invade on Team Phoenix’s Sage Golem. Team Phoenix was quick to respond and managed to stifle the attempt, collecting the Blue Buff for Vvriter. Team Phoenix tried to return the favor by pestering GGxHyouka at his Might Golem, but his teammates were also able to rotate and help out for another stalemate.

vVvMcDull got first blood honors by catching Vvriter at the middle lane brush. This allowed Five Kings to obtain the first Abyssal Dragon and some much-needed momentum. However, Five Kings got caught up with the Spirit Sentinel which enables Team Phoenix to execute a great engagement, killing WoFxBrandon and vVvMcDull in the process and finally getting their team on the scoreboard, 3-2.

Both teams came together for a fight in the middle lane at 5:00, Team Phoenix getting a double kill and evening up the Kill score 4-4. Another clash happened at 6:20, with Five Kings getting the better of Team Phoenix thanks to WoFxBrandon cleaning up the backline for the ace. However, they couldn’t ride the momentum enough and for most of the middle stage, both teams traded deaths and lane advantages.

By the late game, the score was 15-13 in favor of Five Kings. The game boiled down to getting the objectives and whoever could come out on top of one crucial team fight. Five Kings took the Dark Slayer and was looking to pressure Team Phoenix, but GGxHyouka was caught out of position. This led to Team Phoenix getting a crucial kill marching toward Five Kings’ middle lane. After a valiant effort, Team Phoenix managed to eke out a hard-fought 18-17 victory.

Winner: Team Phoenix
MVP: Vvriter (Zephys, 7-4-5)

Executie vs YD Omega


Executie YD Omega
CKxAuraTrix – Lauriel YDxRuin – Tel’Annas
CKxCptCrunch – Wisp KR*Friend – Liliana
CKxFrootLoop – Arduin XavierKeyz – Thane
KOMODO – Nakroth YDxIniquity – Riktor
CKxHoneyBun – Alice How_Sway – Rourke

PVL Day 2’s second game was between Executie and YD Omega. Executie employed a team-based composition while YD Omega opted to go for a initiation-heavy lineup.

YD Omega began the game by pestering the Might Golem side of Executie’s jungle, who then responded by engaging them to whittle down their HP. After a stalemate, YD decided to withdraw and focus on getting back on the lanes, Executie doing the same. Both teams began sizing each other up and looking for an opening. CptCrunch of Executie got first blood by taking out Tel’Annas in the Dragon Lane. This was followed by another kill on How_Sway’s Rourke to give Executie an early 2-0 lead and an opening to get the first Abyssal Dragon.

However, YD Omega rallied and got the jump on Executie at 4:33 to get 3 kills. Both teams then began to goad their opposition to take the objectives so they could contest as to get an edge. Executie proved to be the wiser, managing to take out How_Sway and YDxRuin for a 7-5 lead.

Executie continued to put the pressure on YD Omega by netting one kill after another. By the 11:47 mark, YD Omega became unraveled, and Executie had taken control of the lanes. In the end, Executie gets the win over YD Omega, 18-8.

Winner: Executie
MVP: CKxCptCrunch (Wisp, 7-3-7)


Executie YD Omega
CKxAuraTrix – Lauriel YDxRuin – Tel’Annas
CKxCptCrunch – Wisp YDxGalaxy – Annette
CKxFrootLoop – Arduin XavierKeyz – Skud
KOMODO – Nakroth YDxIniquity – Liliana
CKxHoneyBun – Alice How_Sway – Rourke

Game 2 saw Executie reuse their team composition from the first game, while YD Omega did some minor tweaking to their lineup.

Both teams began the early game on the defensive side, with their mid laners and support heroes roaming and trying to figure out where the opposing junglers were. KOMODO got first blood on YDxGalaxy’s Annette to get Executie on the board. A couple of minutes in, both teams again traded kills and lane advantages. From here, a majority of the game revolved around tagging enemies with skills and securing objectives.

Slowly but surely, Executie took down one tower after another to gain momentum over YD Omega. This led to YD Omega getting a bit careless and getting picked off one by one. Finally, Executie grinded out a 11-4 victory, sweeping YD OMega.

Winner: Executie
MVP: CKxCptCrunch (Wisp, 9-0-0)

Just 4 Fun vs. PrideStark Empire


Just 4 Fun PrideStark Empire
J4F_AngelaZu – Butterfly PsrK_KO – Roxie
J4F_S3cr3t – Superman PsrK_Beg – Y’bneth
J4F_Silence – Liliana PsrK_Zane – Quillen
Zain – Nakroth PsrK_Ra – Maloch
V secret – Moren PsrK_KzFox – Elsu

The third match for PvL Day 2 pitted Just 4 Fun against PrideStark Empire. J4F went with a single-target and push-centric composition while PrideStark opted for a very front-heavy, high burst lineup.

PsrK_KzFox got first blood honors after picking off J4F_S3cr3t in the middle lane to put PrideStark on the board. PsrK_KzFox tagged a lot of enemies with his Elsu snipes to keep J4F on the defensive in the early game. PsrK_Beg and the others roamed J4F’s jungle and picked off any stragglers they came across for a quick 6-0 lead.

Excellent rotations and dives on the opposing towers as well as PsrK_KzFox’s impeccable snipinig proved to be the turning point for PrideStark, they steamrolling Just 4 Fun 20-2.

Winner: PrideStark Empire
MVP: PsrK_KzFox (Elsu, 7-0-4 KDA) 

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