Arena of Valor (AoV) - Premiere Valor League – PVL Day 3 Highlights

Information and some quick PVL Day 3 highlights from their matches.


Premiere Valor League – PVL Day 3 Highlights

PVL Day 3 is in the books, and it gave us some highly-contested games that went through the wire. Let’s take a look at the highlights of the matches between highly competitive teams:

Nontoxic Esports vs. Executie


Nontoxic Esports Executie
NTGxChap – Elsu CKxAuraTrix – Sephera
NTGxESTEROS – Ryoma KOMODO – Nakroth
NTGxCrow – Wukong CKxCptCrunch – Wisp
NTG_Q.Winter – Aleister CKxCheerio – Annette
CRUxWolff – Arduin CKxFrootLoop – Astrid

Nontoxic Esports went with a predominantly AD burst lineup, while Executie opted to pick a more team fight oriented team to begin Game 1.

Early game saw Executie prevent a Nontoxic Esports invade on their Sage Golem. This slowed down KOMODO’s jungle clear a bit, while NTGxCrow’s Wukong continued his normal jungling route in his Sage Golem area. This was then followed by a Might Golem steal on the Executie’s side of the jungle, further hampering KOMODO’s jungle path and gold. However, KOMODO was able to get the first blood on NTGxCrow after his team scouted the river. This allows Executie to steal Nontoxic Esports’ Might Golem.

A couple of engages from both teams result with them tradiing kills; the KDA score was 4-5 in just 3:30 of action. Each team were jockeying for position to get the first Abyssal Dragon, but both teams were always at the defensive. This led to both teams opting to focus on the lanes to get advantage – Executie secured the Dark Slayer lane tower, while Nontoxic Esports got the Abyssal Dragon Lane tower.

Nontoxic Esports ramps up the all around pressure in the mid-game, getting the KDA score to 15-10 just before the 10 minute mark, thanks to masterful handling of skirmishes. NTGxESTEROS gets an impressive double kill at 12:41. This opens up the Dark Slayer for Nontoxic Esports. This proved to be the deciding factor, as Nontoxic Esports started to pull away from Executie.

Finally, NTGxCrow’s Wukong manages to secure a quad kill at 17:20 while NTGxESTEROS pushed the Dark Slayer lane all the way to the core, thus winning the game for Nontoxic Esports, 30-18.

Winner; Nontoxic Esports
MVP: NTGxCrow (Wukong, 14-4-5 KDA)


Nontoxic Esports Executie
NTGxChap – Tel’Annas CKxAuraTrix – Sephera
NTGxESTEROS – Riktor KOMODO – Zephys
NTGxCrow – Murad CKxCptCrunch – Wisp
NTG_Q.Winter – Lauriel -Dead- – TeeMee
CRUxWolff – Lumburr CKxFrootLoop – Astrid

For Game 2, Nontoxic Esports went for an engage-heavy burst composition, meanwhile Executie comprised of a similar lineup in Game 1, only switching KOMODO’s Nakroth with a Zephys, and subbing in -Dead- to provide support with TeeMee.

Both teams began the early game defending their junglers’ choke points. NTGxESTEROS was able to steal KOMODO’s blue buff to severely slow down KOMODO’s jungling and setting him back significantly. This led to NTGxESTEROS getting first blood, diving into CKxFrootLoop on his tower for the kill.

At 4:15, Executie manages to secure the first Abyssal Dragon following a 3-man takedown of NTGxCrow’s Murad to increase their lead to 4-2 KDA. Amid the early game, CKxCptCrunch was racking up most of the kills for Executie, having a 5-0 KDA to give his team the 6-2 KDA lead. However, following a successful push at the Abyssal Dragon Lane, NTGxESTEROS shuts down CKxCptCrunch at 6:30.

That said, Executie is slowly pulling away when it comes to lane advantage by the 9:00 mark, thanks in large part to CKxCptCrunch’s excellent pushing prowess. Some team fights and good rotations later, Executie is again knocking at Nontoxic Esports’ base – at 11:49, Executie soundly destroys the Dragon Lane Highground tower, and rushing towards the core, they secure the win and tying up the game.

Winner: Executie
MVP: CKxCptCrunch (Wisp, 8-2-2 KDA)


Nontoxic Esports Executie
NTGxChap – Elsu CKxAuraTrix – Lauriel
NTGxESTEROS – Riktor KOMODO – Lindis
NTGxCrow – Zephys CKxCptCrunch – Ryoma
NTG_Q.Winter – Kahlii -Dead- – TeeMee
CRUxWolff – Thane CKxFrootLoop – Arduin

The deciding match between Nontoxic Esports and Executie saw the former going for a variation of their high-AD burst team composition, while the latter opting for a more balanced, roaming lineup.

Executie begins the early game by sneaking into Nontoxic Esports’ Might Golem opting to steal it from NTGxCrow. However, NTGxChap was able to thwart Executie’s plan by hitting the Might Golem and having it go in the brush, fooling CptCrunch and -Dead- in the process. At 2:04, CptCrunch and -Dead- blitzes towards Wolff in his tower and getting first blood.

KOMODO was on point in his jungling with his Lindis getting ahead in terms of level and gold against NTG’s Crow in the earlier stages and getting some kills on NTGxESTEROS to give the KDA lead to Executie early at 4-0 at the 5:25 mark. This led to Executie securing the first Dragon, further adding to their team gold and experience advantage.

Executie did not let up their lead, timing their rotations in the mid-game portion of the match and making sure to pressure Nontoxic Esports’ jungle to full effect. This led to Executie destroying the high ground tower in 8 minutes of action. A couple of minutes later, they also manage to push the Dragon Lane high ground tower. They then opted to finish the game, but Nontoxic Esports manages to stave off their impending loss at 9:33.

In the end, however, Executie’s immense gold lead proved to be too much for Nontoxic Esports to overcome, as Executie storms into their foes’ nexus to get a decisive 21-8 win.

Winner: Executie
MVP: CKxCptCrunch (Ryoma, 10-3-5 KDA)

Assassin’s Squad vs. Five Kings


Assassin’s Squad Five Kings
xHunterx – Tel’Annas WoFxBrandon – Riktor
ASxLeon – Preyta WoFxUnsaweR – Maloch
SPARTANxBB – Baldum GGxHyouka – Violet
Roarr – Omen WoFxRaptor – Liliana
nahoZ – Nakroth vVvMcDull – Alice

The second match for PVL Day 3 pitted Assassin’s Squad against Five Kings. Both teams opted for a balanced team composition that transitions well into the late game. However, one major factor would be how the junglers would dictate the pace, as nahoZ was using his signature Nakroth, while Hyouka mans Violet.

Five Kings manages to get first blood on nahoZ’s Nakroth after detecting that he was trying to steal Hyouka’s Might Golem. Assassin’s Squad was able to bounce back thanks to a Dragon Lane gank from SPARTANxBB to xHunterx and securing the first Dragon of the game in 2:37.

Both teams were looking for an opening for most of the early game. Five Kings were able to steal the second Dragon from Assassin’s Squad at 5:47; a clash ensues, with Assassin’s Squad getting the upper hand and downing the first tier towers of the Dark Slayer and Dragon Lanes.

A couple of team fights in the middle lane during the 8 minute mark saw Assassin’s Squad get the better of Five Kings, and their KDA lead grows to 6-2, allowing them to pull away and amass their gold lead even more.

Assassin’s Squad continues to put the pressure on Five Kings, getting the Dark Slayer by the 9 minute mark and pushing the Slayer Lane. Five Kings valiantly defended their base, but Assassin’s Squad proved too be too much for them; Assassin’s Squad gets the 11-3 win.

Winner: Assassin’s Squad
MVP: xHunterx (Tel’Annas, 4-0-6 KDA)


Assassin’s Squad Five Kings
xHunterx – Baldum WoFxBrandon – Cresht
ASxLeon – Kahlii WoFxUnsaweR – Xeniel
SPARTANxBB – Sephera GGxHyouka – Gildur
Roarr – Riktor WoFxRaptor – Jinnar
nahoZ – Nakroth vVvMcDull – Y’bneth

Game 2 saw Five Kings go for an interesting lineup which was composed of a lot of tanks and hefty heroes that carry a lot of crowd control, with GGxHyouka oddly choosing Gildur as his jungling hero. Meanwhile, Assassin’s Squad went for a mix of poke-heavy heroes that can also contribute to a team fight.

Assassin’s Squad took it to Five Kings, pestering their jungler in the early game, getting the first blood on WoFxRaptor, and forcing the Sage Golem to reset which further delays Hyouka’s jungling. That said, Five Kings’ lineup prove to be a handful to deal with; their lineup’s general tankiness and crowd control abilities were giving them some small victories in the laning phase whenever they stood one on one against Assassin’s Squad. However, Assassin’s Squad’s mobility was the key for them in the game – they pushed the far lanes and destroyed the towers, effectively pressuring the immobile Five Kings lineup to play catch up.

Five Kings did the best out of their situation, but ultimately Assassin’s Squad were able to trample and outmaneuver their opponents into another 17-3 victory.

Winner: Assassin’s Squad
MVP: ASxLeon (Kahlii, 7-0-6 KDA)

YD Alpha vs PrideStark Empire


YD Alpha PrideStark Empire
YDxDualSpiral – Tel’Annas PsrK_Beg – TeeMee
YDxSky – Sephera PsrK_Zune – Riktor
-marcus-35 – Omen PsrK_Ra – Maloch
ChickenOP – Annette PsrK_Zane – Violet
YDxMonday – Quillen PsrK_KzFox – Tulen

PVL Day 3’s third match was between YD Alpha and PrideStark Empire. YD Alpha’s team composition relied on having two high-damage potential carries gain advantage with early kills, while PrideStark Empire opted for a more traditional lineup with a roaming Support.

Both teams started the first game by invading the opposing red side and pester the enemy jungler. PsrK_Zane manages to steal YD Alpha’s red buff, while YDxMonday finds himself on the wrong side of the first blood care of PsrK_KzFox. This led to KzFox getting an early lead in the jungle and sniping down YDxSky in the mid lane for a quick 2-0 KDA.

YD Alpha’s YDxMonday was quick to make adjustments by sneaking some jungle creeps from PrideStark’s KzFox near the Slayer Lane. This results to YD Alpha getting two kills and gain some much needed elbow room. The two teams then began trading kills as the game transitioned to the middle stages, with PrideStark Empire coming up ahead in the KDA score.

By the 8 minute mark, the teams turned to their marksmen. PsrK_Zane never gave his lead in the jungle and was doing a number on YD Alpha, but YDxDualSpiral has reached his power spike with his Tel’Annas play. However, Zane was able to get the upper hand on DualSpiral and continued to snowball against YD Alpha, all the way to a dominating 24-12 win.

Winner: PrideStark Empire
MVP: PsrK_Zane (Violet, 12-0-4 KDA)


YD Alpha PrideStark Empire
YDxDualSpiral – The Joker PsrK_Beg – Cresht
YDxSky – Tulen PsrK_Zune – Marja
-marcus-35 – Omen PsrK_Ra – Ryoma
ChickenOP – TeeMee PsrK_Zane – Zill
YDxMonday – Slimz PsrK_KzFox – Elsu

YD Alpha changed their strategy for Game 2 and went for a single-target poke-centric lineup. PrideStark Empire chose a balanced composition of heroes who deal burst damage to address the opposing team.

PrideStark’s Beg starts the game scouting YD Alpha’s jungle to take note where YDxMOnday is. Meanwhile, YD Alpha did a conventional early game, pressing their lane opponents and providing support for Monday as he continues his jungling path. A clash at the 1:33 mark saw PsrK_Zane get first blood on Monday. This was then followed up by PsrK_KzFox sniping down ChickenOP for a quick 2-0 KDA score for PrideStark Empire.

These early kills gave PrideStark Empire early map advantage and secured the first Abyssal Dragon in the game. However, YD Alpha got some early stops with YDxSky and ChickenOP getting some kills to get their team in the KDA score. Similar to Game 1, PrideStark Empire began to pull away from YD Alpha as they trade kills; PrideStark Empire was already 8-3 in just under 6 minutes and were bearing down on YD Alpha’s base.

A crucial team fight at the Dragon Lane saw YD Alpha managing to quell PrideStark Empire’s advances. This enabled YD Alpha to push the middle lane and take out the first and second tier towers. But the mini-rally from YD Alpha was short-lived – PrideStark Empire managed to defend and repel YD Alpha and began counter-pushing the middle lane, effectively destroying the middle lane high ground tower. Eventually, PrideStark Empire did not let up and finally dealt the decisive blow, soundly defeating YD Alpha, 21-11.

Winner: PrideStark Empire
MVP: PsrK_Zane (Zill, 9-4-4 KDA)

INF Army vs YD Omega


INF Army YD Omega
ACk*Gin – Lauriel XavierKeyz – Riktor
VGxSigmah – Arduin YDxRuin – Jinnar
iNFxDoze – Lumburr YDxIncarnate – Nakroth
-INF*Ghost – Florentino YDxHiit – Arum
iNFxFierce – Violet How_Sway – Sephera

The final match for PVL Day 3 pitted INF Army and YD Omega. INF Army rolled out a balanced team composition, while YD Omega opted a more team-oriented lineup.

Both teams opted to steal each other’s red buffs to begin Game 1. YD Omega was going on full-rotation mode in the lanes, poking INF Army’s laners, but not getting kills. VGxSigmah is the victim of an unofficial first blood when he got killed by the Dragon Lane tower at 2:20. YD Omega dives VGxSigmah in their Dragon Lane tower, killing him in the process, but YDxRuin also falling to tower damage. That did not faze INF Army, as they pressed on pressuring the lane; YD Omega held the fort on the red side jungle of INF Army, goading them for a team fight. However, INF Army did not fall for it and continued pushing the top lane.

This led to a team fight at 5:18 where INF Army gained some ground for a 6-3 KDA score. Undeterred, YD Omega bounced back and evened the KDA 6-6 following a pair of kills from YDxRuin and securing the second Dragon. Following a team fight in the middle lane which resulted in a 8-10 KDA score in favor of YD Omega, the latter also secured the Dark Slayer at the 9:06 mark. This proved to sway the momentum for YD Omega, as they also managed some solo kills on INF Army’s Florentino and Arduin. After a strong push towards the middle lane, YD Omega comes out on top, besting INF Army 16-9.

Winner: YD Omega
MVP: YDxRuin (Jinnar, 9-2-3 KDA)


INF Army YD Omega
ACk*Gin – The Flash XavierKeyz – Riktor
VGxSigmah – Skud YDxRuin – Tel’Annas
iNFxDoze – Marja YDxIncarnate – Quillen
-INF*Ghost – Omen YDxHiit – Mina
iNFxFierce – Lindis How_Sway – Kahlii

INF Army’s team composition was a mix of burst damage which scales into the late game. On the other side, YD Omega ran a more poke-centric team which also had a hard carry in Tel’Annas.

The early game started with both teams defending their respective jungle areas, waiting for either team to invade. After both teams decided that they won’t invade the jungle, they resorted back to dishing out one-on-one battles, specifically in the Slayer Lane. This led to INF*Ghost getting a quick first blood on XavierKeyz’s Riktor. Meanwhile, YDxRuin was given the task of facing off against VGxSigmah’s Skud which made YDxRuin tower-hugging for the early stretches of the match.

Some excellent zoning granted INF Army the first Dragon of the game to go along with another kill for a 2-0 KDA score and gold advantage. After a couple of well-timed rotations, INF Army was holding a commanding 6-0 KDA in just under 4 minutes of gameplay which ballooned to 9-0 just after the 5-minute mark. YD Omega manages to get to the scoreboard by catching INF Ghost out of position, but the odds seemed to be against them since INF Army has a significant lead.

Try as they might, INF Army was just too far ahead. They trampled on YD Omega, 27-4 by 11:30.

Winner: INF Army
MVP: VGxSigmah (Skud, 11-1-7 KDA)


INF Army YD Omega
ACk*Gin – Sephera XavierKeyz – Zephys
VGxSigmah – Skud YDxRuin – Maloch
iNFxDoze – Marja YDxIncarnate – Tel’Annas
-INF*Ghost – Omen YDxHiit – Cresht
iNFxFierce – Slimz YDxIniquity – Liliana

The deciding game between INF Army and YD Omega saw both teams make the necessary adjustments to their lineups. INF Army went with a similar composition from Game 2, with Sigmah manning the Skud yet again. YD Omega opted so sub in YDxIniquity and ran a dual-tank composition that also has two carries who hit hard.

INF Army used heavy rotations in the lanes to start the game. This netted them with a quick first blood on YDxIncarnate. This was then followed by INF Army taking down the first Dragon and further increasing their early game lead.

Similar to Game 2, INF Army’s Sigmah faced off against YDxIncarnate’s Tel’Annas to stop him from farming his items. However, YDxRuin is quick to assist his teammate, often roaming near the Dragon Lane. But on the other lanes, it was a different story – INF Army still executed their roaming strategy to full use. They smothered the Slayer Lane and pushed it to the second tier tower by 5:00. Slowly but surely, INF Army were able to pressure YD Omega’s lanes. YD Omega was able to fend of the advances, but each fight chipped off more of their towers.

That said, INF Army’s relentless pressure were enough to annihilate YD Omega and get the hard-fought win, 13-7.

Winner: INF Army
MVP: ACk*Gin (Sephera, 1-0-10 KDA)

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