Arena of Valor (AoV) - Quests: New Reward Feature on Asia/Australia Server

Arena of Valor's Asia server introduces the Quests feature that lets players earn more rewards in the game, besides the already available modes found on other servers.

With the launch of Arena of Valor’s new Asia server (Australia, New Zealand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Brunei) on Jun 29, players can now earn even more rewards just by playing the game. These rewards can be obtained through the new Quests feature.


Quests lets new (and even veteran players) earn a variety of goodies ranging from gold, gems, and Arcana to hero shards, trial cards and skins. You can check on the current rewards for your Quests by tapping on the Quests icon on upper right corner of the game menu (next to Lucky Spin). Note that Quests (and their current rewards) are only active for 30 days.

Once in the Quests menu, you will see two sub-menu tabs: Upgrade Rewards and Progress Quests.

Upgrade Rewards

Players can easily earn more rewards at the Upgrade Rewards tab just by leveling up their account up to level 15. Rewards are usually in the form of gold (up to 200), Arcana (up to tier 2) and EXP x2 cards.

Progress Quests

More goodies can be obtained by meeting specific objectives under the Progress Quests tab. These objectives range from playing a certain number of matches in any mode, owning a certain number of heroes to reaching a certain player rank or even spending a certain amount of gold in the shop.

Players will also receive special rewards upon completing all Progress Quests objectives. As shown in the image above, the special reward is Alice’s Explorer skin.

There is still no word if or when the new Quests feature will be implemented on other servers. Perhaps it is simply a way for new players and transfers from other servers to get up to speed on hero counts and other resources. However, we speculate that Tencent may be preparing to implement something big that involves the MSP server as well. We’ll update this post regularly for new information when it comes out.

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