Arena of Valor (AoV) - Season 3 Mid-Season Top-10 Win Rates (Southeast Asia)

Samurai Gamers got their hands on the mid-season win rates for the Valiant Server (Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines). The top heroes are surprisingly consistent across multiple ranks in the region.

Southeast Asia (Malaysia / Singapore / Philippines) Mid-Season Win Rates

Garena Malaysia was kind enough to supply Samurai Gamers with the top-10 win rates on the Valiant server in the current season (as of around May 20). Keep in mind that some characters’ win rates may be inflated by the fact that not many people play those heroes – you’re unlikely to see free heroes like Valhein and Yorn on this list. That said, it does give a reasonable indication of which heroes are performing well at each rank.


Arena of Valor Slimz Base

Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines Bronze Win Rates – Season 3 Midway Point
1 Kil’groth 56.47% 6 Payna (Peura) 54.68%
2 Slimz 56.24% 7 Ryoma 54.58%
3 Xeniel 55.61% 8 Zephys 54.53%
4 Alice 55.15% 9 Mganga 54.42%
5 Lu Bu 54.78% 10 Diao Chan 54.31%

It’s difficult to draw much of a conclusion from the Bronze ranks, where few heroes are owned and there isn’t much semblance of strategy in the majority of games. That said, the pattern of Kil’groth, Xeniel, and Alice at the top of the leader board starts at the very bottom, which indicates that there is a bit of cohesion between the ranks after all.

Predictably, Bronze is where the biggest disparity in win rates occur: even at #10, Diao Chan enjoys a robust 54% win rate, whereas the #10 hero in other ranks hovers around 52%.


Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines Silver Win Rates – Season 3 Midway Point
1 Kil’groth 56.34% 6 Kahlii 54.00%
2 Alice 55.25% 7 Payna (Peura) 53.88%
3 Azzen’ka 55.16% 8 Mganga 53.38%
4 Xeniel 54.13% 9 Preyta 52.50%
5 Slimz 54.06% 10 Zanis 52.45%

Alice jumps to #2, while Preyta makes his (permanent) entrance into the top 10. The general theme of Bronze and Silver ranks seems to be 1) Be a strong auto-attacker (Kil’groth, Slimz), 2) Have an AoE spell that opponents won’t dodge (Alice, Azzen’ka, Xeniel, Kahlii, Mganga, Preyta), or 3) Play a hero that can rescue your over-extending allies (Alice, Xeniel, Payna)


Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines Gold Win Rates – Season 3 Midway Point
1 Kil’groth 55.87% 6 Preyta 53.18%
2 Xeniel 55.78% 7 Lumburr 52.86%
3 Kahlii 54.73% 8 Airi 52.85%
4 Zephys 53.94% 9 Azzen’ka 52.72%
5 Alice 53.85% 10 Butterfly 52.64%

By far the most surprising and impressive appearance on this list is Butterfly, who has managed a 52.64 win percentage despite likely getting picked in nearly every game (and sometimes twice in the same game). Meanwhile, Zephys returns to the top 10 and Airi and Lumburr make their debuts. Lumburr seems a bit surprising, given the difficulty in playing him properly, but consider that he is likely only picked by those who are experienced with him.


Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines Platinum Win Rates – Season 3 Midway Point
1 Kil’groth 57.40% 6 Kahlii 52.83%
2 Xeniel 54.84% 7 Alice 52.76%
3 Zephys 53.69% 8 Lumburr 52.21%
4 Preyta 53.27% 9 The Joker 52.09%
5 Airi 53.07% 10 Superman 51.89%

The fact that Kil’groth and Xeniel are on the top of nearly every list seems a bit contradictory – after all, they’re both primarily Dark Slayer lane characters, which means they usually aren’t on the same team. Then again, they are not seen in every game like some other heroes are, so that may explain it.

DC characters The Joker and Superman make their way in the top 10, despite Superman only having been released in April.

Diamond & Masters


Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines Diamond/Master Win Rates – Season 3 Midway Point
1 Kil’groth 59.11% 6 Superman 52.56%
2 Xeniel 55.25% 7 Lauriel 52.55%
3 Preyta 54.37% 8 Airi 52.15%
4 Alice 52.79% 9 Lumburr 51.88%
5 Zephys 52.73% 10 Raz 51.79%

All bow down to Kil’groth! The Terror completes the improbable sweep, holding the top win rate at every rank in the region. Also, fifty-nine percent is absolutely ridiculous, especially when it’s at the highest ranks. Xeniel, meanwhile, somehow manages to hold onto his spot at #2, despite the contradiction mentioned in the last section.

The rest of the list is a who’s who of top heroes in our tier list, indicating that Diamond and Master players are sufficiently capable of playing them. And like Butterfly at #10 in gold, we suspect heroes like Zephys, Superman, and Lauriel are picked very frequently, giving extra meaning to their place in the top 10.

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  1. Can you please give the full list please? As a DOTA 2 player (and mobile legends), I am used to seeing full list of winrate, just to satisfy my curiosity. Personally, I think it’s very weird for a game like AoV to not publish every hero winrate.

    • Currently Tencent hasn’t made the information publicly available. We post information as soon as we are able to come across it ourselves.