Arena of Valor (AoV) - Valor Series Begins Tomorrow: Esports Roundup September 7, 2018

A review of esports news as of September 7, 2018. Valor Series season 2 is about to begin, fan favorites SMG are in last place in the GCS, and AWC finalists IT.City Bacon are not in first in the RPL.


As autumn approaches, Arena of Valor esports is getting into high gear, with Europe, North America, and South America kicking off the $200,000 second season of the Valor Series tomorrow. The Valor Series joins Taiwan’s GCS, Thailand’s RPL, and Vietnam’s AOG among the major ongoing esports events around the world. For more information on the basic rules of each league, check out our August esports roundup.

Valor Series Season Two Begins Tomorrow

The qualifiers have concluded, leaving six teams standing in each region to battle it out during the regular season.


Europe’s six teams are Nova eSports, Bubble Team, Team Queso, Dead Rabbits, x6tence AoV, and The Alliance. Of notable absence is Team Vitality, who was consistently atop the season one regular season standings, finishing tied for second. Nova eSports’ roster consists mostly of players from season 1 regular season champions Team Noob, with the notable exception of GrizzlyQ from AWC participants For The Dream playing support. Bubble Team, meanwhile, has many of the players from For The Dream, including Valor Series Europe MVP Shurko. Team Queso, Dead Rabbits, and x6tence are all Spanish teams who represented the second tier in Valor Series season 1, but by all accounts have vastly improved and are hoping to make their mark. Finally, The Alliance is a “super team” signed under Alliance that has yet to show outstanding results and barely squeaked into the regular season.

North America

North America’s teams are Marauders, Team Allegiance, Team Toxic, Drawn to Fame, Team VeniVidiVici, and Kranniz Esports*. Team Allegiance returns as the dominant team in the region, though finished in second place in the qualifiers after their controversial disqualification when they changed their in-game names to members of the Power Rangers. Marauders consists mostly of Team Immortals’ initial roster, who had an up-and-down season 1 regular season before massively changing their roster and finishing 2nd in the standings and losing in the semifinals of the playoffs. Neither Immortals, nor any members of that final roster, participated in the Valor Series qualifiers. Team Toxic consists of season 1 veterans Hoon, Neo, and boBo. Former Dino Riders captain YikeZ heads team Drawn to Fame and its lovely acronym. Not much is known about Team VeniVidiVici and Kranniz Esports, though several Kranniz members dot the current North America Conqueror list, albeit with no names matching the names on their ESL page.

*SG appreciates Kranniz’ proper capitalization of “esports.” Looking at you, Nova.

South America

South America’s qualifiers had over 100 teams participating, with GeOeSports, Nova eSports, Synergy e-Sports, paiN Gaming, INTZ eSports, and Assassins Crew making it through to the regular season. There was a bit of controversy surrounding Tencent’s decision to hand-pick paiN Gaming to represent South America at the AWC without any qualifying tournament, making the drama heading into South America’s inaugural season all the more spicy. GeOeSports is owned by popular South American YouTuber DouglasGeO, while Nova eSports is obviously Nova’s South American representative team. Unfortunately, Samurai Gamers has little knowledge of Synergy, INTZ, or Assassins Crew. Let us know in the comments if there’s anything particularly worth knowing about as the regular season begins.

The Valor Series regular season will be streamed to Arena of Valor’s official Facebook page every Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm Pacific time.

J Team in First, SMG in Last in GCS

J Team avenged its 3-0 loss to Korea in the AWC by defeating ahq e-Sports Club (whose roster consists entirely of the Korean national team), 2-0 in last week’s marquee matchup.

Garena Challenger Series Standings (as of September 7)
1st J Team 3-0 (6-1)
2nd ONE team 2-0 (4-1)
3rd Flash Wolves 2-1 (4-2)
3rd ahq e-Sports Club 2-1 (4-3)
5th Hong Kong Attitude 1-1 (2-2)
6th MAD Team 0-2 (1-4)
7th Monster Shield 0-2 (0-4)
8th Still Moving Under Gunfire 0-3 (2-6)

J-Team is returning to the dominant form it showed last season, already defeating SMG, Flash Wolves, and ahq, and with matches against struggling MAD and MS coming up to further fatten their record. SMG, though currently in last place, has had arguably the toughest schedule so far, losing to J Team, Flash Wolves, and ahq. The fan favorites won the first GCS season and were finalists in season two.

Though only eight matches had been played through three weeks, the action is starting to heat up: there will be six matches this week, six in week 5, four in week 6, and then eight per week through week 10.

The GCS can be watched on Garena Taiwan’s YouTube channel.

ALPHA Red, not IT.City Bacon on Top of RPL

Three weeks into Thailand’s RPL, IT.City Bacon, the team that was one win away from being world champions, currently sits tied for second:

RoV Pro League Standings (as of September 7)
1st ALPHA Red 5-0 (10-2) 10p
2nd Bazaar Gaming 4-1 (8-2) 8p
2nd IT.City Bacon 4-2 (8-6) 8p
2nd Rex Regum Qeon Black Forest 3-3 (8-7) 8p
5th EVOS Debut 2-3 (6-7) 6p
6th Sponsor.Neolution CoolKidz 1-4 (4-9) 4p
6th Toyota Diamond Cobra 2-3 (4-7) 4p
8th Buriram Arctic Wolf 0-5 (2-10) 2p

In fact, because they’ve played one more match than ALPHA Red and Bazaar gaming, they’re further behind those two than the standings indicate. As an aside, overall match record does not matter in the RPL, only total points, which are representative of games won.

You can watch the RPL on Garena RoV Thailand’s YouTube channel.

AOG Underway

Vietnam’s Arena of Glory began its third season yesterday, with defending champions Saigon Phantom defeating Box Gaming and Team Flash defeating Esports Kingdom. There will be two matches a day over the next three days (technically split into weeks 1 and 2), with four matches per week afterward, continuing through October 24.

You can watch the AOG on Garena Vietnam’s YouTube channel.

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