Arena of Valor (AoV) - Advanced Team Compositions Guide

While most Arena of Valor players are familiar with how to fill a team according to nominal roles and labels, knowing how to put together teams of heroes who synergize with one another is key to playing at high levels.

All good little boys and girls who play Arena of Valor know by now that a good team is made of varied hero types. Generally speaking, you want at least one mage, one tank, and an assassin or a marksman in the jungle, with some leeway after that. That said, certain heroes generally synergize with or against each other in different ways. While your team composition may be nice and varied with each position filled with a suitable hero, your team might still lack the glue needed to hold together against more properly organized teams. Here we go into some different composition strategies, how they function, and different heroes that synergize well in those teams.

Dive Composition


Dive compositions are made up of heroes who can quickly rush onto enemies, even when the target is hiding under their tower. Heroes will generally be rather beefy when it comes to defense and possess one or more movement or initiation abilities. Heroes that do well in dive compositions will generally be focused toward getting an advantage fast and winning before the enemy carries can hit any sort of power spike.

Example Heroes

With a durable exterior thanks to Unwavering Death and a powerful initiate in Death from Above, Zephys excels at literally diving onto enemies no matter their location.

Shock is one of the best initiates in the game and can quickly turn what had been a safe haven under a tower into a maelstrom of slows and sadness. Mix this with a durable exterior supported with a reliable shield and Maloch turns into a hero who you will rarely be truly safe from.

Skud not only has durability and damage on his side for dealing with heroes in dangerous places, Wild Beast Fury can be used to buffet targets back into his waiting teammates and thereby mitigate any danger his team would have otherwise faced.

The Flash
With a powerful dash in Superspeed and the ability to deal damage while untargetable with Cyclone, The Flash is a perfect fit for teams that like to rush onto enemies.

Wonder Woman
A durable warrior who can shield her team, sustain her own life through regeneration, and jump onto/pull enemies from afar with her whip. Wonder Woman has become a rather popular pick for teams that like to bunch up on enemies.

While not tanky by any means, Murad’s Thorn of Time dash and Temporal Turbulence burst damage are great for ripping enemies apart no matter where they try to hide. Murad can also be seen as somewhat of a poke character because he tends to teleport away after his combo, but his ability to dive the backline separate him from other poke characters.

Able to successfully build tankily and engage on enemies with her dash, Astrid really shines as a diver due to her damage-blocking ultimate. Tear up the enemies while you tank damage for your team.

Poke Composition


In contrast to Dive Compositions, a Poke Composition is made up of heroes that excel when dealing from enemies from afar-beating their opponents down without ever entering into a dangerous range. Heroes that fit into poke teams are generally more fragile than the brawlers that do well in dive comps, but are generally able to escape from fights before that is much of an issue.

Example Heroes

Shining light alone is a wonderful poking ability, but turns lethal when mixed with Blinding Light. Unpredictable and Leap of the Fox will allow Liliana to stay safely out of danger as well; the mage preferring to maintain her distance until ready to finish her prey off.

Tactical Fire has long been one of the best pokes in the game. It is almost the entire source of Violet’s power given how lackluster Fire in the Hole and Concussive Rounds are. It doubles as a movement ability as well, allowing the gunslinger to position herself when setting up shots or escape from any enemies that come her way.

Through the two damage stages of Mischief and Nature’s Wrath, Krixi can do large amounts of damage from a safe distance from her enemies. Flutter keeps her nimble as well, allowing the pixie to dart away from any baddies that come her way.

The Joker
Punchline alone is an amazing poking ability, dealing out incredible amounts of damage for how regularly it can be used and its lack of cost. The Joker doesn’t stop there, though, as The Killing Joke acts as a secondary poke that also deals out substantial amounts of damage and Pick a Card, Any Card and Canned Laughter make for good escapes when the going gets rough.

Both Soul Summoning and Ethereal Pulse allow Kahlii to deal tremendous amounts of damage from a distance. Soul Summoning slows enemies along with the damage it provides while Spiritual Blessing provides her a speed boost, making escaping foes and guerrilla tactics very possible for the spirit of vengeance.

Slimz’ Flying Spear can both deal high amounts of damage and stun when hit from afar, allowing him to set up ganks or pin down enemies from great distances. His Leap of Vitality makes for a decent escape for when enemies try to draw near.

Protect the Carry


As the name suggests, the main goal in Protect the Carry comps is to try and build up one or two heroes to their late game power spike while the remaining team members focus on protecting them. Carries are most commonly marksman, assassin, or mage heroes while their protectors are tanks, warriors, and supports.

Example Heroes

Yorn has one of the highest damage potentials in the game through his multi-shot burst and damaging abilities. He is very squishy though, and his power comes at the cost of mobility, lacking any way to escape from approaching

Tel’annas has a very long range and a high potential for damage but will need some baby sitting if she is to succeed in fights. She has very little going for her when it comes to escape, so needs to keep her positioning carefully in mind if she wants to properly lay out her powerful damage.

A fantastic baby sitter due to his multiple stuns, gold boosting Scavenge passive, and Being a Bro life insurance. A good TeeMee can punish enemies both for focusing away from him or for focusing him directly, making him an excellent tank as well as a support.

With incredible splash damage potential, Wisp can be a devastating force when properly farmed. Lacking much in the way of mobility, however, she can have troubles when playing against rather aggressive enemies and therefore needs some protection to truly come alive.

Cresht has a peel in Typhoon and protective shield in Aquatic Shield, making him an excellent choice when looking for a babysitter. Metamorphosis allows him to turn into a terrifying, aggressive force as well, drawing a lot of attention away from any carries who might be catching the enemies’ eyes.

Additional armor to his squisy friends through protect, a shield through Rampage, and a suite of crowd control abilities make Lumburr a great support. Enemies will have a lot of difficulty approaching anyone he wants to protect as they are knocked up, weakened, and slowed by his abilities.

Split push


Teams built to split push generally have one or two heroes who are exceptional at taking out towers or holding a lane by themselves while their team fights elsewhere. This forces the enemy to split their own forces up or else risk giving up a lot of ground to their enemies while fighting. Heroes who function well in split pushing strategies are those who can either do large amounts of damage to towers quickly or else have methods of reaching far away fights rather quickly. It is important that the team that will not be off split-pushing has everything they need to function as a unit even when down a member.

Example Heroes

While not holding any particular influence over towers, Xeniel excels as a split pusher due to the global presence Angelic Splendor grants him. He can keep pushing a lane while his team mates moves around the map and fly to their aid should a fight break out. This will constantly put enemies at a choice of leaving a lane unprotected or risking unbalanced fights.

A magnificent duelist and durable to boot, Omen is very well suited to the top lane. The passive attack speed steroid and true damage in Thirst make him very adept at ripping down any towers that he happens across, thereby causing a lot of pressure in whatever lane he’s in.

Kil’groth can rip towers apart extremely quickly with his normal attacks empowered by Enraged Spear and The Fanatic. Even a moment’s lapse in guarding the lane can mean one or two towers being picked off, so teams will have to constantly keep an eye on any enemy Kil’groth they come across.

Similar to Xeniel, Max is a great split pusher not because of any tower-busting abilities, but instead due to his global map presence. Liftoff allows him to join fights from the opposite side of the map, forcing enemies to split their attention or risk becoming outnumbered.

The OG when it comes to tower busting, Omega’s abilities can both stun and damage towers they are used on. An Omega left alone can very quickly rip towers to shreds, paving the way to a quick victory.

Lu Bu
Lu Bu shines as a warrior who can hold himself in lane indefinitely, wearing his opponent thin and forcing them to flee. His ability to constantly regenerate through Conqueror will allow him to push his way steadily down the lane and survive enemy scuffles. Meanwhile, his slow in Impale and movement through Red Stallion will help him stay alive, even when enemies try to stop his conquest.

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