Arena of Valor (AoV) - Hecate’s Diadem (Nintendo Switch)

Information for Hecate's Diadem, a usable item in Arena of Valor (AoV) on the Nintendo Switch. Included are its effects, unique passives and/or actives, price, and item tree. We also measure effect ranges, explain any ambiguous effects, and give our recommendations on how to use the item.

These are Hecate’s Diadem’s attributes on the Nintendo Switch version of Arena of Valor. Click here for its attributes on the mobile version.

Hecate’s Diadem Details

Arena of Valor Hecate's Diadem
Type Arena of Valor Magic Damage Magic
Price Arena of Valor Gold Coin 2300
Tier 3
Ability Power +200
Magic Pierce +75
Gold Efficiency 97.17% (adds +70 Ability Power from the start)
Unique Passive(s) Warlock: Ability Power +35%.

Hecate’s Diadem is the premiere offensive magic item in Arena of Valor. Once you hit 500 ability power, Hecate’s Diadem offers more additional ability power than Holy of Holies. In addition, its magic pierce rips through squishy targets (and tanks who have forgone magic defense) on the other side (read more about calculating pierce damage or how pierce percentages are calculated).

Recommended Heroes and/or Situation:

The damage potential that Hecate’s Diadem offers makes it an invaluable pick to nearly all offensive mages. Supports can benefit from it as well, the ability power making their heals and shields all the more effective.

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Item Tree

Arena of Valor Spell Tome
Spell Tome

Arena of Valor Spoopy Mask
Spoopy Mask

Arena of Valor Hecate's Diadem
Hecate’s Diadem
Arena of Valor Spell Tome
Spell Tome
Arena of Valor Ancient Scriptures
Ancient Scriptures

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