Arena of Valor (AoV) - Arcana Page (Menu Screens Part 4)

An introduction to the AoV-exclusive Arcana: disks that can boost your hero in different ways.
Menu Screens
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This is an introduction to the Arcana system in Arena of Valor. For a list of all the Arcana, their effects, and recommended heroes, refer to our Arcana List.

The Arcana System


Upon reaching level 7, players unlock the Arcana system. Arcana are a number of stat-boosting seals that players may equip. Available bonuses include improvements to attack power, defense, HP, and life steal. These can only be changed outside of a regular match, so you will have to plan ahead and make pages for any roles or heroes that you regularly use.

Arena of Valor ARCANA

When first viewing your arcana page, you will see three paths waiting to be filled and unlocked. These are where you will be able to equip three sets of up to ten Arcana each. The three paths each have a separate focus: red Arcana focus on attack, purple Arcana deal with life, and the green Arcana modify defense. Upon first unlocking the Arcana section, a number of slots will be locked. Each time you level up, a slot unlocks. The last slot opens up the entire page upon reaching level 30.

There are three levels of Arcana. Level one Arcana are both the weakest and cheapest available at 10 gold a piece. Conversely, level three are the strongest and most expensive at a staggering 2000 gold a piece. When equipping Arcana, there is no disadvantage in equipping one of a higher level, so use the strongest that you have available. Arcana can be bought in the shop, found in chests, or given out in events. The shop will only sell them for gold, so don’t expect to buy instant power with real world cash.

Arena of Valor ARCANA 1


The different heroes in Arena of Valor have different focuses and item builds. Naturally, they will need different arcana to be used effectively as well. To make switching between them easier, a player has a number of pages available for use. While the first two additional pages are unlocked as you level, the rest require purchasing with gems. This can be done on the page select screen, nine pages available for purchase after unlocking the first three.

Arena of Valor PAGES

Additional Features

If you don’t care to spend as much time planning or optimizing your build, the “Recommended” tab could help you out. The tab suggests Arcana of each type for individual heroes, additionally allowing you to select the level of Arcana it will recommend (I, II, or III). This makes the creation of an effective page quick and simple.

Arena of Valor PAGES 1

At the bottom of the tab list are a pair of links to the backpack and shop where a player can sell or buy Arcana respectively. While the return on selling Arcana is low, regular upgrades and experimentation leads to a backpack in need of regular cleaning.

Arena of Valor PAGES 2
Click here to see a list of all the Arcana, their effects, and recommended heroes.

Now let’s move on to the next tab, Talents.

Menu Screens
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  1. I honestly feel as thought they should remove this feature. A lot of people argue that it isn’t pay to win, when in fact you can use real money to buy gold multipliers,decreasing the amount of time it takes to obtain Arcana. It also requires tickets, which are only obtainable with real money, to add more arcana pages, which decreases the chances of having free players use an optimal set of arcana compared to one who pays for it. Honestly it’s just a cheap and shady tactic Tencent uses to squeeze more money out of its players, when I’m sure their already making enough from skins and the gold advantages those give you. Overall they don’t really anything to the game in general, and I hope they remove this useless and unfair feature soon.