Arena of Valor (AoV) - Armory (Menu Screens Part 6)

How to navigate the Armory page, where players can view items and set up pre-made builds for use in matches.
Menu Screens
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This is a beginner’s guide on items in Arena of Valor. For a detailed list of items, including their effects and unique passives, go to our Items List page.

The Armory and Items


The armory is where a player can look at the items available for purchase in a match as well as set a build for quick access in game. Items are where a hero gets most of their power in a match, so it is important to become familiar with them and their effects quickly. Items are divided into a number of tabs based on their effects. Attack, Magic, Defense, Movement, and Jungling items can be easily searched in order for a player to plan their build and set it up for quick access in game. Players can now prepare 3 different preset builds for each hero. It also allows them to switch between the different builds for quick buy priority while in-game.

Arena of Valor Armory 2

The Build Bar

At the very top of the screen is a set of six items alongside the selected hero’s portrait. This is the character’s preset build, the items that appear as quick-buy options over the course of a match. Players are able to edit these builds as they see fit, changing the items quickly available to them in game. Let’s look at the default build for the hero Mina and demonstrate changing it.

In order to change an item in the build, a player must press “Change” located in the top right corner.

Arena of Valor Armory 3

Next, the player must select the item within their build they wish to remove and select the red “X” to remove it. Let’s remove “Amulet of Longevity” and replace it with something else.

Arena of Valor Armory 4

Finally, they can select the new item to add to their build and then select the empty slot. Here, we selected “Ancestral Glory” to replace the removed “Amulet of Longevity.”

Arena of Valor Armory 5

Item Tiers and the Item Tree

In these tabs, items are grouped by their complexity. Tier 1 items on the left side of the window are the basic, cheaper items. To the right are the much more powerful and expensive tier 3 items. Tier 3 items require the simpler items to be purchased before they can be purchased themselves. By selecting these within the armory, a line will be displayed to show just which items are necessary for these more advanced items’ purchase. This can be seen in more detail by use of an “Item Tree” function in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Arena of Valor Armory 6

Here we can see the item “Shield of the Lost” which is made up of “Greaves of Protection” and “Knight’s Plate”. “Greaves of Protection” is itself made of two “Rings of Vitality” and “Knight’s Plate” is made of two “Light Armors”. Each of the lower tier components must be purchased in game before the higher tier item is then purchased. However, if the player has enough gold for all the components as well as the higher tier item itself, the high tier item can be bought directly.

Pro Builds

A button next to the “Change” option allows a player to view the builds used by high rank players. Pro Builds can give insight into which items work well together, or simply what items are considered strong or weak, as it isn’t always clear from the item’s description alone. A number are available, sorted by wins earned by players using that build. Locking in a Pro Build will cause the new items and their components to appear as preset shop items in game.

Arena of Valor Armory 7

Hunter’s Crossbow

One item in the game is different from any other, so player be warned. Hunter’s Crossbow, the most basic jungling item, requires the talent “Punish” to be equipped to be purchased.

Arena of Valor Armory 8

You can view a detailed list of the game’s items, including their effects and unique passives, on our Items List page or proceed to the last tab, Guild.

Menu Screens
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