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A list of the amount of gold provided by minions, monsters, and heroes in Arena of Valor. Provided are the bounty amounts and progression for the various enemies across the battlefield.

The main way that heroes gain all-important gold throughout a match is through the slaying of enemy heroes, minions, and monsters. As such, knowing just how much coin they will be receiving for their violence can give players a better idea of what targets are most valuable at any given time. We have made a list of bounties that players will receive for slaying enemies and how they change throughout the game.


The amount of gold that an enemy hero is worth is entirely dependent on how well that hero has been doing. To start things off, heroes are worth 200 gold as a base. Each time a hero scores a kill, their bounty raises. These increases in bounty grow incrementally larger until it tops off at 800 gold, as seen in the below chart.

Number of Kills Bounty
0 200
1 240
2 310
3 400
4 520
6 660
7+ 800

In contrast, a hero that has been regularly dying without any kills in between will gradually be worth less to the enemy team each time they are slain. Rather than exponential growth, the hero’s bounty gold falls by about 30-40 gold for the first five kills (after the first) and then 10-20 gold until it bottoms out at 20 gold.

Number of Unanswered Deaths Bounty
1 200
2 170
3 140
4 100
5 60
6 40
7+ 20

Getting either a kill to end a dying streak or a death to end a killing streak will reset the counter to 0 and the player’s bounty to 200.

First Blood

The hero that makes the first kill of a match, or “draws first blood,” will be awarded an additional 100 gold when collecting the kill bounty.


Assisting a kill will grant the assisting hero half the amount of gold that the killer would receive. This gold is further divided the more heroes that were involved with the kill. The killer still receives the full amount of gold when assisted.


Most heroes in the lane will get a majority of their gold from minions, especially in the early game. Each minion type grants a different amount of gold, the amount increasing almost every 30 seconds. We say “almost” every thirty seconds as there are instances where the bounty does not seem to raise. Additionally, the pattern for when the bounty did not raise and when it increased by two gold rather than one was inconsistent between tests. The maximum amount of gold awarded was the same throughout tests, however, so the semi-random nature will not cause it to go above the max values at any time.

Normal Minions

Melee minions start the game worth 50 gold when killed directly or 40 gold when killed by another unit. Ranged units start the game offering 32 gold when directly slain and 25 gold when killed by an ally. Melee and ranged minions’ bounties raise by 1-2, maxing out (at ten minutes) at 63 gold and 42 gold for melee and ranged units, respectively, when not last hit.

Siege Minions

Siege units spawn at the five-minute mark, worth 106 gold when directly destroyed or 90 gold when downed otherwise. Siege minions’ bounties raise by 2-3, theoretically starting out at 68 gold at 0:00 and maxing out at 108 when not last hit.

Super Minions

Super minions follow a similar pattern. Their value is based on how far along the game has progressed rather than how long they have been spawning. Should a team by some miracle get super minions at the very beginning of the game, they would start out granting 86 gold when killed. This bounty increases by 4% gold every thirty seconds until topping off at a 129 gold bounty at the 10:00 mark. Note that Super Minions are worth more gold than Siege Minions when killed before that time. As a result, Super Minions can help slow down the enemy’s gold income if obtained before the game reaches ten minutes, in addition to their numerous other benefits.


Much like minions, monsters increase in bounty as the game goes on. Despite the large variety in monster types, non-epic creatures can divided into two families: golems and lesser monsters.


The golem family consists of the two buff-granting golems. These start the game with a bounty of 90 gold. Every minute after their initial spawn, the bounty increases by either 2, 4, or 6 gold. As they spawn in at the 30-second mark of the game, these increases happen at the 30-second mark of each minute:

Time Bounty
0:30 90
1:30 98
2:30 102
3:30 108
4:30 112
5:30 116
6:30 122
7:30 126
8:30 132
9:30 136
10:30 140

Lesser Monsters

Lesser monsters are all of the other creatures within the jungle—the spiders, goblins, and wolves that populate the small camps near the golem camps. These start out with a bounty of sixty gold and follow a much easier pattern of increasing by either 2 or 4 gold at various thirty-second intervals. These intervals are as follows:

Time Bounty
0:28 60
1:00 60
1:30 62
2:30 66
2:00 66
3:30 68
4:00 70
4:30 72
5:00 72
5:30 74
6:00 76
6:30 78
7:00 80
7:30 80
8:00 82
8:30 84
9:00 86
9:30 86
10:00 90


The blue vision-granting bird that patrols the river, the Seagle raises in bounty throughout the match. It mercifully follows a much more straightforward pattern than other creatures, starting the game worth 42 gold and increases in bounty by 2 gold until maxing out at 74 gold.

The Abyssal Dragon

While the Spirit Sentinel and Dark Slayer sport static bounties throughout the game of 30 and 150 gold respectively, the Abyssal Dragon grants more gold each time it grows in strength. The beast spawns into the world worth 80 gold to each member of the slaying team, growing in value by 6.5% every thirty seconds. The exact value at different times is as follows:

Time Dragon Bounty
2:00 80
2:30 82
3:00 84
4:00 89
4:30 92
5:00 94
5:30 97
6:00 99
6:30 102
7:00 104
7:30 107
8:00 109
8:30 112
9:00 114
9:30 117
10:00 120


As of  April 13, tier 1 towers grant 60 gold, tier 2 towers grant 80 gold, and the high ground tier 3 towers grant 100 gold.

Shared gold

Heroes receive less gold from assists, minions, and monsters whenever allies are nearby. The amount grows smaller for each nearby ally until bottoming out at 50% the total gold when all five members of the team are present. The cumulative gold received will be greater than having one hero receive the gold though, so unless one hero specifically needs more gold, it is more beneficial overall to share.

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