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How to get into a Casual Match and the different maps available.


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Casual Match

Casual Match is the best place to play when not wanting to worry about the stresses of ranked play. Player progress isn’t recorded beyond a simple win/loss counter, so trying out heroes or new strategies is less frowned upon than in ranked matches.

Match Types

Arena of Valor Match Types

Players may choose to join a PVP, bot, or custom game. A PVP match is the most typical, both teams consisting of human players. A bot game, in contrast, pits a team of five human players against five AI controlled “bot” enemies. This is typically a safer place to practice a new hero.


When joining a PVP match, players must first choose from one of the modes available for play. Next, they will be given a chance to create a party before being pushed into matchmaking. After enough players are found, hero selection can begin.


Things are very similar when joining a bot match. After picking their preferred game mode, however, players must select a difficulty. This difficulty will determine the level to which the bots will play, offering players of varying skill levels use of bot battles. After selecting, players will be sent to a screen where they have the option of assembling a party before moving on to matchmaking.

Arena of Valor Bot


After choosing which game mode the player wishes to play, they are brought to a rather unique party screen. Not only is the game creator given the option of creating a party, they may choose specific people to be on the opposing team as well. Here the player has the most control over the match’s set up, able to invite players to either side of the match or fill in any holes with bots. Bots may be added to either team using a button below that team’s line of portraits. Players may switch which team they are currently set to be a part of using a button next to their portrait.

Arena of Valor Casual Match 2

Casual Match Features


If a player remains inactive for two minutes in game they will be marked as AFK. If they return to the game and play normally, this AFK marking will be removed. Furthermore, if a player exits a match before it finishes, they will be marked as having “Abandoned.” AFK and players that abandon matches are punished for ruining the experience for other players, with repeat offenders getting harsher penalties. Such penalties range from a lowering of credibility score, loss of seasonal rewards, to having their account blocked in serious cases. Other behaviors that can lead to punishment are using plugins or other “hacking” software to unbalance a match, abusive behavior towards another player, or impersonating an admin of the game.

Lobby ID

When attempting to join a match, it is possible to create a party of players or join a friend’s party by using the “Lobby ID” feature. Before entering into matchmaking, a player will find a screen such as the one below.

Arena of Valor Casual Match 3

Here we can see a number of empty slots designated by a ?. Also, there is a Lobby ID number in the top left corner. Should anyone search for a lobby ID in the search bar above the match type selection, they will be able to join the match.

Arena of Valor Match 4

Lobby ID search is available in Casual, Ranked, and Custom matches.

Game Modes

Grand Battle (Horizon Valley)

Grand Battle is the most basic game mode available in Arena of Valor. Five on five, player versus player combat on a three lane battlefield.

Valley Skirmish (Flatland Battlefield)

A small scale battle. Each team is made up of three players who start the game at level three with 1000 gold. Battlefield is a single lane under a small jungle.

Hook Wars (Treasure Bay)

Hooks Wars puts two teams on each half of a gigantic pirate ship, separated in the middle by a gap filled with treasure. Players use hooks to reel in enemies to their team’s side of the ship (similar to Grakk‘s Devil’s Chain ability) to gank him while completely cut off from any support from his teammates. No minions will spawn during the entire match.

The objective of Hook Wars is to capture as much of the ship’s control zones in the middle of the area. The control zones will glow either blue or red, depending on which team has secured the most territory during the game. The team that manages to capture all control zones wins Hook Wars.

Hook Wars is only playable during weekends.

Abyssal Clash (Abyss Canyon)

Two teams of five fight over a long single lane. Heroes are randomized and players cannot buy items after leaving the Hero Shrine. Battlefield is a single lane without any jungle to speak of.

Arena of Valor Abyssal Clash

Solo Battle (Black City Arena)

Players fight one on one to destroy the others’ core. A single lane battlefield similar to that of Abyssal clash, however the purchase of items is unrestricted here.

Death Match (Death Realm)

A game mode where teams of two, three, or four face off without the aid of minions or towers. Heroes have double health, but no regeneration and are permanently killed when they die. The game ends once an entire team has been killed.

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Game Modes
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