Arena of Valor (AoV) - Credibility Score

A guide on Credibility Score in Arena of Valor. Included are the penalties imposed for having low Credibility score, and how to earn them.

Credibility Score

Credibility Score starts at 100 and drops whenever a player is reported or leaves a match before it ends. When someone leaves a match the battle becomes unbalanced, and there’s little chance of winning for the team with fewer players. Credibility Score exists to prevent situations like this. People who leave or idle in matches are called AFK (Away From Keyboard), and they will lose points from their Credibility Score for doing so. Even when there is no chance of winning, keep playing the match until the end.

How to Check Your Credibility Score

First, click on the profile icon at the top left corner.
Arena of Valor Credibility Score 2
Then click on the Credibility Score tab to check your score.

*Note that maintaining a high Credibility Score (above 96 points) nets you a 20% bonus on weekly rewards (prior to Patch 11, players were rewarded with 100 gold a day).


The game penalizes players with low Credibility Score, and if it falls below a certain level, the players won’t be able to play with other players anymore.

Arena of Valor Penalty

  • When less than 96 points

You will not be able to receive a 20% bonus for weekly rewards. Without these, it will be very difficult to buy heroes and Arcanas.

  • When less than 90 points

You will not be able to play Ranked Matches. Because Ranked Match is the main game mode for Arena of Valor, the game might become uninspiring.

  • When less than 70 points

You will not be able to play Standard Matches. You will only be able to play against AIs until you earn enough score.

How to Earn Credibility Score

Arena of Valor Earn Credibility Score
There are only two ways to earn Credibility Score.

  • Playing a Standard match until the end
  • Winning a Multiplayer match

You will earn one point by completing these objectives, so you can earn up to two points per match. It is possible to lose score unintentionally due to internet or device issues, so be careful not to let your points fall below these thresholds.

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  1. Useless feature that doesn’t work. My wife crashes every single game due to their bullshit coding and can’t load back in before she is accessed a penalty. To top this off they claim to play bot matches to raise it. Bot matches no one plays, and if you do get into one, IT DOES NOTHING to raise your score. Uninstalling this pile of shit.

  2. I am learning the game but if I have a bad match I get punished
    I am uninstalling the game due to this frustrating practice
    If I play the whole match but get kllled because teammates leave me exposed why would the game knock me down 10

    • I agree. It’s foolish that you can lose a bunch of points but can’t earn them back. Especially when your learning how to play. Something needs to be done about the lose to gain ratio.