Arena of Valor (AoV) - Trading Damage

An explanation on damage trade in Arena of Valor along with examples of situations where a player would either benefit or suffer from uneven trades.

What is Damage Trading?

In Arena of Valor (AoV), it’s important to understand how to trade damage. Trading damage refers to the act of dealing damage to enemy heroes and taking damage from them in return. An advantageous damage trade is simply when you and your team can do more damage than they would receive in a skirmish. It is important to be able to predict the amount of damage you can do compared to what you will take in return so that you can wisely pick your battles.

Advantageous and Disadvantageous Damage Trades

When Outnumbered

Clearly, a player is at a disadvantage when outnumbered. There is very little chance of dealing more damage than you receive when in such a situation. It’s best to retreat when outnumbered, only fighting back if a teammate comes to help.

Melee Hero vs Ranged Hero

When there’s distance between a melee hero and a ranged hero, the ranged hero will have the upper hand. This doesn’t mean a melee hero can’t ever win against a ranged hero, however. If the melee hero is able to close the distance between the two, he or she will generally be able to advantageously trade damage. This is because melee heroes generally have higher defenses than ranged heroes.

When Attacking a Tower

When under an enemy tower, it can be difficult to retreat. Towers are generally far into enemy territory and purposefully easy to defend. Furthermore, damaging an enemy under one of their towers will cause it to immediately target you. When an enemy is closing in, even when alone, it is generally best to try and retreat.

When Death is Inevitable

Sometimes death is unavoidable. When put into such a situation, it is best to try and do as much damage as possible to the enemies so that your allies can have an easier time. Even if you die, if your team gets more kills than the enemy, it will have been a good damage trade. Such battles should still be counted as victories despite your death.

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