Arena of Valor (AoV) - Dangerous Heroes for Beginners

This page will be introducing the heroes to look out for in Arena of Valor (AoV). Included are their strong points and countermeasures against them.

Heroes to Look Out For

In any competitive game, there are times where you will die without fully understanding what happened. This happens often in Arena of Valor (AoV) if you don’t know what some of the heroes are capable of doing. This page will introduce heroes with unique abilities to look out for.


The Hook Guy

Arena of Valor Grakk 1
Grakk has terrified many beginners. His second ability “Devil’s Chain” pulls the enemy hit with it towards him. His ultimate ability will also pull the enemies towards him, giving his teammates enough time to kill the poor player who got hit by his hook.

Avoid being hit by the hook however you can. This can be done by trying to predict how it will be cast or by using your minions as a shield. If he misses his hook he won’t be able to pull enemies into his ultimate ability, making him fairly useless. You can contribute to the team by just avoiding his hook.


The Invisible Dark Knight

Arena of Valor Batman 1
Batman can become invisible for 30 seconds with his ultimate ability. 30 seconds might not sound like much, but in reality, it is more than enough to melt heroes with low defense. Batman’s invisibility effect won’t be active if he stays near an enemy for three seconds.

When there’s a Batman on the enemy team, try to avoid being alone. Unless Batman has a huge level advantage he won’t be able to fight against more than two heroes by himself. As long as you avoid being ambushed by Batman, there will be little need to worry about him.


Arena of Valor Veera 1

The Combo Queen

Veera’s strong point is her abilities. Her second ability will chase after the targetted enemy until it hits, giving her enough time to use her other abilities.

You might be able to withstand her abilities if she approaches alone, but death is next to inevitable if she has teammates with her. Never engage if Veera approaches you with her teammates. It’s best to go against Verra when there’s an advantage in number.


The Unstoppable Killing Machine

Arena of Valor Butterfly 1
Butterfly’s strong point is how her abilities cool down instantly and 15% of her health recovers when she scores a kill or an assist. Because of this powerful passive skill, it’s not rare for her to get a Mega Kill.

Never go against a Butterfly when your HP is low. Otherwise, you will end up feeding her gold and experience. When there’s a Butterfly on the enemy team, recall whenever your HP is low, or try to stay out of Butterfly’s range. People using Butterfly are preoccupied with kills and won’t hesitate if they find a hero with low HP.

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  1. Even yorns ultimate can be confusing to players…you almost reached the base n bamm…u die at the footstep of…I think I should add yorn just for his ultimate…new players won’t know what hit them…am I right?