Arena of Valor (AoV) - Downloading Arena of Valor for Android

A guide to installing Arena of Valor (arena of valor 5v5 arena game, AoV) for Android for new users in North/Latin America or for users in regions where AoV is not yet accessible.

Update: After conflicting reports on the timing of the North America release, Arena of Valor is finally playable in North America and parts of South America. This post has been updated to reflect those changes.

Arena of Valor (AoV) will release in a few hours in North America, with a scheduled release for the Nintendo Switch this winter. If you’re unfamiliar with how to install games on your Android device, or if you’re one of the unlucky ones in a region without AoV yet (* ahem * Japan), read on to find out how to download and install Arena of Valor.

How to Install Arena of Valor on Android

For North American players, you can download AoV by visiting its page on the Android app store.

In order to download an app from the Android app store, you first have to have a Google account. Sign up for a Google account and go to the Android App Store on your Smartphone. From there, look for Arena of Valor: 5v5 Game. Once you’ve found its App Store page, click “Install” to begin downloading.

For Users Where the Game isn’t Available

Getting the file

You can get the AoV APK file from Arena of Valor’s site.

Download the file from either your Android device or PC. If you download from an Android device, you will next be prompted to install the game directly. If you download via PC, you will have to transfer the apk to your device before continuing.

How to install the APK file

You will be able to install after you have received the APK file on the device you wish to use to play AoV. Before continuing, however, you will have to allow your device to install from unknown sources. This can be done by going into Settings, and then Security. By default the option will be Off, so you will need to switch it On to continue. After the installation is complete, you may return the setting to Off if you wish as the game will not need it further.

Select the APK package and attempt to open it. This will present you with a splash screen giving you information about the file inside and asking if you would like to install. Confirming will begin the installation process. If you have trouble finding the APK package, look in your device’s file manager/system folder. There will be a default downloads folder where it should have deposited the APK file.

After the APK has successfully installed you will be able to access the game either from your home screen or your app menu.

Common Issues

Issue: The game keeps saying the servers aren’t responding.

Answer: This isn’t quite the truth: the game detects you are in an unsupported region and is thereby not allowing you past the update screen. Using any number of free VPN tools will bypass this.

(Note, the Asian server will available through an app provided by Garena, while the European server will be available through an app by Tencent.)

Issue: The app is asking me to download via the appstore.

Answer: There was a problem with your APK. We don’t recommend downloading from any source outside of the official site.

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