Arena of Valor (AoV) - Esports Roundup: Valor Series, GCS, RPL, Valor Cup (September 14, 2018)

Arena of Valor esports roundup for the week ending on September 14, 2018. The Valor Series is underway, while J Team tops the GCS and ALPHA Red heads the RPL.


Nearly every region is in the thick of AIC qualifiers, each big-money league undergoing their respective round robin regular seasons. The Valor Series completed its first week, the GCS is in the midst of week 5, the RPL finished week 4, the AOG finished week 2, and the Valor Cup national qualifiers continue this weekend.

Valor Series Week 1 Recap

The Valor Series is officially underway, each region (North America, South America, and Europe) having completed their first week of matches last weekend.


Day 1

The action kicked off with Bubble Team and Dead Rabbits playing the first match of the season. Coming out of the qualifiers in second place, Bubble Team predictably won the first game, but Dead Rabbits surged back in game two to finish the series in a tie. The second match of the day played out in exactly the same way: heavy favorites Nova eSports took game one, but Alliance managed to outplay them in game two and tie it up. Though Alliance barely qualified for the regular season, their team is filled with star Arena of Valor players and are expected to steadily improve as the season goes on.

Day 2

The battle of Spanish teams x6tence and Team Queso was a tight affair in the first game, Team Queso needing clutch plays from Ibuchichi on Fennik and Ruiz on Liliana to eke it out in 22 minutes. With their feet under them, however, Team Queso dominated the second game to give themselves a healthy 2 points going into week 2. Dead Rabbits, continuing their surprising play after tying Bubble Team, outplayed Alliance in both games, receiving a juicy two points for their efforts.


Valor Series Season 2 Standings: Europe
Place Team Record Series Played
1 Dead Rabbits 3-1 2
2 Team Queso 2-0 1
3 Bubble Team 1-1 1
3 Nova eSports 1-1 1
5 Alliance 1-3 2
6 x6tence 0-2 1

Latin America

Day 1

Pain Gaming, wanting to prove that they were the correct team to represent South America at the AWC, started strong by defeating Nova in 11 minutes in game one. Nova, the second place team after the qualifiers, did not go down without a fight, grabbing a point for themselves by winning game two. The second series featured Assassins Crew and GeO eSports, the latter the winners of both qualifying tournaments. In likely the game of the tournament so far, GeO managed to reverse a huge gold and tower deficit in game 1, taking advantage of Assassins Crew overextending onto the Core multiple times. Game 2 was a more standard affair, GeO leading from start to finish to take their second point of the day.

Day 2

INTZ eSports Club thoroughly dominated Synergy e-Sports* in game 1, winning with all nine of their towers intact. Game 2 was a closer affair, though INTZ managed to hold a tower lead throughout the game despite consistently trailing in both kills and gold. In the end, a single team fight win secured the victory, as the mid lane was laid completely bare by Rumble’s split push on Skud. In the second series, Pain Gaming employed a double marksman strategy that netted them a tower lead throughout the game and the win after a late-game ace. The second game was more of the same, Pain Gaming dominating Assassins Crew and leaving their opponents without a point despite playing two series over the weekend.

*That’s what you get for spelling esports that way – DTwo

Valor Series Season 2 Standings: Latin America
Place Team Record Series Played
1 Pain Gaming 3-1 2
2 GeO eSports 2-0 1
2 INTZ eSports 2-0 1
4 Nova eSports 1-1 1
5 Synergy e-Sports 0-2 1
6 Assassins Crew 0-4 2

North America

Day 1

The North American region started off with a whimper, Drawn To Fame seemingly intentionally throwing their series against Allegiance, 0-2. Then, Marauders was forced to forfeit their match versus Kranniz Esports when one of their players couldn’t participate.

Day 2

Valor Series veterans Hoon, boBo, and Neo carried Toxic to an easy 2-0 victory over VeniVidiVici, the former somehow securing a massive tower and gold lead in game 2 despite being behind in kills throughout. Drawn To Fame redeemed themselves after a disastrous day 1, taking down Kranniz with ease, 2-0.

Valor Series Season 2 Standings: North America
Place Team Record Series Played
1 Allegiance 2-0 1
1 Toxic 2-0 1
3 Drawn to Fame 2-2 2
3 Kranniz Esports 2-2 2
5 Marauders 0-2 1
5 VeniVidiVici 0-2 1

Check out the Valor Series every weekend on the official Arena of Valor Facebook page. The match schedule can be found here.

ahq, aka Team Korea, Struggling in GCS

After losing to J Team (Taiwan’s representative in the AWC) in week 3, ahq continued to struggle in week 4 of Taiwan’s GCS. The world champion Korean roster lost to Flash Wolves, 2-1, the decision to pick Batman in game 3 not paying dividends. ahq now sits in fourth place, just one point away from falling out of playoff contention – though there are still six weeks remaining.

The rest of week 4 played out as one would expect. Given an arguably easier opponent, fan favorites SMG picked up their first win over ONE, 2-1. HKA then defeated MAD, 2-1, keeping the latter at the bottom of the standings. Finally, 1st place J Team defeated last place Monster Shield, 2-0.

Week 5 is actually already underway, with two matches taking place on the 13th. MAD defeated fellow cellar dweller MS, 2-0, while ONE picked up their first win over a team not in last place by thwarting HKA, 2-0. The rest of week 5 will play out on September 16, with four matches being played that day – including 1st place J Team battling 2nd place ONE in the first match of the day.

Garena Challenger Series Standings
1st J Team 4-0 (8-1)
2nd ONE team 3-1 (7-3)
3rd Flash Wolves 3-1 (6-3)
3rd ahq e-Sports Club 2-2 (5-5)
5th Hong Kong Attitude 2-2 (4-5)
6th MAD Team 1-3 (4-6)
7th Still Moving Under Gunfire 1-3 (4-7)
8th Monster Shield 0-4 (0-8)

The GCS can be watched on Garena Taiwan’s YouTube channel.

ALPHA Red Still Dominating RPL

ALPHA Red continued its domination of the second season of Thailand’s RPL, sweeping both of its week 4 matches, 2-0. Buriram Arctic Wolf picked up its first win of the season, surprising Sponsor.Neolution CoolKidz, 2-0, on September 10th. They followed that up with an impressive win over 2nd place Bazaar Gaming, 2-1, on September 12th.

AWC finalists IT.City Bacon stayed in the mix by defeating EVOS Debut, 2-0. EVOS then had the misfortune of playing Bazaar Gaming the next day, losing that tilt 1-2.

RoV Pro League Standings
1st ALPHA Red 7-0 (14-2) 14p
2nd Bazaar Gaming 5-2 (11-5) 11p
3rd IT.City Bacon 5-2 (10-6) 10p
4th Rex Regum Qeon Black Forest 3-4 (8-9) 8p
5th EVOS Debut 2-5 (7-11) 7p
6th Buriram Arctic Wolf 2-5 (6-11) 6p
6th Toyota Diamond Cobra 3-4 (6-10) 6p
8th Sponsor.Neolution CoolKidz 1-6 (5-13) 5p

The standings order is entirely based on points (games won) and not on series record.

You can watch the RPL on Garena RoV Thailand’s YouTube channel.

Saigon Phantom Leading AOG Once More

Vietnam’s Arena of Glory underwent its second week of matches on the 8th and 9th, with defending champions and AWC representatives Saigon Phantom defeating Team Thai Nguyen, 2-0. In the other matches, Esports Kingdom defeated AA, Overclockers defeated Box Gaming, and Team Flash defeated Adonis Esports

The AOG’s standings are also based on a points system:

Arena of Glory Standings
1st OverClockers 2-0 (4-0) 4p
1st Saigon Phantom 2-0 (4-1) 4p
1st Team Flash 2-0 (4-1) 4p
4th Adonis Esports 1-1 (3-2) 3p
5th Esports Kingdom 1-1 (2-3) 2p
6th Box Gaming 0-2 (1-4) 1p
6th AA 0-2 (1-4) 1p
8th Team Thai Nguyen 0-2 (0-4) 0p

You can watch the AOG on Garena Vietnam’s YouTube channel.

Philippines/Malaysia/Singapore Road to AIC Underway

The Valiant Server’s Valor Cup is ongoing, with the Philippines’ national qualifier taking place tomorrow. Bren Esports will take on MaxBox Gaming and Eurasia Superfly will play Resurgence.ClutchGuild, the winners of each heading to the Valor Cup Season 3 Grand Finals. The winner of the Grand Finals will be the region’s representative at the AIC.

The Malaysia qualifiers are already complete – Resurgence finishing in first – while Singapore’s four-team qualifier will take place on the 16th.

The winner of each country will also qualify for the PVP Esports Championship.

You can watch the Valor Cup national qualifiers on the Garena AOV PH, MY & SG YouTube channel.

Road to AIC Coverage

Post-AWC Coverage

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