Arena of Valor (AoV) - SEA Server – Garena Releases Version 11 Full Update in AoV Valiant Server

Garena releases a full version update of the game in its SEA server. Here is a breakdown of the updates involving gameplay changes and system improvements.

Garena Releases Version 11 Full Update in Arena of Valor Valiant Server

Arena of Valor - SEA Server Version 11 Update

Source: Garena

Garena welcomes the incoming holidays with a huge update to its premier mobile MOBA game, Arena of Valor. The update was performed on Arena of Valor’s Valiant Server (SEA) during its game maintenance this 2nd week of December in 2017. Changes, in general, involve changes to the gameplay experience and system improvements.

Gameplay Changes

Arena of Valor’s Valiant Server (SEA) received a huge chunk of gameplay experience changes, such as hero buffs, nerfs, and balances, item balance changes, an adjustment to marksmen, an adjustment to the Abyssal Dragon’s stats, tower adjustments, and more.

Hero Updates – Buffs, Nerfs, and Adjustments

Many of the heroes playable on the Valiant Server received buffs or nerfs this update.

Arena of Valor - SEA Server Version 11 Heroes Updated

Some notable buffed heroes are Mina, Ignis, Azzen’ka, Butterfly, and Zanis. Changes involved base stat improvements, additional passive ability effects, and improvements to abilities. Buffs were also received by Toro, Zephys, Omega, Natalya, Kahlii, Skud, Thane, and Peura.

As for nerfs, Gildur, Chaugnar, Preyta, Violet, and Alice were hit the hardest by the current update. Most of their effects and ability damage potentials were reduced.

Other heroes that received adjustments are YornOrmarrDiao ChanMgangaRazSlimzKriknak, and Fennik.

Item Changes – Reworked Stats and New Passives

The SEA Server also received several changes to the items in the game. Most involved reworking base stats, the addition of passive effects, and the altering of recipe components. Several item icons have also been updated in the new version update.

Arena of Valor - SEA Server Version 11 Items Update

The items Claves Sancti, Leviathan, Mantle of Ra, Soulreaver, and War Boots were buffed. Claves Sancti received a new passive effect, granting marksmen bonus movement speed when they land a critical attack. In addition, Leviathan and Mantle of Ra’s burn effects now deal additional damage to minions and monsters. As for Soulreaver and War Boots, both items now grant additional attack speed.

On the other hand, a number of other items were nerfed. Muramasa, Death Sickle, Staff of Nuul, and Hunter’s Crossbow had their effectiveness reduced. The armor and magic defense piercing effects of Muramasa and Staff of Nuul were reduced by 5%. Meanwhile, Hunter’s Crossbow’s bonus experience was reduced by 5% as well. Death Sickle’s lifesteal effect was removed, which is definitely a huge blow to assassins and warriors like Lu Bu.

Heart of Incubus, Enchanted Kicks, and Uriel’s Brand were all reworked in terms of their recipe components.

Marksman Update – Hero Base Stats and Monster Buff Adjustments

Arena of Valor - SEA Server Version 11 Gameplay Update

Heroes belonging to the Marksman class are also getting general updates so that they can stay competitive with other heroes. These upgrades are separate from the marksman heroes who either received buffs, nerfs or reworks to their basic attributes, stats, and abilities. In particular, marksmen will receive additional movement speed and attack range to better deal with the other hero classes.

Arena of Valor - SEA Server Version 11 Violet Update

  • Violet: Attack range increased from 620 → 675
  • Slimz: Attack range increased from 600 → 750, basic movement speed increased from 350 → 360
  • Yorn: Attack range increased from 660 → 750, passive range increased from 900 → 1100
  • Valhein: Attack range increased from 630 → 750, basic movement speed increased from 350 → 360
  • Fennik: Attack range increased from 660 → 750
  • The Joker: Attack range increased from 630 → 750

This patch also saw some adjustments made to monster buffs:

  • Might Buff has been enhanced for ranged heroes so that its slow scales with the hero’s level: Between 16% to 30% from a flat 15%
  • Melee heroes still get the full 30% movement speed slow from Might Golem.
  • The on-hit burn damage is still halved for ranged heroes.

Abyssal Dragon – Rewards and Base Stats Adjustment

Most players have found that taking down the Abyssal Dragon early and often is a good strategy because it gives many rewards to the team who manages to defeat it. This patch tweaks this highly sought after objective in order to balance the snowballing tendencies teams have when capturing Abyssal Dragon:

  • Abyssal Dragon base experience reward: 700 → 450 (scales up as the game progresses)
  • Abyssal Dragon base gold reward: 100 → 80 (scales up as the game progresses)
  • Abyssal Dragon’s experience and gold reward scaling have been increased.
  • Abyssal Dragon’s HP before 10 minutes: 18000 → 27000
  • Abyssal Dragon’s ATK before 10 minutes: 459 → 612
  • Abyssal Dragon’s HP and ATK growth rate has been doubled.
  • Abyssal Dragon’s XP rewards at 10 minutes: 800 → 900
  • Abyssal Dragon’s Gold rewards at 10 minutes: 100 → 120

The Abyssal Dragon’s AI has also been modified to lock onto heroes faster, allowing your team to draw it out of its den. The two brush patches near Dragon and Dark Slayer’s Pits have also been removed so that teams can contest these important objectives on an even playing field.

Tower Adjustments – Base Stat Changes and New Effects

The towers have been buffed in this patch in a preemptive response to the Marksman adjustments. First off, the primary and secondary towers’ range has been increased, while the third tower and the Core now have a slow effect when hitting opponents.

Towers close to the Dark Slayer will also have a buff that reduces incoming damage by 30%. This prevents speed pushing tactics as teams will be less willing to take the Abyssal Dragon early. Towers also gain armor when heroes attack them without any minions nearby. This prevents backdoor strategies.

Others Adjustments

The Spirit Sentinel and Seagles have also been adjusted this patch. The Spirit Sentinel’s global gold reward has been reduced, (from 72 gold to 30 gold) and its buff has been reworked (1% max HP regen per second → 35 HP per second and new effect of 30 bonus movement speed). Seagles’ regeneration rate has been reduced by 75%. The XP rewards have also been reduced by 50% during the first five minutes of the game.

System Improvements

A number of in-game systems have been modified to ensure a smoother gaming experience for players.

Arena of Valor - SEA Server Version 11 System Improvements Update

Credibility Scores

  • Minimum credibility score required for ranked games has been increased from 85 to 90
  • Minimum credibility score required for standard games has been increased from 60 to 80
  • More points will now be deducted from players marked as AFK
  • Players who repeatedly abuse the rules of the Arena and get consistently reported will receive severe penalties, starting at 10 points per infraction

Arena of Valor - SEA Server Version 11 Vote System Update

Credibility scores and the report system have been fine-tuned to better identify intentional feeders and AFK-ers to ensure that they receive the appropriate punishment. Moreover, players can vote for their favorite teammate at the end of each game.

Social Feature Improvement

Players now have much more detailed profile pages which they can customize with different information. Their sex, preferred roles, regular play times, and location can all be added for other players to view. Searching for friends has also been improved, their full names no longer needed for the system to find them.

Arena of Valor - SEA Server Version 11 Player Info Update

Spectator Mode

The update also brought improvements to other system features. In Spectator Mode, a notification will now appear whenever a player purchases a piece of tier 3 equipment. The UI will also display the HP and Talents’ cooldowns on the spectator’s sidebar. Spectators can enjoy the match at wider angles now as well.

Arena of Valor - SEA Server Version 11 Spectator Mode Update

Ranked Improvements

The Ranked Match mode has also been enhanced with the update. Now, the Ranked Season’s end date is displayed directly on the Ranked Match lobby page. Reaching higher ranks will now also yield more rewards with things like Magic Crystals.

Arena of Valor - SEA Server Version 11 Ranked Improvement Update

In light of certain players engaging in win-trading (where players and their friends help each other climb the rankings by intentionally throwing games), the update will no longer display the “Ready” status of other players before a match.

Matchmaker Improvements

Starting from the Diamond ranking, a draft system has been implemented to further balance more competitive matches. In terms of design, Silver and Platinum players will notice the refined Ranked borders in the game to easily identify the ranks from each other. The Brave Points system has also been updated to disable Demotion protection for players with more than 0 points.

Arena of Valor - SEA Server Version 11 Matchmaker Improvement Update

To encourage team-building within the game, players will now also be able to invite people they have played with in previous games to subsequent matches in the match lobby.

Preset Item Builds

Additional preset builds were made for each hero. Every hero has a maximum of 3 preset items builds.

Arena of Valor - SEA Server Version 11 Preset Item Builds Update

Gacha System

A new lottery system has been introduced called the Gacha System. Players can spin a roulette in exchange for Magic Crystals. If players want to get more crystals, they can be obtained from the shop or events.

Arena of Valor - SEA Server Version 11 Preset Gatcha System Update

Other Improvements

Additional improvements were made to the game’s UI such as an improved display and scoreboards. Players’ “Favorites” sections have been changed to display information about heroes they have used. A highlight feature called Moments of Valor has also been added, which automatically records amazing plays from the player’s game. These can be shared as highlight reels on Facebook.

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